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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 460

One Piece Chapter 460

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Jun 22, 2007 23:23 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 460

I'm translating this now, so expect updates every hour or so. I will take a break to eat my dinner this time though, so tough cookies!

Page 01:
Title: Chapter 460: Get 'em back before dawn!!
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan: Volume 26 - Insolence!!

Page 02:

Zoro: But man, looking for the zombies our shadows are in
Zoro: Is gonna be some pretty backbreaking work.
Chopper: And...!!! Honestly!! Luffy's zombie is unbelievable!!!
Chopper: He's like two ordinary sized giants!! I don't know if even you guys can beat it.
Luffy: .........We don't really have to go looking for the zombies!
Luffy: Though I do wanna see my zombie.
Zoro: What are you saying? With how we are now we can't ever go out into the sunlight again.
Luffy: Listen...
Luffy: Back then that zombie Ossan told us
Zombie-Ossan: You all can certainly beat Moria!!
Luffy: If we kick Gekko Moria's ass, then everyone's shadows will come back!

Page 03:
Sanji: We-well he did say that.
Sanji: ......this guy's trusting random people again...
Luffy: So then, Moria is right up those stairs right!?
Usopp: Uoh!! Yeah!!
Luffy: Well then, I'm
Luffy: Gonna go off and kick Moria's ass then!!
Luffy: All the shadows will come back then so
Luffy: Sanji! I'll leave Nami to you.
Sanji: DAMN RIGHT!!!
Sanji: Invisible Man, Divisible Man, I don't care! I'm gonna kick him straight out of this mist!!! *Pun changed. Sanji rhymes Invisible Man with Master Potter/Cermaic Maker... That doesn't read well... >_>*
Sanji: Like I'd tolerate this wedding!!!

Page 4:
Usopp: I forgot to mention, that Invisible Man also saw Nami naked in the bath.
Sanji: WHY YOU
Zoro: Don't add anymore fuel to the fire.
Zoro: He's a pretty eccentric person.
Usopp: I feel responsible for Nami, since I let her get taken away right in front of me.
Usopp: I'm gonna go with Sanji!!
Usopp: Most importantly, I don't ever wanna meet that Shichibukai ever again!!!
Franky: I'm kind of worried about the Skeleton's fight, so I'm gonna find him!
Franky: If Strawhat manges to beat Moria first then either way the fight will be settled but
Franky: If anything happens to my shadow before then it'll be a big problem. (gonna revise this line)
Zoro: I'll help you out with that Franky.
Zoro: I'm curious how big of a challenge that "Legendary Samurai's" zombie might be.

Page 05:
Robin: Nami seems more urgent than the Skeleton however...!!
Robin: For the time being the more pressing showdown seems to be there... afterwards, beating Moria will be the key to victory.
Chopper: You guys keep saying so easily, but we're up against a Shichibukai!!!
Luffy: It's ok, Crocodile was one too.
Chopper: I'm begging you, be careful!!?
Chopper: And really...!! We already told you, but your own Zombie is amazing!!
Luffy: I got it, I got it.
Usopp: Here you guys
Usopp: One sack a piece.
Luffy: Hm?
Usopp: It's my own great "Zombie Death Salt Ball"!!
Zoro: Ah... that's what you were making earlier. As expected.
Usopp: The thing is... about this crisis,
Usopp: I have one thing to say to you guys!!

Page 06:
Usopp: There are many deep forests on this sea in which we might try and hide
Usopp: But there's not one place where the sun's light is guaranteed not to shine!!
Usopp: It's because it's the dead of night right now that we're safe!!
Usopp: In other words, think of the sunrise at daybreak as the absolute worst limit!!
Luffy: That really is how things are
Luffy: Not being able to eat anything before daybreak would be the absolute worst!!!
Luffy: We'll make him regret
Luffy: offering us this fight!! Gekko Moria!!!
Luffy: We'll make them give us back twice our food!!! Before dawn!!!
Usopp: You're got it wrong, the limit I was talking about was for getting our shadows back!!!
Sanji: Nami-saaaaaaan!!!
Luffy: Wanna go?
Sanji: YEAH!!!
Usopp: Do what you want!!!

Page 07:
Oz: Uooooooh!!!
Oz: Awesome. So this was a ship?!!!
Oz: Though it has a poor outlook of the sea.
Oz: But my life's outlook is the more important.
Oz: Yoosh, I'll become Pirate King with this ship!!
Moria: Oz... where is he?

Page 08:
Pelona: He's climbed to the top of the mast, Master.
Zombie: Wait, wait Master!! We're not to excited to go up against a Zombie that huge
Zombie: With a dream like that... he even took islands!!
Zombie: That guy's rotten news!!! *Bad news... rotten news... hahaha*
Moria: Oz is gonna be around from now on.
Moria: In the future we'll find an even more powerful person and take his shadow.
Moria: From here we'll head out to sea and make more and more Special rank zombies!! Kishishishishi
Moria: More tough marionettes are gonna be necessary, right Hogback?
Hogback: Please, leave it to me. Fosufosufosu
Hildon: Ho-Hogback-sama!!!
Hildon: Emergency, the pirates have.........!!
Hogback: What is it Hildon?

Page 09:
Hildon: The three people whose shadows we just took just woke up on their ship, and are headed this way with their nakama.
Hogback: What!? There's no way something that's had it's shadow taken could have already woke up!!
Hildon: They seem to have been woken up by their nakama!!
Hildon: ......Those guys seem to somehow be connected with Humming as well.
Hildon: It was probably on his suggestion.
Hildon: The proof is that he's told all the pirates
Hildon: of how to purify the zombies!!
Hildon: The zombies are afraid of the pirates.
Hildon: They're currently running from place to place and disposing of them...!!!

