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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 402

Naruto ch402

+ posted by tora-chan as translation on May 31, 2008 10:59 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 402

Sorry for the lateness, I didn't have access to a computer until this morning...

I also take this chance to say something... I don't know why there are so many scanlators/translators who get the raw/script before the "official" one is out. I just know that many people start posting spoilers and pictures and whatever all over the net as soon as the first scanlation is out. There are people - like me - who don't read the chapter until the raw is out (I know Japanese, I don't want to read it in another language), or who are used to reading other translations. Yesterday I got spoiled by a person who thought I'd read the chapter "since the scanlation has been out for hours". I'm kind of pissed off that I have to basically hide until the raw is out to avoid getting spoiled...

So please, when you've read a scanlation, avoid posting spoilers without giving proper advice, because not everyone jumps up at the first translation/scanlation posted. Please wait at least until Saturday evening (and still, it's better if you give proper warnings anyway). Thank you.

Sorry for taking your time.


402: The last words

Sasuke was told everything... And now he.....

Itachi: I'm home.

(note: that dinosaur puppet...! I'm picturing Sasuke playing with it... LOL; ndt)

Sasuke: Niisan!

Sasuke: Welcome back!

ねぇ!一緒に遊ぼう 兄さん!
Sasuke: Say niisan, let's play together!

Sasuke: Say, what can we play?

こらサスケ! 兄さんは{[忍者学校]アカデミー}の宿題があるんだから
Mikoto: Sasuke! Your brother has to do his Academy homework.
Ask him when he's finished.

いいよ 宿題は後でするから… 簡単だし
Itachi: It's fine, I can do it later... It's easy, after all.

Sasuke: Hehe...

Sasuke: Where did he hide?

兄さん みーつけた!
Sasuke: Niisan, foound you!

なかなかやるな サスケ
Itachi: You're quite good, Sasuke.

Itachi: But...

Itachi: Too bad for you.

Sasuke: Aah!
That's not fair!!

あのね父さん! 今日 兄さんとかくれんぼしたんだけど
兄さん 分身の術使って逃げたんだよ
Sasuke: You know, dad! Today I was playing hide-and-seek with niisan,
but then he ran away with Bunshin no jutsu!
That's not fair, is it!?

ほう… もう分身が使えるのか
Fugaku: Oh... Did you already learn Bunshin no jutsu?

兄さん 食後にオレにも分身の術教えてよ!
Sasuke: Niisan, after dinner teach me Bunshin no jutsu too!

Mikoto: Homework!

Sasuke: Uff.........

許せ サスケ
Itachi: I'm sorry, Sasuke.
We can do it next time.


サスケ そろそろ帰ろう
Itachi: Sasuke, we should be going home now.

Sasuke: You said that you'd teach me a new shuriken jutsu!

明日はちょっと大事な任務があって その準備がある
Itachi: Tomorrow I'm on an important mission, I have to get ready for it.

……… 兄さんのうそつき
Sasuke: ...... You're a liar, niisan.

許せ サスケ…
Itachi: I'm sorry, Sasuke...
We'll do it next time.


Sasuke: Ouch!

兄さん 見てて!
Sasuke: Niisan, look at me!

Sasuke: Tooooooh!

コラ! 無茶したら…
Itachi: Hey! Be careful, or...


兄さん また今度一緒に修業してくれる?
Sasuke: Niisan, will you train with me again?

Itachi: Yes...

ただ オレも任務を受ける身だし
Itachi: But I have missions to carry out
and starting from tomorrow you'll be attending the Academy.

Itachi: We probably won't be able to spend much time together anymore.

Sasuke: It's fine...

Sasuke: As long as you stay with me once in a while.

Itachi: You and I are unique brothers.

お前の越えるべき壁として オレは———
Itachi: As the wall you must climb over, I...

Sasuke: Niisan...

今日 手裏剣術の修業につき合ってよ……
Sasuke: Teach me some shuriken jutsu....

オレは忙しいんだ… 父上にでも教わればいいだろう
Itachi: I'm busy... You can ask our father to help you.

だって 手裏剣術なら兄さんの方が上手だって…
Sasuke: But you're so much better with shuriken jutsu...
Even a kid like me can see that.

…兄さんはそうやって いつも オレを厄介者扱いする
Sasuke: ...You're always like that, you treat me like I'm a burden.


Sasuke: Ouch

許せ サスケ…
Itachi: I'm sorry, Sasuke...
......We'll do it next time.

お前の越えるべき壁として オレは—————
Itachi: As the wall you must climb over, I......

オレは お前と共に在り続けるさ
Itachi: I will always exist. (note: I originally had these two lines switched, but in this case it would've changed the focus so I left them in the original order. It sounds slightly awkward, but I have no other ideas currently...; ndt)

Itachi: Even if you hate me, I will still be there...

それが 兄貴ってもんだ
Itachi: That is what an older brother is for.


許せ サスケ…
Itachi: I'm sorry, Sasuke...

Itachi: ...There won't be a next time.

Sasuke: We shook off the "Snake". (note: as you probably know, Hebi = snake. I guess you get the pun..; ndt)

これより 我ら小隊は
名を〝鷹〟と改め 行動する
Sasuke: From now on our team
will be named "Taka". (note: Taka = hawk; ndt)

Sasuke: The goal of "Taka" is only one.

Sasuke: We will.....

Sasuke: crush Konoha.

その〝眼〟を見開き ———〝鷹〟が翔ぶ!!
With his "eyes" wide open, the "hawk" flies!!

No.402/end - Where is "Taka" headed now? And Naruto!? Next, "Goal"!


Ok, Sasuke is dumber than I thought... I'd been thinking: "What does Madara want? In the chance that he wants Sasuke to help him destroy Konoha or something, how does he plan to convince him by telling him that??", but evidently Madara knows who he's dealing with... *sigh* Doesn't he notice that he's kind of.. going completely AGAINST his brother's hopes and efforts? Itachi will turn in his grave... So much for his quest for peace -_-; 愚かなる弟よ… :sweatdrop

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#1. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on May 31, 2008
thanks for the translation as always :turtle

Quote by tora-chan;887184:
愚かなる弟よ… :sweatdroplol, it's kinda funny... cuz that line and the fact that Itachi kept his doings secret from Sasuke tell us that Itachi knows his lil bro the best...:s
#2. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on May 31, 2008
Thanks for the translation
#3. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on May 31, 2008
オレは忙しいんだ… 父上にでも教わればいいだろう
Itachi: I'm busy... You can ask your father to help you.

your? our?

the wall bit is a bit weird too though
#4. by tora-chan ()
Posted on May 31, 2008
Quote by ketwaroo;887495:
your? our?

the wall bit is a bit weird too though

Oops, corrected the "your" :s

As for the wall, I dunno, I have no ideas on how to make it sound better.. :darn

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