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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

One Piece 464

One Piece Chapter 464

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Jul 22, 2007 06:28 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 464

For those of you who don't know, I make myself available on Thursdays and Fridays (that is, I take off work) so I can translate the raw when it comes out. This means that basically from Wednesday night to Friday night, I check the site every few hours for the raw, so that I can get on it when it gets here.

This week, the raw came out late Friday night. And I had to choose to translate, or delay it so I could be conscious at work. For once I chose the latter.

So, I'm going to tentatively delay finishing it one more day. Why? I have monday off, which means if I wait till tomorrow (Sunday), I can finish this up after work without being RUSHED to get to sleep, like I would be today. Also, I don't want to burn out on this, as rushing repeatedly makes the whole process far less enjoyable.

Page 01-02:
Title: Sanji's Dream

Page 03:
Absalom: hah
BGText: Sanji's Anger Explodes!!
Absalom: Uoh......!!
Absalom: hah
Zombies: ......Absalom-sama...
Absalom: hah... a problem...... between you and me...?!
Sanji: ......That's right.
Sanji: You're the man
Sanji: Who's stolen a dream of mine.

Page 04:
Absalom: ......hah...Grrrrrrr...I don't recall anything.
Absalom: You've got to be mistaken...
Absalom: Today is the first time you and I ever met.
Absalom: hah...hah...!!!
Absalom: I'll tear you apart......!!!
Absalom: With these Dead Man's Hands!!!
Sanji: Take those off.........!!!
Sanji: Those bazookas you have straped to your arms, take 'em off.
Absalom: wha...?!!
Sanji: Don't you get it? If Nami-san gets hurt by your pointless destruction
Sanji: then there won't be enough of you left to call "alive" when I finish you...

Page 05:
Absalom: ......Hmph!! There's no way that guy knows!!!
Sanji: Didn't I tell you......!!
Sanji: To take those off?!!!

Page 06:
Zombies: What?! Bazookas appeared out of nowhere!!
Sanji: ......figured it was something like that.
Sanji: You trigger the attack with your thoughts.
Sanji: You turn your own body invisible... as well as anything
Sanji: that happens to be touching it.
Sanji: That's your ability...!!
Sanji: The Suke Suke Fruit's Invisible Man.
Sanji: I know everything
Sanji: That you're able to do............!!
Absalom: How could that be...?!!
Absalom: Just who are you...?!!!

Page 07:
Zombie: ...Has that guy met Absalom-sama somewhere before?!
Zombie: What problem does he have with him...?!
Sanji: When I was a kid, I opened a book illustrating the different types of devils fruits.
Sanji: Beyond the fact that they seemed made up, they were said to have a curse. I wasn't intersted in anything like that, but
Sanji: One of the entries stuck in my heart.
Sanji: And if by any chance... sometime in my life I found it
Sanji: that even if I became a hammer, I'd eat it.
Sanji: So, since in this world there's aren't any two identical fruits
Sanji: If, I met someone with that ability then... then that dream would be destroyed.
Sanji: Get it now...?! Just once!! I wanted to see what it'd be like to be an Invisible Man!!!
Sanji: That's why, since you ate the Suke Suke Fruit!!! You've wrecked one of my dreams!!!!
Zombies: He's did?!!

Page 08:
Sanji: If I had fufilled my dream!!
Sanji: If, that ever happened, and with that power I went in a women's bath then... no, whatever I wanted to try
Sanji: a woman's bath... no, if I could be helpful in some way
Zombies: He just wants to peep into a female bath!!!
Sanji: SHUT UP!!! Now, that's to many years of Simulation
Sanji: I have explicit knowledge of every thing that ability could possibly do!!!
Sanji: Piled up with how you've endangered Nami-san
Sanji: I'll absolutely never forgive you for this!!! I'm ready to die for it!!!
Absalom: I don't know what you're thinking imagining such a worthless problem!!!
Absalom: This is beyond ridiculous!!!
Absalom: From a freaking pervert!!!

Page 09:
Sanji: Like I want to hear that from you!!!!
Absalom: buoh!!!
Zombie: But he's right!!!
Zombie: Actually, they both are!!!
Absalom: Alright then, I'm going to use this anger, this sudden problem, and turn it all against you!!

Page 10:
Absalom: I don't just have a Lion's jaw......!!!
Absalom: With the skin of an elephant, and 300kg of condensed strength from Bears and Gorillas!!!
Absalom: With Dr. Hogback's own hands
Absalom: Transplanted piece by piece to form this body, the ultimate masterpiece of the wilderness...!!!
Absalom: The Suge Suge Fruit's ability?!! That doesn't even compare to the strength I posses.
Absalom: Grrrrrrrrrrrr...!!!
Sanji: You were still peeping!!!!
Absalom: Boheeeh!!!
Zombie: He's right!!!

Page 11:
Absalom: If an ordinary human kicked me it would probably break their leg, yet he kicks me as if I were ordinary...
Absalom: But I'll have the last laugh............!!
Absalom: You wanted this ability...
Absalom: using it, the woman you wanted to protect will be my bride!!
Absalom: nothing awaits you now but defeat!!!
Usopp: That time... He made Nami disappear along with him. We couldn't even chase after them anymore.
Sanji: You're gonna try and make Nami-san disappear?!!
Sanji: I won't let her go!!!
Absalom: Grrrrrrr...!!
Absalom: Give it up... and now realize...!!! The power of the Enigma!!!

Page 12:
Sanji: .........uh...!!!
Absalom: Grrrrr... Oh, so for the woman's sake...
Absalom: you're going to sacrifice yourself...?! Fufufu We'll see how you protect her.
Absalom: Enigma Fist!!!
Absalom: Enigma Leg!!!
Sanji: ouh!!!
Absalom: Fufufufu!! Now don't let go of that woman......!!!
Sanji: I'm sorry... Nami-san...!!!
Absalom: Wahahaha you let go?!!
Absalom: Not ready to bet your life huh!!!

