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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Naruto 307

Naruto 307

+ posted by Sho as translation on May 18, 2006 16:04 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 307

Done after some editing (finally). Thanks for the comments everyone.

Page 1:
Title: On a whim
Text: The far away figure of the one they sought. He has an unchanged look, but it's as if he's a limitless distance away.

Page 2
Text: From looking straight above is their friend.
Sasuke- 'So even you're here, huh, Naruto?
Naruto- '...'
Sasuke- Is Kakashi here too?

Page 3
Yamato- 'Sorry it's not Kakashi-san, but I'm the substitute.'
Yamato- 'As Kakashi's group, we'll be taking you back to Konoha.'
Sasuke- 'Kakashi's group huh'

Page 4
Sakura- 'Sai!'
Sakura- 'So you really were-!'

Sasuke- 'It was him that filled in my absence?
Sasuke- 'Saying something like he'll protect my and Naruto's bonds...
Sasuke- 'It looks like just another limp wrist to me.'

Page 5
Sakura- '..What?'
Sai- '...'
Sai- 'Yeah it's true that my classified mission was Sasuke-kun's assassination..
Sai- 'But I'll leave his life alone now...'
Sai- 'I want to make my own decisions.'
Sai- '...Naruto-kun might just let me remember-'
Sai- 'my past feelings...
Sai- 'something that I felt was very important to me.'
Page 6
Sai- 'I don't really know you that much..
Sai- 'But there's some reason Naruto-kun and Sakura-san are chasing you this far so desperately'
Sai- 'To prevent their bonds from being cut with you...
Sai- So desperately trying to hold on to you.
Sai- 'I still don't know how to say this clearly'
Sai- 'But, you know Sasuke-kun. You should know that yourself.

Page 7
Sasuke- 'Yeah, I know.
Sasuke- 'That's why I broke them off.'
Sakura+Naruto- '!'
Sasuke- 'I carry another bond...'

Page 8
Sasuke- 'And it's one of hatred. With my brother.

Itachi- 'Why are you weak?'
Itachi- 'It's because you lack'
Itachi- '...hatred.' End flashback.
Sasuke- Having many bonds leads you away from your strongest wishes. It weakens your resolve..

Page 9
Sasuke-'You who doesn't even have parents or siblings..
Sasuke- 'You know nothing about me!'
Sasuke- 'You who's been alone from the beginning!!'
Sasuke- 'How can you understand me?! Huh?!'
Sasuke- 'It's because of bonds that we suffer!
Sasuke- 'Does someone like you even know how it is to lose that?'
Naruto- 'It's true that'
Naruto- 'I don't know anything about real parents or siblings someone would have-'-End flashback

Naruto- ...Then..

Page 10
Sasuke- 'Why?'
Sasuke- 'Why would you go that far for me..?'- end flashback
Sasuke- '...'
Naruto- 'It was...'
Naruto- 'The bond I was finally able to make. And it was with you.'
Naruto- '...That's why I'll stop you!'-end flash back
Naruto- 'Then why at that time-'

Sasuke- 'In that case, I'll break those bonds!'-End flashback

Page 11
Naruto- 'Then why didn't you kill me?!'
Naruto- 'Didn't you plan on cutting those bonds!?'
Sasuke- '...'
Sakura- '...Naruto'
Sasuke- 'It's a simple reason.'
Sasuke- 'It wasn't that I couldn't cut myself off from you'

Itachi- 'For you to be the same as me'
Itachi- 'To be a carrier of the Mangekyou Sharingan eye...'
Itachi- 'There's a requirement.'
Itachi- 'You must kill your closest friend.'

Page 12
Sasuke- 'It was just that I didn't to gain power'
Sasuke- 'by following his way of doing things'
Naruto- '?!'
Naruto- 'What the hell do you mean?'
Sasuke- 'I don't need to explain to you.'

Page 13
Sasuke- 'But still.. what I can say to you is.. at that time-'
Sasuke- 'I saved you on only a whim.'

Page 14
Yamato- 'Fast..'

Page 15
Sakura (thinking)- 'When did..?'
Sasuke- 'Oh right.. didn't you have a dream of becoming Hokage..?'
Sasuke- ''If you have the free time to chase after me, wouldn't it be better spent going about doing that?'
Sasuke- 'Right, Naruto?'
Sakura- 'Sa..Sasuke-kun..!'
Sasuke- 'That's why this time..

Page 16
Sasuke- 'At my whim, you'll lose your life.'

Page 17
Naruto- '...'
Naruto- 'A person who doesn't save one of his friends can hardly become Hokage. Isn't that right, Sasuke?'
Sasuke- 'Hmph'

Sidetext: 'On a whim I save, on a whim I kill', he says. Nothing clouds his expression. Time has changed their friend, giving him a cold heart.

Bottom text: Sasuke's blade mercilessely falls upon Naruto!! Next chapter: Sasuke's power!

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#1. by cele (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
u are the best!!!!!

ty alot man :D
#2. by Sin (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Wow great job!
#3. by Amidamaru (Scanlator)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Thanks for the trans. !
#4. by venicia777 (Scanlator)
Posted on May 18, 2006
wow!! you are genius. that is soo quick too.
#5. by Ayah (MH Senpai)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Wow, this is the first completed translation I've seen of this chapter here. Thank you very much for the quick translation! :amuse
#6. by Cbot (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
what does whim means?
#7. by Piatch (Intl Translator)
Posted on May 18, 2006
wow maan... thanks a lot:)
#8. by Tanuki-dono (MH Senpai)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Awesome translations!  <s>Now I'm biting my nails for the next chapter! Wah!</s>
#9. by Lazzchan (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Thank you so much for this!

*goes to crawl off to corner, muttering gibberish....*
#10. by merhawi (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
great! i've cleaned chapter 307 cover too XD
#11. by destinator (MH Senpai)
Posted on May 18, 2006
oh my god what a nice chapter... thanks a lot =)
#12. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Thanks, it's very appreciated. ^____^
#13. by NastyM (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Wow sho, great work! Thanks!
#14. by metalanime (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
thanks for the COMPLETE translation
#15. by kataimiko (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
I about pissed my pants when I got to the final page...XD

thanks for the translation!!
#16. by Leen (MH's Peacemaker)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Thanks for the scanlation, Sho. Good job. :ossu
#17. by conan (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
thanks for the full translation sho. :hi5
#18. by NaruJunky (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Thank you very much Sho! glad you returned
and... a realy good translation
#19. by destinator (MH Senpai)
Posted on May 18, 2006
thanks a lot for your translation =)

i used it for a scanlation i hope you dont mind that ...
#20. by Mitchell (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
nice job :)
#21. by Nawulf (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006
Thank you very much for the translation. *shivers in excitement*
#22. by zerocharisma (Registered User)
Posted on May 18, 2006

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