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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 461

One Piece Chapter 461

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Jul 2, 2007 08:30 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 461

God this raw was late... but thanks to those providing!!

Edit: Apologies to all for the "re-route" thing. リ and ソ look REALLY similar sometimes when tired... :(
Will edit that correction into previous Franky House releases. It's "Salt Star"

Edit2: Future-forward; any line I am unsure of, will be accompanied with it's japanese script, so that others may check me over.

Page 01:
Title: Ghost Buster
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan: Volume 27 - What was in The Space Pirates' Canal.

Page 02:
Char Box 1: Luffy Chopper Robin
Char Box 2: Zoro Franky Sanji Usopp
BGText: Now the Counterattack!!
Box: Oz
Box(top left): Within Thriller Bark: Mast Mansion
Bullet 1: Moria's Dance Hall
Bullet 2: Moria's Bedroom
Bullet 3: Pelona's Room
Bullet 4: Wonder Garden
Chopper: Usopp and Sanji just fell below but
Chopper: Are we gonna leave them!!?
Luffy: Yeah!! Those two'll be fine!!
Luffy: Anyways, we need to remove Moria
Luffy: So if you see that giant leek, kick his ass!!!
Robin: Understood, that's the quickest shortcut to ending this all.
Chopper: In there is the Dance Hall where we saw Luffy get his shadow taken!!
Chopper: And at the end of the freezer inside is where we saw Moria!

Page 03:
Luffy: Yosh!!
Hogback: Ah...
Hogback: Uwoh!! Yo- YOU!!!
Hogback: Didn't Pelona take care of you!?
Chopper: Hogback...!!!
Hogback: What's with this reindeer!?
Robin: So that's Dr. Hogback.........!!

Page 04:
Luffy: He's the guy that was with Moria!! Should we kick his ass too!!?
Hogback: Wa...wa-wa-wait!!
Chopper: Wait Luffy!!!
Chopper: Could you leave this guy to me?
Chopper: There's a door over there right!? ...That's the freezer!!
Chopper: You go ahead!!!
Luffy: Yosh, got it!!
Hogback: Wha
Hogback: How impudent to just burst in on Moria-sama!!
Hogback: Cindry-chan!! Get them!!
Cindry: Yes

Page 05:
Cindry: One Plate!! Two Plates!!
Luffy: Uwah!! Plates!!?
Cindry: Three Pla...
Robin: Please go on ahead
Robin: Luffy.
Luffy: Ooh
Luffy: Thanks Robin!!
Hogback: Huh!!? What happened Cindry-chan!!
Hogback: Why you, wait!!! Strawhat Luffy!!!
Chopper: Hogback!!!

Page 06:
Chopper: I am
Chopper: disappointed in you!!!
Chopper: You're no longer a doctor in my eyes!!!
Hogback: Oooh... fosufosu...... I didn't recognize you Dr. Chopper
Hogback: So you were a Zoan-type fruit user... I thought you were an odd creature.
Hogback: I don't know what you did to escape your transport in Pelona's garden but
Hogback: Now that we've met here, don't think you'll get away. I'll have your shadow.........!!
Hogback: No
Hogback: perhaps......
Hogback: If instead I kill you... and fashion you into a marionette?
Hogback: And you can join these guys...

Page 07:
Luffy: Man, this corridor
Luffy: is long!!
Luffy: Hah
Luffy: Hah... hah... Yosh, I made it.
Luffy: hah
Luffy: What is this place!!?
Luffy: hah
Luffy: Ah
Luffy: There you are!!!
Moria: .........Yo...
Moria: You huh?.........

Page 08:
Someone: What's with that size!!?
Box: The Bridge to Pelona's Room
Someone: Is he a devil from somewhere!? I've never seen a Giant like this!!!
Franky: This is a Zombie!?
Zoro: This is.........
Sanji: Luffy!??
Usopp: It's over, it's the end!! He's come to kill us!!!

Page 09:
Usopp: Uwaaah, what're you doing.........?!!
Oz: Ooh
Oz: This is good!

Page 10:
Oz: Yosh!! I'm in a good mood now!!
Oz: I'm gonna become the rotten Pirate King!!
Oz: Man, when that thing broke it surprised me.
Usopp: ......wh...what? Did he not realize we were here?
Zoro: ......he really was saying stuff that sounded just like Luffy.
Zoro: With that body and Luffy's fighting strength
Zoro: that's bad news...
Usopp: Enough... You guy's shadows are just too good.
Zoro: It's not good!!!
Sanji: We didn't choose to give em up, but who cares if they're good, we're rescuing Nami-san!! Get over your shock!!
Sanji: But the problem is that however Usopp and I fell
Sanji: from the staircase up above, even if we tried to take this path to get back
Sanji: we can't get to that mast mansion since this bridge is broken as well.
Sanji: It doesn't look like we could jump it either...
Sanji: Our last path was......!!
Sanji: If we try and go around we'll run into zombies

Page 11:
Franky: Wait just another 30 seconds, I'm not quite satisfied with this finish...
All: He made a bridge!!!
Franky: With this much rubble around, there was plenty of wood to use as material.
Usopp: But isn't it a bit much in an emergency to put in such detail.
Franky: Are you saying that I should skip crucial parts of the construction!!?
Sanji: No, it seems like we can rely on you!! You've saved us for now. Lets go!!
Sanji: .........What's with this room?
Zoro: Seems like someone's showing off in this room.

