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Translations: Gintama 601 (2) , One Piece 836 by cnet128 , Bleach 686 by cnet128

Naruto 330

Naruto Ch330

+ posted by brucelee as translation on Nov 9, 2006 17:53 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 330

page 1
at the foot of a large warm tree assorted buds grew. Team 10 have born fruit. Do not forget.

page 2

Tsunade: I see…

page 3

Kotetsu: What about Kurenai?
Tsunade: Inform those who this affects of the funeral.
Tsuande: Kurenai…I’ll tell h…
Shika: No. I’ll do it.
Shika: You see I also have a message for her from Cpt. Asuma.

page 4

Naruto: I did it!

page 5

Naruto: I think I’ve got the hang of this!
Kakashi: Ah, I see, that’s what you figure out, huh?
Kakashi first off with the Rasengan, because you had a Chakara releasing bunshin and a Chakara molding bunshin working as a pair, you…
Kakashi: Were able to hit upon this idea.

page 6

Naruto: Yup!
Naruto:I figured it would be good if I made another bunshin to be in charge of the wind nature manipulation.
Naruto: Because I can’t look left and right at the same time I made one bunshin look right and one look left. Delegating the work, that’s all there is to it!
Kakashi: Hmmm, so my bunshin was hint, right?
Kakashi [Though it’s only because it’s Naruto with his Chakara and bunshin ability that it can possibly work. For me, or even Yondaime this would be impossible.
Kakashi: As expected of the number 1. surprising ninja.
Kakashi: but there is something…

page 7
Kakashi: I’m REALLY starting to LIKE you.
Naruto: What the hell are you doing shouting out random gross stuff all of a sudden?
Naruto: After all that effort you went and bust my jutsu surprising me like that!
Kakashi: No, that’s not quite what I meant, how can I say it…
Naruto: Don’t come near me!

page 8

Kotetsu: I have a message
Naruto: What’s going on?
Tenzou: Kakashi Senpai. Training is over, we are going back to the village.
Naruto: Eh?
Kakashi: What the hell…?

page 9
Tenzou: Sarutobi Asuma, has passed away.

page 10
page 11
Konohamaru: Uncle Asuma
Kakashi: Asuma
Ino: Where’s Shikamaru?
Choji: When I went to his house his ma said he already left.

Side bar: Shikamaru's silent decision: The battle with Akatuski begins
page 12
page 13
page 14
[sign] konoha library
page 15
Shikamaru: NNG
page 16
Ino: You ready?
Choji: Let’s go, Shikamaru.

page 17
Shikamaru: yeah…
What do the remaining member of team 10 seek?
Your reps are most welcome.

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#1. by Muk ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
#2. by brucelee ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
#3. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
Whaaataa! Great trans bruce-sama!!!!!
#4. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Nov 10, 2006
Excellent translation as usual bruce. Thanks for your time and effort.
#5. by brucelee ()
Posted on Nov 10, 2006
thanks for the thanks
#6. by  ()
Posted on Jun 21, 2008
But the idea was too kinky and too arousing for Julia to even dare to consider. She was relieved that the events of the last days more or less were out in the open japanese sex tv but she was still unsure about ow much her mother had participated.

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