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Naruto 351

Naruto Chp. 351

+ posted by aine as translation on Apr 20, 2007 13:39 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 351

(Misled by Karin, he wanders alone)
Suigetsu: Eh?
Suigetsu: I'm back to the same place... I knew I should have turned right.
Injured Prisoner: You.. For what purpose did you guys come here?
Suigetsu: We came to take Juugo with us but... I got done in by my companion.
Injured Prisoner: Kukuku... You guys...
Injured Prisoner: Do you guys know what you're doing... do you understand?!
Suigetsu: ...?

Injured Prisoner: If you let that guy out in the world..
Suigetsu: I feel the same. But I'll make him listen, no matter what it takes.
Injured Prisoner: Kukuku... strong you may be, but that level...
Injured Prisoner: Gaa!
Suigetsu: You... if not for Sasuke, you'd be dead now
Injured Prisoner: Kuku.. people like you will be killed by Juugo!
Suigetsu: Maybe just one person won't matter...
(sfx: gaka)

Karin: Sasuke!
Juugo: Gehahaha!!

Juugo: Not enough!
Karin: !
(Karin) Sasuke's chakra has..!

(Karin) Changed!

Juugo: Another copy-jerk?
Juugo: Still, it's impressive to find a person who can manage "partial transformation"!
Juugo: Good use of the cursed seal!
Sasuke: I have no intention of fighting.
Sasuke: I only have something to say to you, Juugo.
Juugo: This guy is strong!
Juugo: A copy jerk I haven't seen since Kimimaro!

Juugo: What's that?
Suigetsu: You used a different power before, Juugo.
Suigetsu: Stubborn..

Suigetsu: Sasuke, let me handle this guy. And Karin, remember this afterwards...
Karin: Chi! (sound of derision)
Sasuke: Stop, Suigetsu. We didn't come here to fight.
Sasuke: I will talk.
Suigetsu: He's not a person whom words will reach.
Suigetsu: Unless you back your words with strength...
Juugo: Is that so! You're Suigetsu!
Juugo: I remember!

Sasuke: The two of you, stop!
(Karin) Good, destroy each other!
Suigetsu: Haaaa!!
Juugo: Oraaa!!

Sasuke: Do the you both..
Sasuke: Want to be killed by me?

(Suigetsu) Up till now, has he not been serious about killing...
(Karin) I can't stand it.. Sasuke...
Juugo: Ahh

Juugo: Ahhhhhhh
Suigetsu: ...?
Juugo: Quickly... lock me in!
Sasuke: Juugo... I came to take you out of here with me.
Sasuke: Come with me.

Suigetsu: Too shocked, is he.
Karin: Wrong... it's not that.
Sasuke: ...?
Juugo: I don't want to kill people anymore!
Juugo: I can't leave this place... leave me alone!
Suigetsu: Ah, what's this?
Suigetsu: Impressively double-natured..
Karin: Like I said, Juugo is driven unavoidably to move to kill...
Karin: He cannot control himself. The truth is that he doesn't want to kill.

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#1. by bax (MH Senpai)
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
Wooot :amuse

Another translator :nuts

Nice :kkthumbs
#2. by matsyes (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
thanks for the translation
#3. by jodi (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
thank you
#4. by juUnior (Intl Translator)
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
thx aine :D
#5. by destinator (MH Senpai)
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
Wow cool to see a new translator :D btw the cover wasnt in the raw but its in the RTS now if you missed it^^
#6. by 4ghost (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 21, 2007
Good to see another new translator. Thank you for your work.

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