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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 503

An Island In Panic

+ posted by ulrilra as translation on Nov 28, 2008 20:14 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 503

---Page 01-Page 02---

Chapter 503: "An Island In Panic"

---Page 03---

sfx: Gashaan!!

---Page 04---

Luffy: ...

sfx: Paki..Paki..

---Page 05---

Luffy: Sorry you guys... // Since I hit this guy, it seems a Marine "Admiral" / and his fleet will be coming...

---Page 06---

Zoro: Since you beat him up... // ...I didn't get to slice him...

Nami: Hachi! ...Hold on!

Hachi: Nyu~~...You've...Done something really...!!

Nami: ...Well, / since it's Luffy, it couldn't be helped!!

Sanji: Now then...

Franky: So it's decided what we're doing next.

Chopper: I think it's somewhere in the back!! / The key to Keimii's collar!! // I'll need to tend to Hachi's wound. It's up to you guys!!

Keimii: ...

Hachi: ...!!

Pappag: You guys...!!!

---Page 07---

Roswald: ...Chalros!!

Shalulia: Chalros nii-sama~~~!!! // Even though father never even hit you~~~!!!

Roswald: You damn commoner, how dare you raise your hand against my son!!! // You've angered the Tenryuubito~~~!!!

sfx: *Bam!* // *Bam!* *Bam!*

Woman: Kyaa!!!

Man: Run!! Outside!!!

Roswald: By laying a hand on we, the descendants of this world's creators, / do you realize what- // !!?

---Page 08---

Knight: Fiend, get away from Roswald-sei!! // !!!

Sanji: Go!! Get back Keimii-chan!!

Franky: Got it!! Leave it to me!!!

Servant: Soldiers, come here~~~!!!

Soldier: Seize the pirates!!!

Chopper: Wah!! A bunch of them are coming!!

Knight: What fools, to protect a fish!!!

---Page 09---

Knight: !!!

Roswald: Persistant bastards! // So you mean to go up against us!!?

Luffy: Keimii isn't something to be sold!!!

Roswald: Call the "Marine Admiral" and the "Fleet"!!! // Make them see their power!!!

---Page 10---

Man: Pirates struck a Tenryuubito~~~!!! // From "Marine Headquarters", a fleet is coming~~~!!!

Zoro: Duck! // "Thirty six pound cannon"!!!

Sanji: Dowah~~~!! Are you trying to kill us!!?

Keimii: Ah!

Hachi: Keimii!! Wait there!!

Keimii: Right!! Hacchin!! / Everyone!!

---Page 11---

Marine: It's already become a ruckus. / The entrance is flooded with people escaping!! // Anyway, head in!!

Marine: Yes sir!!! / Eh!? Wait, I don't want to!!

People: Gyaaah!!! // !!? // Another Flying Fish!!!

Flying Fish Rider: Okay!! Good luck!!

Brooke: Off I go!!!

Robin: Thank you!

Flying Fish Rider: Take care!!

Flying Fish Rider: Now go!!!

Usopp: I never said I could fly~~~!!!

---Page 12---

Disco: Damn it!! Guard the mermaid!!! // This is 500,000,000 we've sold her for!!

Roswald: This scum; I'll have the women stuffed, // and the men made into slaves for bait. // Gyah!!!

Shalulia: Father~~~!!!

---Page 13---

Soldier: E... / Even Roswald-sei!!!

Usopp: Ow ow ow... // Geh!! I'm sorry!

Soldier: You're just piling up your sins, pirates~~~!!! / These guys are crazy!!!

Luffy: Usopp!! / Robin!! Brooke!!

Robin: "Clutch"!!

Soldier: Gya~~~!!

Brooke: Sorry for being late~~~!! / Oh, pardon me!!

Usopp: Luffy, where's Keimii!?

Luffy: There!! / We need to get that exploding collar off her neck and go! // An Admiral and his fleet are coming!

Usopp: Eh!!?

Trafalgar Law: The marines are already here, Straw Hat.

---Page 14---

Luffy: Who are you? ...What's that bear?

Law: The marines have been here since before the auction even started. // They've been surrounding this place.

Luffy: Eh!? Really!?

Marine: Everyone, please hurry out of here!! / Don't worry! We're here now!!

Law: That's because there's a Marine outpost on this island. // I don't know who they're after, but...

Marine: What are the conditions inside!?

Law: ...I doubt they'd even imagine a Tenryuubito was going to be beaten up.

Robin: You're Trafalgar Law, aren't you...!! Luffy, this man is a pirate.

Law: ...Hehe. Thanks for the amusing show, Strawhat crew.

Luffy: The bear is too?

Disco: P-Please...Please hold on Shalulia-guu. That slave hasn't been paid for yet...

Gun shot sfx: *Bam!*

Shalulia: Shut up you commoner!! / It's this mermaid they're after, so I'm going to kill it!!

Keimii: !!!

---Page 15---

Sanji: Damn, Keimii-chan!!!

Shalulia: Now then, "fish"!!! Die!!!

Keimii: !!?

Usopp: !?

Robin: !

Zoro: !?

Shalulia: !!!

Soldier: Shalulia-guu!!!

Raleigh: See, look, Giant-kun. / It's real noisy out here. // The auction's over and I've taken the money... / I guess I'll head back to the gambling arenas now...

Keimii: ...

Giant: You're a bad old man, aren't you...You were only here to take the money.

Raleigh: To tell the truth, I was also planning on taking the belongings of whoever bought me but...

---Page 16---

Raleigh: Once I thought about it, it was obvious...There was no way that an old man like me // could ever become a slave!! Wahahahaha! // Hm? / What's this, everyone's looking at us.

Soldier: ...!? / Who is that old man and giant!! // Aren't they merchandise!!? How did they get out... // How did they get the collars off!!?

---Page 17---

Knight: What do we do...!!

Soldier: "What", you say....Capturing people is out of our field!! // And there's no way we can go up against a giant without a collar!

Hachi: Ra...Raleigh.

Chopper: Eh? // The coater!? Which one!?

Raleigh: Ohhh!!? // Isn't that Hachi!? It is, right!!? It's been a long time! / What are you doing here!! And how did you get that wound!! // Ah~~~No, it's fine, you don't have to say anything.

Keimii: ...

Raleigh: ...Hm... // ... // ...Hm hm....

Soldier: ...?

Raleigh: So basically... // ...You've been through an awful ordeal, haven't you, Hachi.... // It was you guys that saved him?

Luffy: !

Raleigh: Now then...

---Page 18-Page 19---

Soldier: Uh! // !? // !!?

Usopp: Eh... // Eh!? What!? What just happened!?

Sanji: Just who is this old man...!!

Zoro: ...!!

Raleigh: That straw hat... // It looks good on an intrepid man...!!

Luffy: !

Raleigh: I've been wanting meet you. // Monkey D. Luffy.

Everyone: !?

Background text: The man who knows everything!!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
I think you've received enough comments for today ^^; しつこいのもあまりよくないからさ、ここまでにします^^。
俺は2回もワンピースを最初から最後まで読んだからさ、結構詳しいです ;)


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