Page 10:
Hogback: But the Wild Zombies, Surprise Zombies, and Soldier zombies all said
Hogback: That originally they weren't carrying salt anywhere on their bodies.
Hogback: They'll head for the General Zombies next!!!
Hogback: If the pirates mange to make them swallow the salt as well, they could win!!!
Hogback: What is Absalom doing?!!!
Hildon: That is...
Hildon: Just now his Wedding Ceremony began and
Hildon: um... the General Zombie's problem is
Hildon: that they're all attending...
Hogback: What are those idiots doing?!!!
Hildon: Ah, now that you mention it, for the reception an hour from now
Hildon: he wanted to know if you would do your famous belly dance Hogback-sama.
Hogback: That's right, a wedding is a memorial you'll recall for the rest of your life. There's just one thing,

Page 11:
Hogback: Stop that ceremony at once!!!
Hildon: I'm one of his zombies, so it'd be impossible for me to oppose him.
Pelona: horohorohorohoro......... *Pelona's laughter is a shortened form of the "Hollow" move her ghosts use*
Pelona: You're can't rely on that wild animal at all.
Pelona: If they're weakened by my Ghosts
Pelona: then Soldier zombies will be more than enough to capture them,
Pelona: Though it's unsettling that they're found the zombie's weakness.
Pelona: I'm going to capture the entire crew here
Pelona: so prepare marionettes for the pirates whose shadows are still left!
Pelona: I'm going back to my room
Pelona: We're going Bearsy!
Bearsy: Oh...
Hogback: .........That's true, she is very reliable... That's befitting of the Ghost Princess.
Cindry: I'd be fine if you just ate the same dirt as Bearsy. *Line was partially unclear to me, but she is saying Hogback should be treated as badly)

Page 12:
Hildon: Th-things seem alright Moria-sama.
Moria: Ah... is that so.
Moria: How boring...
Moria: Like always... I don't really feel like doing much now.
Moria: I'm gonna be here for a while
Moria: I wanna play with Oz afterall.
Hogback: Well then, I have one request
Hogback: Would you give me control over two zombies or so...?!!

Page 13:
Luffy: Where is Moria?!!!
Zombie: Guwaaah!!
Luffy: Give back our food!!!
Sanji: That shitty bastard who spied on Nami-san in the bath!
Sanji: Who was it? Get out here!!!
Zombie: Gyaaaaaaaaah
Usopp: For now we don't seem to need the salt.
Usopp: They're just exploding with anger.
Chopper: They don't really care about our shadows at all.
Zombie: There are 5 people coming up towards the Dance Hall!!!

Page 14:
Zombie: There are two on the bridge below!!!
Map Box 1 Title: To Moria's Dance Hall
Map Box 1: Luffy Sanji Usopp Chopper Robin
Map Box 2 Title: To Pelona's Room
Map Box 2: Zoro Franky
Zombie: At any rate, we can't stop them!!!
Zombie: Giyaaaah
Zoro: Whenever I think that one of these worthless bastards caught me
Zoro: It keeps making me angrier......!!!
Franky: If they've got you that unwound, then feel free
Franky: to call me "Bro" if you'd like.
Zoro: Like hell!!!

Page 15:
Robin: .........!! Damn...this is bad.........!!
Usopp: What!? What happened?
Usopp: Oi!! Luffy!! Sanji!!
Usopp: What happened!!?
Luffy: It's no good, if I'm reborn
Luffy: I wanna be a mosquito...
Sanji: I'm just an eyebrow'd sushi mat. *Trans Note: When rolled up sushi mats look like his eyebrows*
Sanji: I wanna die...
Zombie: Yoosh!!! We've got 'em!!!
Usopp: Those two were caught!!! How?!!!
Robin: It's because of those ghosts!! If they touch you then your spirit will break.
Robin: As for the solution to our problem here...!!
Usopp: Namari Boshi!!! *Lead Star*
Zombie: Doah!!!
Usopp: Hurry!!! We just gotta grab these two and run!!
Usopp: It's the end if they get us too!!!
Chopper: Noooo!!! If they catch us all then no one will save us!!!
Oz: Set sail, set sail.

Page 16-17:
Oz: Ah.
Usopp: I'm falling!!!
Chopper: Usopp!!!
Chopper: Sanji!!!

Page 18-19:
Luffy: Hah...
Luffy: Hah
Luffy: What happened? What was that!?
Chopper: Just now... ...no, that can't be what happened!!
Chopper: But that scared me!! The stairway is gone!!!
Chopper: All those zombies
Chopper: and Usopp......... and Sanji too.........!!
someone: hah
Someong: hah
Chopper: They all
Chopper: Fell together.
Franky: Lets not worry about the two just fell
Zoro: ......... What was that just now.
Franky: And now our path is blocked
Franky: What is that wall......?!!!
Sanji: Urgh!! Dammit, just what...!!!
Usopp: Owow...o...that was......!!?
Zoro: Fuuh!!!
Zoro: ......!! Hm!? It isn't rock.
Franky: Weapons Left!!!
Usopp: What are you two doing!!?
Zoro: Well, this wall just kinda sprung up so...
Usopp: IDIOT, that isn't a wall!!!
Usopp: That's guy is
Usopp: Luffy's Zombie!!!
All: Eeeeeh!!!?

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Thank you sir :D
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Reading page by page with the trans ^^
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