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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

One Piece 579

"Seconds of Courage"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 29, 2010 03:05 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 579 - "Seconds of Courage"

1: It's Trafalgar Law!!! The rookie from "North Blue!!!"
2: The other day, he escaped capture during the "Tenryubito Incident" at the Sabaody Archipelago!
white: Saved!?
3: He is an accomplice of "Straw Hat Luffy!!"
4: It appears he has come to save him in a submarine!!!
5: Like I said, who the hell are you?!
6: Hurry!!!
7: Get those two on board!!!

1: Captain Law!!
2: A Marine ship is cutting around from the coast!!
3(2b): Attention all Marines!!! Divide your attacks between the "Whitebeard Pirates" and the "Blackbeard Pirates!!!"
4(2b): Marines are coming up from underground!!! There's a passageway!!!
5: Nnn!!?

1: Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!
2: Gyaaaaah, waaaaaaves!!!
3: Zehahahahahaha! What a thrilling ability...!!!

1: Zehahahahahahahahahaha!!!
2: Uwaaaaaaahhh!
3: I still can't control it too well yet, though...!!!
4(2b): Haa...heeey, Captain!! If you go too overboard, we'll lose our footing!!!
5(2b): How's that, Sengoku the Buddha?!?! Garp the Hero?!?! Think you can stop me now!!?
6: Right along with "Whitebeard"...I'm gonna close the books on your ages as well!!!
7: Frightening...!!
8: Disgusting...!!!
9: Just what is "Blackbeard" going to do next...?!?!
10: Urgent Warning!! Due to Marine Ford becoming the epicenter of these earthquakes,
11: we are issuing a massive tsunami warning for the southern shores of the Sabaody Archipelago!!

1(2b): We fear there may be panic, so...!! --Hey, everyone!! Don't panic,
2: head to the north side of the archipelago...everyone!! evacuate to the high ground around the Grove 40-50 area!!!
3: pyun!!
4: Uwaaaaahhh!!!
5: The Pacifista...has passed over the fissures in the plaza!!!

1: Hey, Coby!! ...what's wrong with you?!
2: ...haa...haa...I don't know...!!! I'm sad...!!!
3: Saaaaaaad!?
4: Oehhh!!!
5: From inside my head...a "voice"...a single voice...a single one...disappeared...!!!
6: Huh??
7: Hang on!! ...you can still be saved!! Help, someone!
8: Uuu!
9: Leave him!! We're still in the middle of a fight here!!!
10: Drive back the piraaaates!!!
11: Beat down every last one of theeeeem!!!
12: Morale isn't dropping...!!! The pirates, who have already achieved their goal...are clearly getting more heated...!!!
13: Something's wrong here!! Both "justice" and "evil"...!!!

1: Despite having winning,
2: The "evil" known as pirates shall not be permitted to exist!!!
3(2b): No one can stop me now!!! I'll destroy everything!!! I'll swallow it all up!!!

2: their thirst is only increasing!!!
3: Nnn??
4: juh...!!
5: Just leave him behiiiiind...
6: "Straw Hat Luffy," you knooow...!!
7: It's "Kizaru!!"

1(2b): Alright!! He's all yours! "People I don't know!!"
2: Give it your best shot, you hear?!?!
3: Grab him! Jean Bart!!
4: OK! That'll do it.
5: We're diving!!!
6: Back at Sabaody...you really did a good job of running awaaaay...
7: Trafalgar Laaaaaw!!
8: Uwaaahh!! These wounds are horrible! Is he still alive?! Gotta hurr...
9: "Straw Hat Luffyyyyy"
10: "The Surgeon of Death," Laaaaaw...!!
11: Dammit...

1: That's enouuuuuuuuuuuugh!!!!
2: Uuu!!
3: The Marines!?
4: Coby!!!

1: Let's stop this already!!!
2: Who the hell...
3: No more fighting!!! Let's end this!!!
4: Someone...
5: This is a waste of lives!!!!
6: Each one of these Marines...!! Has families waiting for them at home!!!

1: We've already completed our goal...!!!
2(2b): Chasing after pirates who have no will to fight...!! Desiring for wars that could be prevented...!!!
3: Abandoning Marines that could be saved if tended to...!!! And just piling more sacrifices on top of them!
4: Every Marine that falls from here on out...!!! Don't you think they'll look like!!!
5: Coby...?!
6: Complete idiots!!?
7: Huh??
8: Who in the hell are you...?!
9(2b): ..."seconds"...have been wasted...The Marines don't need soldiers who can't even keep their facts straight...!!!
10: Eh...
11: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
12: Oh no, I'm gonna die!! --But I!! Said it!!! What I wanted to say!!!
13: I have no regrets!!!

1: Eh
2: bukubuku...
3: ...well done...young Marine...
4: The "Seconds of Courage" you bet your life on creating...for good or bad,
5: have just now, greatly changed the fate of the world!!
6: Hurry
7: Hurry inside!!!

1: gacha...!!
1: Don't move a muscle, "Kizaru!!"
2: ....ohhhh my!
3: Ben Beckmaaaan...!!
4: Eh...!!?
5(2b): That...!! That ship...!!
6: Departure!!
7: Why is one of the...!!
8: "Four Emperors" here...?!?!

1: It's "Red-Haired Shanks!!!"
2: I've come
3: to end this war!!!

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