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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 468

One Piece Chapter 468

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Aug 27, 2007 05:22 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 468

That's right, I'm back. though I wasn't ever really gone was I? College started, and shit hit the fan. Between a blatantly wrong work schedule, and a week of getting my classes in line, I didn't even have time to read manga, let alone translate.

That said, check my translator's section for my translations of 465-467, and check right here for 468!

Page 01:
Title: The Pirate Chopper vs The Enigma Hogback
Subtitle: Enel's Great Space Plan - Volume 33: Energy Flows through the Giant City.

Page 02:
Hogback: Fosufosufosu!!!
Hogback: How's that?! How does it feel to be captured by your own nakama's bodies!!
BGtext: The captured two...!!
Jigorou: Hmph... trying to make us eat salt with some weird ability
Jigorou: Don't let your guard down...
Robin: ...he's strong......!!
Chopper: ...Shit, I can't believe
Chopper: that Sanji would ever go as far as to kick Robin.
Chopper: This guy, he's not Sanji at all anymore.
Dogguin: Who's this Sanji guy?
Dogguin: I'll kick his ass, you shitty punk.........!!

Page 03:
Hogback: FossuFossuFossu It's too bad but these guys
Hogback: No longer have any recollection of being your nakama!!
Hogback: Just after the Zombies have been reanimated the retain a bit of their fomer emotions but
Hogback: after a short while their bodies and their shadows meld
Hogback: and they lack even a trace of humanity
Hogback: These zombies will submit to my every order!!!
Hogback: To a zombie, and order is absolute!!
Hogback: Now then Cindry-chan, finish them off!!
Cindry: Yes sir.

Page 04:
Chopper: .........I would've never imagined
Chopper: that you were this evil Hogback!!
Hogback: .........Hm?!
Chopper: You, who in actuality saved countless numbers of lives
Chopper: I truly admired you as a doctor.
Chopper: Even your Zombie research.
Chopper: Death is always sudden... so for those who died, and those who were left behind
Chopper: there are always too many things left unsaid.
Chopper: That remain unsaid for many years.
Chopper: Even if it were for minutes...!!
Chopper: If you had some means by which to raise the dead...
Chopper: Even if it were considered evil or heresy, and you were stoned

Page 05:
Chopper: The emotions of the people you saved would be enormous.
Chopper: That's why when you said you were researching how to revive the dead
Chopper: from what you said... I though you were an amazing doctor for sure.
Hogback: Fossu Fossu...!! Why would I go that far for a stranger...!!
Hogback: It's true of the past as well...!! I was simply a genius!!
Hogback: I operated for the money offered, but it never ended, always from one patient to the next.
Hogback: They came incessantly from all over the world!! "Save my father" "Save my child"
Hogback: They were a nuisance, a waste of time!!!
Hogback: The lives that those other idiot doctors couldn't save, I did.
Hogback: Do you think you can understand the burden of genius?!!
Hogback: The one who arbitrarily decided to respect me was you.
Hogback: For you to be disappointed is absurd!! If you think you can't forgive me
Hogback: as a doctor because I'm different from your ideal then

Page 06:
Hogback: You're way off, you stupid Reindear!!!
Hogback: You want to lecture me on how to be a doctor?!!
Chopper: I have no reason to.
Chopper: 'Cause I don't consider you a doctor anymore.
Chopper: It's the same for the zombies here!! They're dead, all you've done is make them move!!
Chopper: These guys aren't alive at all!!!
Chopper: Don't treat life like it's nothing!!!
Hogback: Foosu Foosu Foosu What a terrible thing to say...!! You can see them moving right before your eyes
Hogback: You say they're not alive?! Dr. Chopper...!! These corpses were undeniably dead
Hogback: Given life and for a second time and revived... a miracle!!! What's the point
Hogback: in denying their life?!

Page 07:
Hogback: Watch!!!
Hogback: Now then!! Lick the floor Cindry
Cindry: Yes, Hogback-sama.
Hogback: Foosu Foosu Zombies will always be faithful to their orders.
Hogback: Even Cindry-chan, who is normally rebellious is no different.
Hogback: You saw that room didn't you
Hogback: Dr. Chopper

Page 08:
Hogback: That was my room!!
Hogback: Filled with photos of the Victoria Cindry, a stage actress in life...!!
Hogback: For a long time I had been charmed by her!!
Hogback: And not just me, that beautiful face ensnared men all over the country!!
Cindry: I'm finished
Hogback: S...!! I'm sorry to make a patient fix my button
Cindry: Heehee, it's alright.
Hogback: She was famous and yet humble...
Hogback: She was considerate of her family, kind to others... a wonderful woman...
Hogback: BUT!! That woman...!! I was a doctor who had everything she could want in the palm of my hand
Hogback: she rejected my proposal...!! She said she was engaged...!! And then shortly afterwards
Hogback: The unbelievable news of Cindry's death reached my ears!!!
Hogback: .........!! I felt crushed, inconsolable...!! I began to neglect my work more and more...!!

Page 09:
Hogback: That was when it happened. When that man appeared before me,
Hogback: My master, Gekko Moria!!
Moria: Doctor Hogback, lend me
Moria: your skill!!
Hogback: Under the condition that he use that miracle-like
Hogback: power he held, to help me revive Cindry, I boarded this ship.
Hogback(bg): Cindry-chan!!
Cindry: It would be wonderful if plates ceased to exist.
Hogback: I stole her body, and quite easily the actress Cindry obediently entered my grasp.
Hogback: ...i didn't care what was within the woman who had rejected me!! As long as she had that beautiful face.
Hogback: And that is this zombie Cindry-chan!!
Hogback: And if I am happy she will certainly be happy as well!!
Hogback: Since she as been able to live in this world again as a human being!!

