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Naruto 351

Naruto Chap 351

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Apr 23, 2007 03:38 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 351

Late again this week, but not as late as I've been lately. <.< At least I'm not holding up the release this week. :p As usual, I never re-check the script before I post, so yeah... :p There's plenty of typos, grammar mistake, and all that, I'm sure. <_<

As always: [sizeptpt=12]This translation belongs to JapFlap. Do not use in scanlations in part or in whole (to be posted on this site or any other). Anyone who is found to be using this will be banned. No exceptions. Also at this time, this translation IS NOT available for English language adaptation.

If you would like to use this to base a foreign language translation on, and then scanlate that, you're welcome to do so.

Pg 1
Title: ナンバー351:男との対話!!
No. 351: A conversation with a man!!
Side: 冷静に全てを見通す繊細さ。情熱のままに生きる大胆さ。サスケが認めたくノ一、最強。
The delicacy to see through everything calmly. The courage to live with passion. The kunoichi Sasuke has acknowledged is the strongest.

Pg 2
Frame 1
Text: 香燐にまかれ、一人ウロウロ
Thrown off by Karin, wandering alone.
Suigetsu: ・・・アレ?

Frame 2
Suigetsu: 戻ってきちゃったな・・・
Looks like I’ve come back…
It must be a right there after all…

Frame 3
?: ・・・お・・・お前らは一体・・・何が目的で・・・ここへ来た?
Wh…What did you all…come here…for?

Frame 4
Suigetsu: 重吾を連れ出しに来ただけだけど・・・
We only came to take Juugo out…
We want to make him part of our team.

Frame 5
?: ククク・・・お前ら・・・
Kukuku…You guys…
…Do you know what you’re trying…to do! …Guh…

Pg 2
Frame 1
?: あんな奴を・・・この世に放したら
If you let that guy…out into the world.
Suigetsu: ボクも同感
けど ボクが言い聞かせるさ・・・何なら力ずくでね・・・
I agree.
But I’ll make him listen…by force if necessary…

Frame 2
?: ククク・・・強いといっても・・・アンタ程度じゃあ・・・
Kukuku…Though you’re strong…With your powers…

Frame 3
?: ぐあ!
SFX: ズン

Frame 4
Suigetsu: 君・・・サスケの言葉がねけりゃ
You…If Sasuke hadn’t said anything,
You would have died right now.

Frame 5
?: クク・・・てめーらなんか重吾に殺されちまえ・・・!!
Kuku…You should all get killed by Juugo…!!

Frame 6
Suigetsu: ・・・一人ぐらい
…Just one person
Wouldn’t matter…
SFX: ガチャ
*grabbing sword*

Frame 7
SFX: ドカ

Pg 3
Frame 2
Karin: サスケェ!!

Frame 3
Juugo: げははははァ!!

Pg 4
Frame 1
Juugo: まだまだァ!!
There’s more!!

Frame 2
SFX: ズズ
*arm growing*

Frame 3
SFX: ズズズ・・・
*arm growing*

Frame 4
Karin: サスケのチャクラが・・・!
Sasuke’s chakra…!

Frame 5
SFX: ズン

Pg 5
Frame 2
Karin: 変化した・・・!

Frame 3
SFX: ググッ・・・

Pg 6
Frame 1
Juugo: またオレのコピーヤローかァ!?
Another one of my copies!?
SFX: バシィ

Frame 2
Juugo: しかし“部分変化”が出来るとは大したヤローだぜ!
Though, you’re something to be able to do a “partial change”!
You’re good at controlling the “cursed seal”!

