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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 555

Oars and his hat

+ posted by Svg as translation on Aug 28, 2009 05:54 | Go to One Piece

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Important notice: this week's translation is reserved for Binktopia. It may not be used for other scanlations.


One Piece Chapter 555:

Oars and His Hat

Cover story 16: Nami's Weather Report

Vol. 1: Business on the legendary sky island of Weatheria

2. - 3.

Opening line: A giant towering above giants!!

Pirates: The Giant Squad is on the move!!

Marines: Our target is Little Oars Jr.!!!

Pirates: UWAAAA!!!

Giants: This is the first time /

I've ever had to look up at someone.

Yeah, same here.

It's our duty to take out that monster.

Marines: He's unbelievably huge!! No giant could ever reach this size!!!

Keep firing!! He's still human!! There's no way it can't hurt him!!!

Oars: Uhh

Sengoku: He's recruited quite a troublesome one.

Ace: Stop, Oars!!! With your size /

You'll just be target practice for them!!!

Oars: Ace-gun!!! Eye'll be thare in a jiffy!!!

4. - 5.

Marines: UWAAAAA!!!


Pirates: Oars has breached the bay!!!

Let's follow him!!!

6. - 7.

Pirates: Invade the bay!!!

Lacroix: Not good!! Fall back!! We must protect the bay's line!!!

Text (right to left): Shichibukai; Plaza; Oars

Lacroix: Stop them from reaching the plaza at all costs!!!

Marine: Vice Admiral Lacroix!!!

WB: Damn that Oars, he's hopeless... Seeking death and being a hero ain't the same thing!!

Oars: UOOOOO!!!

Popz!!! Pwease don't stop me!! Eye want ta save'im!!!

Eye want ta save Ace-gun as fast as possiball!!!

WB: Alright, I got ya...!!

Do a little cleaning up around him, all of you!!

We're backing Oars up!!!

Pirates: Got it!!!

8. - 9.

Marines: How can we possibly fight someone this big?!!

Pirates: We're gonna wipe you guys out if you're so distracted by Oars!!!

SFX at Boa: Breathe...

Over heart: Kiss

Under heart: Pop!

Over heart: Grab!

Under heart: Scratch scratch...

Boa: Slave Arrow!!!

Pirates: Guwa!!!

Uwa!! Huh... Hey, guys!!

You must be the Pirate Empress!!

!!? ...?? Huh...? My body's... shattering?!

SFX: Crack...

10. - 11.

Boa: Parfume Femull!!!

Marine: You... You dare hurt us Marines, too...?!

SFX at Boa: Land...

Boa: My highness agreed to lend you my aid against Whitebeard...

But I never said anything about becoming your ally.

Enemies or allies, it matters not, all men are the same before me.

All but him...

But even so, my highness would like you to consider my promise kept.

Marine: What~~~!!?

Boa: My beauty /

Is all the excuse I need.

SFX above her arm: Fuhh...

Marine: D... Damn woman ~~~!!! Hah... Hahh...

SFX: Pop

12. - 13.

Kuma: Ursus Shock [[Ursus is latin for bear]]

Marines: Owaaa

SFX at Marines: Bam Bam Bam

At Oars: Slip!!

Ace: Oars!!!

SFX at hat: Rustle...!!

Oars: Hah... Hah...

14. - 15.

Ace: Stop...!!! There's no way you'll reach this place...!!!

Oars: Whazz this?

Ace: I learned how to make one of these in the country of Wano. Try it on!!

[[Wano is where Ryuuma from the Thriller Bark arc came from. It could mean 'Country of Harmony', but it's in katakana, so it can't really be determined]]

Ace: You're close to the Sun, anyway.

SFX at Oars' head: Rustle

People: Ace-san's screwed up two of these already! He burned them!!

That's what he gets for sewing straw when he's made of fire!

SFX over Oars: Scrape Scrape

Oars: Ahh~~! This be refreshing!

Ace: Glad you like it!

Oars: Mmm...

SFX at Oars: Drip... Drip...

Marines: Aim for Oars~~~!!!

Oars: Eye won't get wet in tha rain anymore!!

Others: Captain Oars!! What are you doing outside?!

Oars: Eye like this!

Pirates: Oars!!!

Damn, he won't make it with his size!!

Oars: Hah... Hah...

If eye could at least... take owt a Shichibukai...!!

Doflamingo: Huh?

Oars: UOOOO!!

Doflamingo SFX: Slide... Slide...

Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffufu!!!


Others: Captain

What are you doing outside again, Captain?!

Oars: Tha snow don't pile up one me anymore.

Eye'm not cold anymore.

Eye like this...

Doflamingo: This is FUN!!! Fuffuffuffuffuffu!!!

18. - 19.

Oars: Uhh

SFX: Huff


Oars: Hah... Hah...

Ace: Oars!!!

Oars: Uhh

Marines: He's reached the plaza!!!

Oars: Just a wittle further...!!!

Moria: That bastard Doflamingo!! How dare he cut off his leg when I told him I want his corpse!!


Horned Toad Shadow!!! [[JPN: Tsuno Tokage; tokage means lizard, but the kanji are that of 'sword' and 'shadow']]

SFX at end line: Dun... Du.. [[Possibly heartbeat]]

End line: He falls before his friend's very eyes...

The End

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2009
Thank you very much buddy, working on it.
I'll proofread during typesetting and let you know if I find anything.
#2. by Svg ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2009
You're welcome.

Added a sound effect, fixed a bubble, so the updated one should be 100% okay.
#3. by takadanama ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2009
Wow... thanks Svg~~~ go Bink~~
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2009
So here the fixes:
Page 14 / 15 are single pages.
You missed separating 14 and 15 from 16-17 (another spread).

Now what our proofreader Asce spotted:

Keep firing!! He's still human!! There's no way we can't hurt him!!! <-- The 'it' in there originally was referring to their bullets but that's kinda an awkward phrasing so I changed it to 'we'. Minor change -->

Moria: That bastard Doflamingo!! How dare he cut off Oar’s leg when I told him I want his corpse!! <-- Made the subject of the 2nd ‘his’ less vague -->

Really minor fixes, great trans again, and special thanks for the SFX :3

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