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Naruto 330

Naruto 330

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Nov 9, 2006 17:54 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 330

I had a bit of problems with someone using my translation of the last chapter so I will say this again NO USE (PARTIAL OR FULL) OF THIS TRANSLATION FOR SCANS IS ALLOWED EXCEPT BY JAPFLAP. ANYONE WHO IS FOUND TO BE USING IT WILL BE BANNED. NO EXCEPTIONS. If this happens again, I may have to stop posting my scripts on the open forums until after the releases. Thanks for understanding. Otherwise please enjoy.

EDIT: I did forgot to mention... If you would like to use my translation as a base for your foreign language translation, those are always welcome and allowed. And should any of the foreign language translations make their way into scanlations, I have no problems with that.

Pg 1
No. 330: Sad news…!!
Side Text: At the foot of warm tree, each talent buds, we (Team 10) came to fruition. We will never forget you.

Pg 2
Text: ––The sad news reaches Konoha.

Frame 3
Tsunade: Is that so…

Pg 3
Frame 1
Kotetsu: Um… For Kurenai-san…

Frame 4
Tsunade: You all can go tell those involved about the funeral.

Frame 5
Tsunade: …I’ll tell Kurenai…
Shika: No… I’ll tell her.

Frame 6
Shika: There’s a message from Asuma-Taichou as well, so…

Pg 4
Frame 1
Naruto: Yes!

Pg 5
Frame 1
Naruto: I’m finally getting the hang of it!

Frame 2
Kakashi: I see… So that’s what you realized.

Frame 3
Kakashi: To begin with… you used a partnership to make the rasengan. One to emit the chakra, and the other to do the “shape manipulation.”

Frame 6
Kakashi: …That’s how you came up with that idea.

Pg 6
Frame 1
Naruto: That’s it! I just need to add a third one of me to do the wind “nature manipulation.”

Frame 2
Naruto: …If you can’t look left and right at the same time, then you need a bunshin to look left and one to look right. All you have to do is assign each a single duty.

Frame 3
Kakashi: So my kagebushin earlier gave you a hint.

Frame 4
Kakishi: …That said, it’s because it’s Naruto, who has the chakra and kagebushin that this method works… The fact of myself aside, even Yondaime wouldn’t be able to do it this way. This guy is…

Frame 5
Kakashi: You really are the No 1. Unexpected Ninja… Naruto. For some reason…

Pg 7
Frame 1
Kakashi: I’m beginning to… really like you!

Frame 3
Naruto: Uwah!

Frame 4
Naruto: Don’t say something sick like that! You bastard!! The jutsu I finally got blew up cuz of the surprise!!

Frame 5
Kakashi: No… I didn’t mean it that way… How do you say it…
Naruto: Don’t come any closer!!

Pg 8
Frame 1
Kotetsu: A message.

Frame 2
Naruto: What is it…?

Frame 3
Yamato: Kakashi-Senpai! We need to suspend the training and return to the village right now!!

Frame 4
Naruto: Whaaat!

Frame 5
Kakashi: What’s going on?

Pg 9
Frame 1
Yamato: Sarutobi Asuma-san… has died…

Pg 10

Pg 11
Frame 1
Konohamaru: Uncle Asuma…

Frame 2
Kakashi: …Asuma…

Frame 3
Ino: Where’s Shikamaru?
Chouji: When I swung by his house, Obachan told me he’d already left…
Translator’s Note: Oba-chan technically means aunt, but is used to refer to older ladies.

Pg 12

Pg 13

Pg 14

Pg 15
Frame 4
Shikamaru: Fuh!

Pg 16
Frame 5
Ino: Are you read?
Chouji: Let’s go, Shikamaru!

Pg 17
Shika: …Yeah
“Team 10” The destinations of the three-man-cell that’s left is–––!!

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#1. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
So Asuma has a brother, eh? I wonder who that is...

Thanks for this translation Winny.
#2. by eni (MH's Socialworker)
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
Thank you :love
#3. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
Excellent translation ( lol at Naruto being spooked by Kakashi! )

And yes, we will ban anybody who uses this translation (except for Japflap, of course). So please don't do it and wait for other translations to come out. Otherwise don't expect Winterlion to keep posting these in public - and being that she's posted them the earliest lately, that'd be a big shame. Thanks.
#4. by Eagle ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
Quote by Gold Knight :

And yes, we will ban anybody who uses this translation (except for Japflap, of course).

Pfew, thanks GK ¿^__^

Excellent translation WinterLion ! Thank you !
#5. by Darknives ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
#6. by jamail ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
damn... the memories of asuma makes me teary eyed again.... lol... thanks!
#7. by Hardysmidgen ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
Thank you very much for the excellent translation! I'm sorry to hear that your translations have been taken for scantalation releases despite your request not to, but hopefully everyone will read and abide by that warning this time around. I'd hate to have the forum lose such fast, accurate translations.

#8. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
Yatta! Thanks again Okasan!!!
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