Page 10:
Chopper: ......how is that a "human"?
Chopper: Make her stop that right now!!!
Chopper: A human whose spirit and their body aren't no longer one, is no longer a human at all!!
Chopper: Using corpses that can't resist you at all...
Chopper: All you've done is create monsters!!!
Chopper: You cause people misery just to make more zombies!!!
Chopper: And because I know that now, I will never forgive you all!!!
Hogback: What does a little pirate-deer with next to no medical knowledge know of "life"!!!
Hogback: Kill them!! Cindry-chan!!!
Hogback: I will make the two of you into marionettes.
Hogback: Be happy Dr. Chopper, by the morning after your death
Hogback: you'll be my assistant, the man whom you admire so much!!!

Page 11:
Cindry: Kakusaratou, 1 plate, 2 plates, 3 plates!!! (Square Plate Blades)
Chopper: Uoooooooh!!!
Chopper: Stop!!
Cindry: you...

Page 12:
Robin: Chopper!!
Hogback: Foosu Foosu Foosu Foosu Don't underestimate her because she's a woman!!
Hogback: When she's in a fight her physical strenght only increases!!!
Chopper: ...you don't have to listen to what that jerk says......!!
Chopper: Owowow...!!
Cindry: I'll kill you!!!
Chopper: It's so sad...!! You're already dead!!
Chopper: If the family you left behind knew about this, how would they feel?
Cindry: Let go of me...!!!
Chopper: You wounds are stitched together like patchwork..!!! Forced to serve as a soldier.
Chopper: Your loved ones could never withstand it.

Page 13:
Cindry: Why you!!! Let go!!!
Chopper: The spirit you were born with is already dead an yet
Chopper: the body moves and follows orders.
Chopper: Just what is that?!!
Hogback: You fool, don't you believe your eyes?!
Hogback: Just accept it!! This is man's lifelong dream!! To revive the dead!! To bring people back to life!!!
Chopper: So if they just move you're happy?
Chopper: Humans have free will!!!
Chopper: You never treated her as a human at all!!!!

Page 14:
Chopper: Robin!! Give her the salt!!
Hogback: Penguin!! Jigorou!! Help Cindry!!!
Hogback: Get rid of that nuisance!!!
Chopper: ouh!!!
Robin: ......!! A failure......!!
Robin: Chopper.........!!
Jigorou: Santouryuu 108 (Three Sword Style 108)

Page 15:
Jigorou: Pound Cannon!!!
Doguin: uwoh!!
Chopper: Uwah, stop Zoro!!!
Robin: Doce Fleur!!
Jigorou: hm...
Jigorou: She's...
Jigorou: a "nuisance" as well!!
Doguin: .........!! Why you, how dare you attack me as well!
Doguin: Don't get in my way!!!
Jigorou: Uoh!!!

Page 16:
Jigorou: I'll erase the nuisances!!!
Doguin: Don't get cocky!!!
Doguin: that order was given to me!!!
Jigorou: No me!!!
zombies: Why you!!!
Hogback: Oi!! What are you two doing!!
Hogback: Cut it out!! The both of you quickly...
Chopper: robin!!!
Robin: Understood.
Hogback: Uguh

Page 17:
Robin: This is an interesting situation isn't it?
Robin: I won't what will happen if you don't give them any orders?
Chopper: ......Even if they don't have any memory, it seems
Chopper: those two will never get along with each other!!
Robin: it's shocking.........
Hogback: Muguguuh
Robin: This tower is rather tall, why don't you ask us if we'll just jump off.
Hogback: Bwaah............uh?? Is something wrong with your head?!
Hogback: hah
Hogback: hah
Hogback: I'll ask you to do more than that!!
Hogback: Ah, just jump! The you two leap out of here together!!!

Page 18:
Zombies: Yes sir.
Hogback: NO...!!! Not you!! Wait!!!
Robin: ......... We'll.. pass.
Hogback: Oooooooh...
Hogback: Ooooooh!! I won't let you get away with this!!
Hogback: You tricked me!! this is the worst!!
Hogback: You pitiful humans!!!

Page 19:
Chopper: ...Once Luffy defeats Moria all of the Zombies are going to be purified...!!
Chopper: the person who's ass I wanna kick... is you Hogback!!!
Hogback: Cindry!! Stay here and buy me some time!!
Hogback: I'm gonna run!!
Hogback: .........? ...where's your answer?!!
Hogback: Even if you're beaten, I'll put another shadow into you, don't worry about dying!!
Cindry: My body...
Cindry: won't move...
Hogback: Ci-Cindry?!!
BGtext: The cause of her sudden tears?!

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#1. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2007
Cool! Thx u very much for the trans sky! ^^
#2. by Aly ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2007
nice trans skywalker!~


#3. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2007
Page 19:
Chopper: ...Once Luffy defeats Hogback all of the Zombies are going to be purified...!!
Chopper: the person who's ass I wanna kick... is you Hogback!!!

should be "Luffy defeats Moria"
#4. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2007
Quote by ketwaroo;508286:
should be "Luffy defeats Moria"

totally fixed this. that was a Freudian slip, because i REALLY want to see Chopper hand down that beating (Hogback's)...
#5. by  ()
Posted on Jul 17, 2008
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