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Buy This Manga - Asano Inio's What A Wonderful World!

+ posted by njt in Manga News on Oct 20, 2009 12:29

Hi there MangaHelpers visitor! You've been working hard, I can tell! So why don't you treat yourself. With what? Well, I'm glad you asked. With one of the best manga volumes ever written. Asano Inio's work is amazing. Reading it is like taking a dive into something so fulfilling, so touching, so so so Wonderful that you might even change your ENTIRE view on life. It's that good.

Anything by Asano Inio is top-class high quality. I dare say that of seinen manga, there's hardly anyone greater! Well, in the whole slice-of-life genre that is ^^;. But enough of me fanboying over him, let me tell you about this amazing volume. What A Wonderful World presents a series of short stories involving people of various social standings. For instance, you have your girl dealing with growing up and entering society like a normal person. Or you have your typical school girl dealing with the "popular" evil-girl stereotypes. And you even have the criminals that like to wear bear masks and kidnap kids to do their shopping and many other different stories!!

*cough* OK maybe my description isn't the best, but if you're at the store, buy it on a whim. It's a great manga and I'm sure you'll enjoy it and anything else by Asano Inio :). If you don't then... well >.> go read Oyasumi (Goodnight) Punpun >.>... :p

If you want some more opinions on the book, here's what I've been able to find:

Review by GamingAngels
Review by SlightlyBiasedManga
Review by BlogCritics
His work on amazon

If you've read it, own it, or became an Asano fan because of this post, let me know!

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#1. by Laika ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
I approve of supporting Viz's endeavors in marketing seinen manga if only for the fact that the other publishers are either too small and niche for fans to care about (vertical, last gasp, d&q) or just stick to safe series (delray.) Though, honestly it's not like Inio isn't a safe bet for Viz with the relative success and buzz that followed Solanin. Anyways, here's hoping that Sig Ikki and Viz's continued endeavors create a larger market for more critically acclaimed series to find their intended audience in the states. BTW njt, you may want to make the link to purchase his works from Amazon a bit more obvious, I clicked the link on his name expecting a wiki/bio page.

#2. by Revilenigma ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
What's with the ghost world like cover? Why can't they keep the original?
#3. by Doragon ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
Quote #2
#4. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
Ehhh what's in a cover? :p

(ps laika, changed the links around :3)
#5. by Revilenigma ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
I love asano's covers ;______;
#6. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
Aaah, this is the Nijigahara Holograph guy! That was the most amazing manga ever... I'll have to check this out too then!
#7. by big_red01027 ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
Mizukami Satoshi is amazing.

Asano Inio is a good storyteller, but based on the one thing I read from him (Solanin), his art could use some work.

Mizukami's art is by no means perfect either, but the female characters in his work are both more well-developed (as characters) and easier on the eyes.
#8. by Laika ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
Are we having a Kanye moment here?
#9. by Doragon ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
The japanese tank covers were awesome. This one pales in comparison, and that actually matters to me. >.> Though either way, I'm still going to buy this.

/me is a Punpun fan

P.S. How was Mizukami Satoshi relevant to this news again?
#10. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
I think the reason the cover was changed is it might give off the wrong impression. I mean, the Japanese version does have a guy wearing a bear mask holding a gun so... could be tied in with terrorism which wouldn't be accepted very well ^^;
#11. by Raichu ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2009
I quite of like Punpun,but I'm not that used to read some Slife of Life seinen...been reading a few in a while,but it's too deep for me lol.I think I might take a break...maybe I'll try it gah~~
#12. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2009
i would buy it but not from viz, XD sorry i just hate all translations coming from viz and tokyopop, if it was darkhorse i have no problem or del toro but not viz XD
anyways it is a great story tought so i guess there is no other option but to buyu from viz XD
#13. by Doragon ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2009
Does it really matter? Well as long as I'm happy.... :3
#14. by cloneofsnake ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2009
"cover has guy wearing a bear mask holding a gun" ... OK, I'll look for it later at the book store. Thanks!
#15. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Oct 23, 2009
Kind of wish VIZ treated this series like they did Solanin; a single omnibus with color pages. Still, most of volume 2 isn't translated, it's a great series, I'll buy both this weekend. Still waiting for Holograph to be licensed.

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