Page 12:
Pelona: horohorohorohoro.........
Pelona: I intended to let you all be the zombie's victims on the bridge and the stairs but
Pelona: I never expected Oz to have leapt down like that.
Pelona: It seems a huge nuisance entered my plan.
Zoro: ...that Ghost!! It can't be that she was manipulating them?
Zoro: Just what is that!?
Pelona: Horohorohorohoro!!
Pelona: It seems that
Pelona: You're already familiar with how terrible these ghosts can be...

Page 13:
Pelona: I'm a Spirit-woman capable of calling spirits forth freely who ate the Horohoro Fruit.
Pelona: These Ghosts are part of me. They hollow out a people's spirit!! *Trans note: Kokoro means both mind, heart, and spirit.*
Pelona: Horohorohoro There is where it ends for all of you!!!
Sanji: The one pulling the strings on those friggin ghosts
Sanji: Was a Cutie-chan like that?!!
Usopp: Like this is the time!!! If we're all hit by that we'll be annihilated in an instant.
Franky: There's no where to run.
Zoro: ......!! There's no doubt that so many of those......!!!
Pelona: Negative Hollow!!!
All: Gyaaaaaaah.........

Page 14:
Usopp: It's over, everything.........
Franky: That's it!! Stray dogs aught to walk over me!!

(Raw): サバ以下だおれという存在は...!!死のう...
Sanji: My existence is even lower than a dead fish...!! Lemme die.... *I'm unfamiliar with the phrase "saba" and substituted*

Zoro: I'm sorry to have tread upon the same earth as everyone else.
Pelona: Capture them!!!
Zombies: Roger
Zombies: Uwoooooooh!!!
Pelona: Too short, all that's left now is the one's up top.
Usopp: Random Fire "Salt Star"!!!
Pelona: Who?!!

Page 15:
Usopp: I won't let you
Usopp: Lay a hand on my crew!!!
Pelona: Damn... did he not get hit?
Pelona: Negative Hollow!!!
Usopp: .........My name is.........
Usopp: Captain Usopp!!
Pelona: Why!!! Why aren't you on your knees?!!!
Pelona: The Ghost touched you!! ...What did you do?!!
Usopp: I didn't do anything!!!

Page 16:
Usopp: I'm already!!!
Usopp: Negative!!!!

Page 17:
Pelona: Something that idiotic...!!! There's no person in this world who the Negative Hollow wouldn't affect!!!
Zombies: The Ghost's Negative Power doesn't work!!
Zombies: This man's unheard of!!!
Pelona: People... by just living they
Pelona: should try and move forward... but he...!!!
Zombies: Go for it!!!
Usopp: Don't cheer me on!!!
Usopp: Now, snap out of it you all.
Sanji: hah
Usopp: Quickly, go forward and rescue Nami and Brook!!!
Usopp: Your strength.........!! Your strength is no match for this woman!!!

Page 18:
Usopp: I'll take care of her!!!
Pelona: .........why you......!!!
Franky: What's this reliable feeling...
Zoro: It didn't affect him?
Usopp: But you all take our the surrounding zombies!!!
Usopp: I can't win against them!!!
Usopp: I'll die!!!
Sanji: We'll leave everything here to you!!!
Usopp: Ah!! No!! Wait!! Waaait
Box: Within Thriller Bark: Church
Priest: Does this groom, Absalom
Priest: Swear to love this Bride Nami
Priest: In times of sickness, and in health
Preist: for all time?
Absalom: Aah!! I do!!
Zombies: Uwoooh!!

Page 19: (Wedding vows re-arranged for English grammar)
Priest: Well then, does this Bride Nami
Priest: Swear to love this groom Absalom
Priest: for all time?
Nami: Yes, I swear.
Nami: I love Abu-sama <3
Zombie: Uwooooh!!
Priest: Then, you may kiss the bride...
Absalom: umm
SFX: Throb throb (heart)
BGtext: Big Pinch!!

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#1. by yeste ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
Thanks man! :)
#2. by evilfreakz ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
thx, best translation for OP...:)
#3. by studwo ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
#4. by  ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
yo, thanks again, skywalker!!
#5. by Warrd ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
#6. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
Nice translation, but you managed to omit a key piece of information at the top of page 13 - you didn't actually mention that Perona says she ate the Horo Horo no Mi.

Which is a pretty major thing to skip over, so I thought I should mention it ~_~
#7. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2007
Thx a lot! n_n

#8. by kazamakj ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
Thanks for the translations skywalker.

Lol asking my friend to explain the chinese raw was hard ^^
#9. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
Quote by cnet128;450815:
Nice translation, but you managed to omit a key piece of information at the top of page 13 - you didn't actually mention that Perona says she ate the Horo Horo no Mi.

Which is a pretty major thing to skip over, so I thought I should mention it ~_~

added that. I didn't mean to skip it, but she never actually says she "ate" it. Just that she's a spirit woman with horo horo fruit power. I was debating how to phrase it, and moved onto the next line and forgot! :darn
#10. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
Thanks sky. Finally u release ur trans.. I just waited for it :wtf
#11. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
Thanx sky :amuse
#12. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
thx Sky for the trans :D

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