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Sony <3's Marvel Anime

+ posted by njt in Anime News on Sep 12, 2009 07:38
Seeing how Stan Lee took a dip in the manga waters, Sony and Marvel are following suit since they observe that both anime and manga are being recognized by a broader audience more and more because both animation and storylines appear compelling to both children and adults. What better way to give anime more attention than with two powerhouses and strong names like Iron man and Wolverine backing it up? Which I'm all for. ^^

So far the company MadHouse (The company that worked on The girl who leapt through time, and Summer Wars) seems to be leading them down the right path or at least that's what I thought after seeing these two videos:

Iron Man Anime Trailer

Wolverine Anime Trailer

However, whether or not the Marvel and Disney merger will change any of these plans remains to be seen. However, considering they're working with Viz to get Naruto on the air makes it seem like their goal really does lie in getting anime more main stream.

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#1. by Tahir ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
Wow... Simply awesome :D

Wolverine become a skinny runt :P

Other wise I can't wait :D

I sure hope they will follow a proper story line unlike the old American versions where each episode had a new story

Damn Iron man looks damn good. 2010 sigh quite a bit of time left.
#2. by toni783 ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
i just hope that they don´t put much censure , but beside that , this looks amazing XD
#3. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
can't wait for iron man but wolverine hmmm...
#4. by hash899 ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
i really cant wait for the iron man anime. its gonna be sooooooo awesome \0/
#5. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
NEITHER of these are actual anime trailers. Madhouse and Warren Ellis threw them together to show what they could be like. Wolverine will be completely different, based on an old Chris Claremont story, and the Iron Man one.... probably won't be that much different.

#6. by Asukasun ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
awesome! Can´t wait!!!
#7. by kenjiharima ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
same here Ironman looks awesome...Wolverine...meh...
#8. by juUnior ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
Totally awesome! Love Marvel + Love anime = more love *x* I hope it will come and Marvel/Disney will not interfere with this <3
#9. by Bling ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
WOW, I am definately looking forward to Iron Man. Not that psyched with Wolverine to be honest...
#10. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
Is it only me that's watched the iron man trailer like a bizillion time!!!
#11. by Oxwivi ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
Okay, animes are being recognized by a broader audience, I acknowledge that. But Marvel's stories are not. So I don't see how converting Marvel stuff into animes will help. >.>
#12. by Zeltrax ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
...oh boy.
this is gonna... -censored- .
Anime and uh whatever americans call the stuff that airs on tv that looks like cartoons
should not be merged IMO. I mean, they should stay the same way, maybe a remake may be nicer.
If somehow this 2 titles become sucessful
I think we're gonna have this:
Justice league the anime
Spider man the anime
Ben10 the anime
Pink panther the anime
Tom and jerry the anime
etc etc.
No, seriously , so what if theres a wider audience, it doesn't give them the right to add "the anime" at the back of every single cartoon
for the sake of the luh, theres a lilo and stitch anime coming out
#13. by Raichu ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
The animation looks hawt,too bad I'm not really interested in Marvel's stuffs,isn't that big of an action fan.But the graphics look so good and I feel like watching them!
#14. by naruto+4s ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
the lilo and stitch anime has been out for some time now.
#15. by hasu13 ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
Both would fit well in an anime type setting. Japan does mecha very well and that suits Iron Man perfectly and Wolverine has roots in Japan so it doesn't seem strange to me to give him a Japanese twist like this. Could be fun projects.
#16. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Sep 12, 2009
it looks amazing! however i dont like how wolverine looks >_>
#17. by misohappy ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2009
Why does Wolverine have a mullet?

The Iron Man anime looks a lot cooler, although I couldn't help but imagine a Lady Gaga song playing at the beginning of the trailer.
#18. by Doragon ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2009
#19. by joshua019 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2009
You mean leading them to ruin.... seriously.... You people, YOUR opinion is bias just only BECAUSE it is being made to an ANIME... By Japanese which you guys WORSHIP..... WTF was the crap.... IRON MAN its like fu**** gundam minus the MASK(arch-enemy)....

AND WOLVERINE it wasnt wolverine..... its like samurai with blade claw CALL HIM SOMETHING ELSE FU**....


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