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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 547

The Great Escape

+ posted by Svg as translation on Jun 18, 2009 08:31 | Go to One Piece

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1. - 2.

One Piece Chapter 547

The Great Escape


Opening line: Magellan is closing in!!

Magellan: This poison is called Kinjite... !! It is capable of destroying Impel Down itself. [[Note: The literal meaning is a forbidden sumo move]]

Mr. 3: Oh, this is bad... We've got to get out of here, Straw Hat!!

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no


Mr. 3: You're crazy!! Wax won't work on him any more!!

Luffy: ... !! Hah Hahh

SFX: Zuzu...

Luffy: Uhh!!!

SFX: Zuzozozo [[Note: Both are sounds of oozing]]

Mr. 3: Doru Doru Cancel!! [[Note: Doru Doru Kaijo]]

Luffy: Gwah!! That was close!!

Magellan: Venom Demon

4. - 5.

Magellan: Hell's Judgement!!!

SFX: Juwa!! [[Note: Sound of steam]]

Prisoners: Uwaaaa!!

Run for it!!


Help me, please... !! Take me with you...

Don't touch me, you moron!!

The poison's spreading!!


SFX: Dosa!! [[Note: Sound of impact]]

SFX at the demon: Shuu... Shuu... [[Note: Sound of steam]]

Mr. 3: The poison's spreading like an infection...

Wax or stone won't stop it!!

Luffy: Dammit!! Now the Doru Doru armor's useless against him!!


Box: Impel Down Main Entrance

Bon: I wonder how /

Straw-chan and the others are doing... !!

Any progress with the battleship?!

Prisoners: We can hear the cannons firing, but... !! We have no idea what's going on beyond that mist... !!

I have no doubt they'll manage to steal a ship, but...

There's a pretty big distance between us!! If they come back to get us after stealing one, we may run out of time...

But won't Magellan catch up to us by then?!

Straw Hat Luffy's strong, but... !! /

He won't be able to hold off a freak like Magellan for so long!!

SFX: Gogogogogo... [[Note: Sound of menace]]

Please hurry up!! Jimbei!!


SFX over the ship: Waaaaaaaaa... [[Note: Screaming]]

Marines: Throw them in the water!! We can't let them take over the ship!!


SFX: Kakin! Kikikin! [[Note: Impact on a metal surface]]

What's up with this guy?! His whole body's... sharp?!

Mr. 1: It's the Supa Supa fruit. [[Note: Supa is the sound effect of cutting]]


Marines: Guwaa!!


Oh /

I remember now!! This guy's Das, the assassin from West Blue!!

SFX at Buggy: Piku Piku... [[Note: Sound of twitching]]

It's just a matter of time until they take over that ship!

This is a disgrace to us Marines!! Sink it!!


Prepare to fire!!

That's...The same thing from before... !!


Marines: Uwaaa!!

Damn it, the gun powder got soaked!!

It's Jimbei!!

Shoot him with what we have left!!

Box: Impel Down / Sea Level 1st Floor / Main Entrance

Luffy: Come on!! Hurry up!! He's right behind us!!

SFX: Dadadada [[Note: Sound of footsteps]]

Box: The prisoners waiting for the ship

Prisoners: Jimbei!


Captain Buggy!!

Luffy: Are you guys there?!

Bon: It's Straw-chan's voice!!


Luffy: Run for it!!!

Have we got a ship yet?!

Prisoners: There's something rediculously huge behind him!!

It's Magellan!! We've got nowhere to run anymore!!

Bon: Straw-chan, we haven't been able to get a ship yet!!



Box: Level 1



SFX: Baki Baki Baki... [[Note: Sound of loud impact]]

Box: Sea Level 1st floor / Main Entrance

Prisoners: Owaaa!!

Scared the crap outta me!!


Luffy: Wha?! /


Iva: L... Looks like I made it in time... /


Prisoners: He got hit on the head and passed out!!

Bon: Iva-san!! And Inazuma!! I'm so glad you're alive!!

Candies: Iva-sama!!

Magellan: But they...

Prisoners: Straw Hat!! It's from Jimbei!!

Luffy: Hm?!

Mr. 3: A small den den mushi!

Jimbei: So you have made it, Luffy-kun?!

Luffy: Yep!! But he's still on our tail!! /

There's nowhere for us to run once we reach the exit!!

Buggy: Gyahaha, nice going, guys!!

Mr. 1: What are you even doing here?

Jimbei: My apologies! We managed to procure a ship, but /

There is quite the distance between us!


Jimbei:But you must not stop!!

Once you reach it, jump into the sea!!

It matters not, even if all of you plunge in at once!!

Prisoners: What the hell are you talking about, Jimbei? This is the Calm Belt here!!

Jimbei: Leave the rest to me!!

Luffy: We'll do as you say!! Hey, Three!! Help me out again!!

Mr. 3: You can't be serious!! If we jump in the water, we'll die!!

He's a puppet of the government!! You can't trust that damn fishman!!

Luffy: He's a friend of Ace's!

I trust him!!!

Magellan: In the sea? If you're trying to pull something, let's see it!! This whole place is infested with Sea Kings!!

Hell's Judgement!!!

Prisoners: Look out!! Don't let a single drop touch you!!

Gyaaa!! Yeah, like that's possible!! We're done for!!

14. - 15.

Luffy: Gear Third

SFX: Puku!! [[Note: Sound of biting]]

Mr. 3: Giant Candle Wall!!

SFX: Doru dorururu [[Note: Sound of wax]]

Magellan: That won't work.

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no!!

Giganto Stamp!!

Prisoners: WHOOOO!!! He pushed'im back!!

SFX: Jiwa... [[Note: Sound of liquid welling up]]

Prisoners: But the poison's eating through it!!

Luffy: Iva-chan, Iva-chan, wake up!!

SFX: Chibi!! [[Note: Sound of becoming small]]

Iva: Nuhahh!! /


Luffy: Do your wink thingy!!

Iva: Who are you?! All right...

16. - 17.

Prisoners: Are you serious?! If you do that...


Candies: Please wait, Iva-sama!!

Magellan: Your plan won't work... !! Whithout a ship, there's no way you'll be saved... !!

I will not let you go anyway!!

Prisoners: Everyone grab onto the face!!

The face!!


Prisoners: AAAAAAAA!!

Marines: There's something under the ship!!

What is this... ?!

Jimbei: So you made it in time... !! My apologies for calling you to such dangerous waters!!

Prisoners: Hm?! We... We landed on something!!

Luffy: Uwaa!!

Prisoners: Hey, look at that!!

Amazing... !!

18. - 19.

Prisoners: It's a school of whale sharks!! [[Note: Jimbei is Japanese for whale shark]]

Jimbei called them here!!

SFX at Jimbei: Paku Paku [[Note: Sound of moving your mouth ]]

Jimbei: Please bring them here!!

SFX: Chapooon!! [[Note: Plunk]]

Shark SFX: Paku Paku

SFX: Chapooon!!

Luffy: He's so awesome!!

End line: He really is!!

The End

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#1. by Protegon ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
Thanks SVG you are la leche
#2. by dens-09 ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
#3. by Kaja ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
Thank you!!!
#4. by DJ Tenkal ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
thnx -.-
#5. by zidane ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
Great work again, thanks...
#6. by Tahir ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2009
Thanks :D u rock svg

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