Page 13:
Sanji: Sorry...hah...but I can't let
Sanji: this blood of mine... stain that pure white dress.
Sanji: Gefuh
Sanji: ......Honestly, an Invisible Man sneaking around
Sanji: ...I don't want a dream like that...!!
Sanji: hah
Sanji: hah
Sanji: I really don't care...
Sanji: that I can't be invisible anymore.........!!
Sanji: I can peep on my own
Zombie: You're still gonna peep!!!!
Absalom: Nuh...!!! You! Let me go!!!
Sanji: heheh... like I'd let go, you shitty bastard...
Sanji: If you're a blend of various beasts then......
Sanji: I think I can make a fine mince out of you...!!!

Page 14-15:
Absalom: Shut up you!!! Get your hands off me!!!
Sanji: Extra Legs!!!! *Trans Note: Kanji: First Grade Mince.
Absalom: Buhebebabohogo!!!!
Zombies: Absalom-sama!!!
Absalom: Gafuh...
Sanji: hah...
Sanji: A women's bath... no...
Sanji: A beast's bride... should be a beast as well!!!

Page 16:
Box: Within the Mast Mansion Pelona's Room
Bearsy: Waaaait!!!
Pelona: Dammit, he's still chasing me!!!
Pelona: hah
Pelona: If it wasn't for him I could have taken care of the other pirates easily!!
Pelona: That Nega-nose!!! *Trans note: Negative + Long Nose
Usopp: Dammit, he's still chasing me!!!
Usopp: hah
Usopp: If it wasn't for him I could have taken care of that Horo Horo woman easily!!
Usopp: That Bear Zombie!!!
Bearsy: Waaaaait!!!
Usopp: Gyaaaaaah!! Go away!!
Usopp: Wait you Horo Horo woman!!
Pelona: Gyaaaaaah!! Go away!!
Pelona: Beasy!! Hurry and bring him down!!!
Bearsy: Waaaaait!!!

Page 17:
Bearsy: ......!! Don't touch......!!
Bearsy: Pelona-sama...!!!
Usopp: Dowaaaaah!!!
Usopp: Gyaaaaaah!!!
Usopp: Wah!!
Usopp: Wah!!
Usopp: Uooh!!!
Usopp: Uwah!!

Page 18:
Usopp: I never though that stuffed animal
Usopp: would get powerful that quickly!!
Usopp: He can't even unfasten his own back!!
Usopp: Take this!!!
Usopp: Hissatsu!! Kaendama!!! (Sure-kill Blaze Ball)
Bearsy: Ooooooooooooooooh!!!
Usopp: Uoh!! It worked!!
Usopp: Gyahahaha Zombies are Zombies afterall.
Usopp: Now with this oil.....
Usopp: "This is as far as you get technique"!!!
Bearsy: Oh
Usopp: Gahahaha stupid bear!
Usopp: Pwfwwfwwt!! *Trans note: He's giving a raspberry
Usopp: Just try and follow me!!
Usopp: nnahahahahahah!! And now my enemies are gone. *Trans note: He's imitating Foxy's laugh
Usopp: You see my power now?!
Usopp: I feel awkward bullying the weak but...

Page 19:
Usopp: Now then, where'd that Horo Horo woman who's even weaker than me go?
Usopp: If I hadn't of mocked him just then... where the heck did she go...
Pelona: Over here Nega-nose!!
Usopp: Hm? Outside the window? No... there's no way.
Usopp: We're really high up...
Usopp: Eeeh!!?
Usopp: Wh...why are you just floating there?!! Wasn't your ability just...
Usopp: manipulating the ghosts?!
Pelona: Horohorohorohoro
Pelona: Don't underestimate the Ghost Princess moron!!
Pelona: I just figured out a way to defeat you!! Once I'm done with you, the others won't even be a challenge!!
Usopp: Wait a sec, somethings really wrong with that statement!!!
BGText: Pelona's hidden ability?!

Someone PLEASE give me a better Raspberry SFX

yay for double meanings. Sanji has invented the leg gatling!

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#1. by bludshock ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
Awesome dude, I've been waiting for yours :D
Take your time.
#2. by njt ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
that's dedication :ossu
#3. by yeste ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
Thanks Sky!
#4. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
Thx Sky! ^^
#5. by  ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
thanks, skywalker!
#6. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
Thnax a lot sky ^^

Take your time finishing the translation, the quality of a translation should take priority before how fast you can finish it ^^
#7. by germinc ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
wow. taking off days to do translation is indeed respectable! wht kind of company lets u have off 4 days a week?! lucky you.

in singapore, we have a workaholics environment T_T

lucky i'm still a student, so far.
#8. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
Haha, don't worry, you know that we will wait for you until the end n_n.... THX!

#9. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
You got two whole days off to do translation!!? :blink

Wish I got something like that too. My translation and my school work just go in conflict with each other so often. - -"
#10. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2007
I don't get day off to do it, but I'm able ot schedule my availability where I work. They just happened to not need me this monday is all. Thursday and Friday I set myself as unavailable though. This works out well for now, but things will be different in a month or so when I start my next semester.
#11. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2007
Oh! OK. I thought you take two days off to do translation alone. Anyway, guess in about a month, my schedule will screw up as well because of the next semester. - -"
#12. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2007
Yea, school sucks in the respect, but I like to think of this as extra curricular activity! (I'm going to college for Japanese).
#13. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2007
Me too. For the sake of being better at Japanese since I'm taking it at school and possibly the weakest in class for the language, I - NEED - PRACTICE!!

Anyway, thanks for the translation. ^_^"

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