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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 297

[Shonen] Naruto 297 by Sho

+ posted by HimizujinEternia as translation on Mar 2, 2006 15:58 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 297

Sho translated it and he can't put it up at the moment so he said I could. Here it is.

297: Sai's Mission!!
The golden light which guides.. now it shall come forth from Hinata! (Rough translation for the cover line)

Page 2
Orochimaru- "...Danzou... so that senile old man's still alive, huh.."
Orochimaru- "..and.. what was it you wanted to speak about?"
Sai- "I have a message from Danzou-sama to give to Orochimaru-sama... actually.."
Orochimaru- "Before you do that..."
Orochimaru- "You need to consider your words carefully when talking to me... or else you'll die."
Sai- "There's no other way for me to tell what Danzou sama said... well it was to let you know that if you you were in need of something, please go for it to your heart's content."

Page 3
Orochimaru- "Hm.."
Sai- "...!"
Orochimaru- "You truly don't have any manners, don't you child?"

Page 4

Page 5
Orochimaru- "When speaking to your superiors, showing your face while talking is the polite thing to do."
Sai- "....."

Page 6
Naruto- "Hah ha" *panting*

Page 7
Sakura (the scar is healing slowly... even though now Naruto's recovery with the Kyuubi chakra was very fast.)
Yamato (... with what was said about that minefield of a 4th tail... could it be that much.?)
Sakura- "Hmmph!"
Sakura- "Uggh..!"

Page 8
Yamato- "....."
Naruto- "Uggh..."
Sakura- "....Yamato-taicho..."
Sakura- "..that jutsu you just did to stop Naruto... that jutsu... would you please teach it to me?"
Yamato- "......."
Yamato- "That's impossible... out of Konoha, the only one able to use that jutsu is myself, with my cells and compatibility with Shodai-sama."

Page 9
Yamato- "the power to hold and contain Kyuubi's chakra against its will....you wouldn't be able to do with without an experimental body that is a copy of Shodai's, or the original Shodai-sama himself..."
Sakura- "......"
Yamato- "The thing that hung upon Naruto's neck waiting was that of Shodai Hokage-sama's..."
Yamato- "The chakra that acts in concert with only Shodai Hokage-sama's is a crystalized chakra... with that the "jinchuuriki power" is controlled.."
Yamato- "It's said that Shodai Hokage-sama was enough as Hokage because he held that power... and the reason I was chosen for the captain of this group."

Page 10
Sakura- (......)
Naruto- "Hah Hah.."
Sakura- "It's always.."
Yamato- "...?.."
Sakura- "What I can give to Naruto is only so little..."

Page 11
Yamato- "........"
Yamato- "What you can do is not a problem of whether it's a small or big thing.. what's important is how much you think of and care for Naruto, right?"
Sakura- "....."
Yamato- "Phew"
Yamato- "Sakura.. if you look you will understand..you truly are."

Page 12
Naruto- "Sa-Sakura-chan..."
Sakura- "..!"
Naruto- "I-it hurts.."
Sakura- "..Naruto.."
Naruto- "..what... what did I do? what?.."
Naruto- "What? Sakura-chan.. why are you crying?"
Naruto- "Aa! You were hurt by Sai's bad words again weren't you? Saying things like "bitch" and "monster strength", huh? That bastard!!"
Sakura- ".. this bastard.. even saying to Tsunade 'monster strength'?"
Naruto- "..ugghh."

Page 13
Sakura- "Yamato-taicho, by the way, where's Sai?"
Orochimaru-"Saying those words... what's the basis for believing in that?"
Orochimaru- "..!"

Page 14
Sai- "!!"
Kabuto- "What's the meaning of this?"

Page 15
Orochimaru- "Kabuto... keep your composure."
Orochimaru- "Starting today this child will be my subordinate."
Kabuto- "Do you have trust in him..?"
Sai- "Please look inside that envelope... it's something from Danzou-sama to you."
Kabuto- "......."

Page 16
Orochimaru- "...this is..."
Sai- "....."
Kabuto- "What are the contents?"
Orochimaru- "Kabuto, get off that child."
Orochimaru- "We'll be taking that child with us as well.."

Page 17
Orochimaru- "So.. Sai...shall we go?"
Kabuto- "...."
Yamato- "I knew it."

Orochimaru gets away, and where are Sai's whereabouts?! Next chapter: Yamato's Guidlines

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