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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

One Piece 509

Kizaru vs 4 Captains

+ posted by ulrilra as translation on Nov 28, 2008 20:11 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 509

--Page 01--

Chapter 509: Kizaru vs 4 Captains

Mini Story: CP9's Independent Report Volume 17 [Ruckus in the Town]

Bottom of page: Eiichiro Oda

--Page 02--

Box: Grove 2

Usopp: Here it comes!!

Brooke, Usopp, and Franky: DAAAAAAH!!

Usopp: Hah...Hah... / From his hands...And from his mouth as well...!!

Brooke: Scary!

Franky: Hah...Hah... / Just what is that!?

--Page 03--

Luffy: Like I said, it's a beam! A beam!

Franky?: A "beam" is a ray of light!! / A weapon like that is like something out of a fairy tale!! / ...And what are you doing?

Brooke: Playing dead.

Franky: We're already discovered!!

Zoro: Santouryuu...

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...

Sanji: Diablo...

--Page 04--

All: Mouton Jet // 600 Pound Cannon!!!

Kuma: !!!!

--Page 05--

Kuma: ...!!!

Nami: Yes! Did they get him!?

Chopper: They're awesome~~~~!!

Robin: The opponent is a "Shichibukai"... / I doubt he'll go down just like that... / And you can tell by their facial expressions...

Luffy: Hah...Hah...Is he that different...!? // Hah...Then, does he have a twin!?

Sanji: That's also a possibility...!!

Zoro: Hah... / Anyway, if he was the real one, he'd be teleporting around and avoiding our attacks. / Most importantly, he doesn't use those "shockwaves" and he doesn't have those paw things...!!

Sanji?: But if he's really a fake, that's a problem in itself...

Bubble sfx: Crash...

Sanji?: It means there's more than one of something as strong as him.

--Page 06--

Box: Grove 24

Urouge: You've really done a number on me... // But don't think I'm the same now as before!! // "Inga Zarashi"!!! (tn: "Inga Zarashi" is some Buddhist term, I think)

Kuma: !!!

--Page 07--

Nothing to translate.

--Page 08--

Hawkins: This man who mere moments before was so weak...Just became this monsterously powerful...Just what is going on...!?

Urouge: !!? // Guwahhh!!! // Hot!!

Bubble sfx: Dosah!!

Hawkins?: !!

Drake: That was Kizaru's "laser"...!!

Drake's thoughts: In addition to Kuma's body...you reproduced Kizaru's ability into that thing, didn't you? Vegapunk...!! // For the "Pacifista" to have already achieved this form...!!!

--Page 09--

Man: This isn't right...!! For this era...

Man2: Even if it's three men with bounties surpassing one-hundred million, there's no way they could survive against both a "Shichibukai" and a "Marine Admiral"!!

Pirate: Hurry, run!! // We're leaving this island! Board the ships!!

Drake: !

Kizaru: Commodore Drake... / Ah...Former Commodore. // You're not just seeing what it's like on "the other side"? // You're welcome to try and fight. // Though you should understand the state of affairs... / And I'd imagine it will lead to quite a bit of suffering.

Drake: ...

Hawkins: ...?

--Page 10--

Kizaru: However, if you're not careful... / By chance, quite a few people might... // Oh, and don't forget that I'm here as well...!!!

Drake: ...!! // !?

Kuma: !!? // !?

--Page 11--

Apoo: Uhah!! I just got to see another interesting thing...!!! // The rare "Ancient Zoan" type...!!! // This is my first time seeing it...!!

Dinosaur Drake: Gaaaaooohh!! // Garururu!!!

--Page 12--

Drake: *Crunch* *Crunch*

Bubble sfx: Gyuin!

Drake: ! // !!!

Hawkins: ...!!

Dinosaur Drake: Gaooohh!!!

--Page 13--

Bubble sfx: Shurururu...

Drake: Guh...!!! // ...Hoh...So red blood actually comes out of you...This is a surprise...!!

Kuma: ...

Bubble sfx: Tsu...

Drake: Heheh...

Urouge: I've just seen something odd... // !!!

Kizaru: I do believe I've already warned you that I'm here as well.

--Page 14--

Urouge: !!?

sfx bubble: zawa / zawa...

sfx bubble: zawawa...!!

Hawkins: "Gouma no Sou" (tn: something like "Devil Conquering Phase")

--Page 15--

Kizaru: !!? // One after another...All of you "over one hundred million" guys... // ...are scary monsters, huh~~...

--Page 16--

Hawkins: !!

sfx bubble: su...

Hawkins: !!!

Hawkins: Owaaaaah~~~!!! // My eyes!! I can't see...!!!

Pirate: Uwah!! Captain Hawkins!!!

Hawkins: Uh!!! // ...!!!

Kizaru: I don't know what ability you possess, but...you're "solid", huh...So you're probably not a "Logia".

--Page 17--

Pirate: Captain!!

Pirate2: This is bad! He can't take this much damage! He'll really die!!

Kizaru: I'll start with you...

Hawkins: ...!!!

Kizaru: Congratulations on making it this far on your journey~~~...

Hawkins: !!?

sfx bubble: sha~ng / sha~ng

Kizaru: Hm!? // Who's that?

sfx bubble: sha~ng // sha~ng

sfx bubble: drum / drum

sfx bubble: *puff*

--Page 18--

sfx bubble: Porororo~ // bupah // bupah

Apoo: Is it reaching you!? This music! // If you can hear it, stay tuned!! / Marine Admiral Kizaru.

Kizaru: ...

Kuma: Scratchmen Apoo...

Apoo: Everybody!! Listen up! "Fighting Music"!

Drake: That's...That "Sea's Rumble" pirate.

Apoo: Scra~~~~~tch!!! // "Shan"! (tn: sound of decapitation or slash)

--Page 19--

Kizaru: Uh!!! // Wha~~~t?

Apoo: "Don"! (tn: sound of explosion)

Kizaru: !!!?

Background text: Sound!?

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Approved by njt

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#1. by njt ()
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
Another important thing is trying to keep a character's personality consistent. (I have the hardest time with this ^^; )

Zoro: Hah... / Anyway, if he was the real one, he'd be teleporting around and avoiding our attacks. / Most importantly, he doesn't use those "shockwaves" and he doesn't have those paw things...!!

words like "Most importantly" is something I don't think zoro would say, sounds too... "堅い"

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