Frame 3
Sasuke: 争う気はない
お前に話があるだけだ 重吾
I have no intention of fighting with you.
I just want to talk to you, Juugo.
SFX: ズズ・・
*curse seal growing*

Frame 5
Juugo: こいつは強ぇ!!
You’re strong!!
The first copy since Kimimaro!!
SFX: バッ

Pg 7
Frame 1
SFX: ギン

Frame 2
SFX: ズン

Frame 3
Juugo: 何だァァ!?
SFX: ザッ

Frame 4
Suigetsu: 前とは違う能力を使ってるね 重吾
You’re using a different power than last time, Juugo.
Hard too…

Pg 8
Frame 2
Suigetsu: サスケこいつはボクに任せてよ
Sasuke, I want to take this guy.
And Karin, you’ll get it later…

Frame 3
Karin: チィ・・・

Frame 4
Sasuke: 止めろ 水月争いに来たんじゃない
Stop, Suigetsu. We didn’t come here to fight.
I’ll talk to him.
SFX: ズズ
*curse seal receding*

Frame 5
Suigetsu: 話して言葉が通じるような奴じゃないよ
He isn’t someone who’ll listen when you talk.
Just have to take him by force…

Frame 6
Juugo: そうか!てめーは水月
So that’s it! You’re Suigetsu.
I remember now.
SFX: ズズ
*arm growing*

Pg 9
Frame 1
SFX: バ
*fast movement*

Frame 2
SFX: バ
*fast movement*

Frame 3
SFX: ギン

Frame 4
SFX: ザザザ

Frame 5
Suigetsu: ハァーー!!

Pg 10
Frame 1
SFX: ザッ

Frame 2
Sasuke: 二人とも止めろ!
Both of you stop!

Frame 3
Karin: いいぞ!共倒れちまえ!!
Good! Both of them can die!!

Frame 4
Suigetsu: ハァーーッ!

Frame 5
Juugo: オラァーッ!!

Frame 6
SFX: ドッ

Pg 11 & 12
Frame 1
SFX: ズズズズズズ・・・・
*snakes wrapping*

Frame 2
Sasuke: お前ら・・・
You two…
Do you want to be killed by me?

Pg 13
SFX: ズズッ ズズッ・・
*snakes receding*

Pg 14
Frame 1
Suigetsu: 今の・・・本気の殺意だったじゃないか・・・
Right now…It was a real murderous intent…
SFX: ゴクッ

Frame 2
Karin: た・・・たまんない・・・
I…I can’t take this…

Frame 3
SFX: ズズズ
*curse seal receding*

Frame 4
SFX: ズズ・・・
*curse seal receding*

Frame 6
Juugo: ああ・・・
SFX: キョロ キョロ
*looking around*

Pg 15
Frame 1
Juugo: ああああああっ!!
SFX: ダッ
*ball dragging*

Frame 2
SFX: バタン
*door slamming*

Frame 4
Juugo: は・・・早く鍵をかけてよォ!!
Hu…Hurry up and lock the door!!

Frame 5
Sasuke: 重吾・・・オレはお前を連れ出しに来ただけだ
Juugo…I just came to take you out of here.
Come with me.

Pg 16
Frame 1
Suigetsu: ビビりすぎでしょ
He’s too scared.
Karin: 違う・・・そうじゃねーよ
No… That’s not it.

Frame 3
Juugo: オレはもう人を殺したくないんだよ!
I don’t want to kill any more people!
I don’t want to go outside… just leave me be!

Frame 4
Suigetsu: ・・・何・・・アレ?
Major split personality…

Frame 5
Karin: 言ったろ・・・
I told you…
…Juugo is driven by an intent to kill that he can’t do anything about…
He can’t control himself.
He doesn’t really want to kill.

Side: 殺意に鎮められた殺意。ふたたび引きこもる重吾を加え、この“四人一組”がサスケの構想。次号、旅立ち!!
An intent to kill that was quelled by an intent to kill. Adding a Juugo that has retreated once again, this “Four Man Cell” is Sasuke’s design. Next issue, the start of the journey!!

Preview: 食えない面々が向かう先は!?次号、『イタチの居場所』へ!!
Where the unpredictable members are headed is!? Next issue, “Itachi’s whereabouts”!!

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#1. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Apr 23, 2007
Nice translation as always winterlion. Thank you for taking the time to put it up.
#2. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 23, 2007
Thanx Winny :amuse
#3. by Deadlyfrost6 ()
Posted on Apr 23, 2007
thanks again winny!!

cant wait for the release!
#4. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 26, 2007
thx WL for trans :D
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