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Translators! Stumped on SFXs? Then use this site!

+ posted by njt in Shout-Outs on May 28, 2010 07:14

As a translator I know that sound effects can be a bit tricky sometimes and good resources are hard to come by. That is - until this website. Here you'll find a massive list of various sound effects to help aid you as you tackle that next chapter.

If I were to mention anything a bit lacking on the list it'd be the lack of English equivalents to the sounds, not just the definition. Like instead of *cry* maybe waaahhhh or the various other ways one can cry ^^.

If anyone knows of a good resource for those types of sounds perhaps this site can be updated and become even more useful :D. Until then, it'll serve as a great guide to decipher those wacky and often hard to read chicken scratches ;).

So go and check it out! *whooooosh*

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#1. by Galooza ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
I've used this place for a while for sfx. Though I didn't know they moved to a new url :O
#2. by deffkryz ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
Great site, thank you!!!!!11 XD
#3. by DrPepperPro ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
Nice site.

A certain katakana or hiragana can have a different sound depending on what the whole sfx is supposed to be. Like "DoDo---" can be lightning, and "Dokun" a heartbeat, but the "do" in each would sound significantly different when you think about what it should sound like. And then there's whole sfx that overlap and sound different, like "Go---" can be something sinking, or something burning. Of course you usually tell from context, but if not, the way it's drawn can help, unless the mangaka draws sfx extremely simply.

So eventually, that site'll start getting a decent amount of sfx with 2+ (very different) meanings, and maybe pictures could help with that. Or another column on how the different versions of the sfx are usually drawn/stylized.
#4. by Runte ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
I've used this for a long time already~
#5. by Hyperworm ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
is another database.

There will occasionally be sound effects just "made up" by the author, so it may be foolish to expect either of these to become complete, but I hope there will eventually be a resource complete enough to catch the vast majority of sound effects that have wider usage.

The following links have some sound effects that are unaccounted for (Japanese only)
pages 5 to 9 of http://www.wfu.edu/eal/SEATJ2009/SEATJ09%20Osuka.pdf
#6. by progste ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
thank you! this can be really helpfull ^^
#7. by duskmon10 ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
You have no idea how grateful I am right now.
#8. by Spaceman-Spiff ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
This site has a big list on PDF: http://kyoh.monkey-pirate.com/sfx/sfx2.htm
#9. by brahma ()
Posted on May 29, 2010
Oh-my-god. Thanks a lot! That's really helpful!
#10. by Spikey2713 ()
Posted on May 29, 2010
I never thought this kind of website is available. Thanks!!!
#11. by Gottheim ()
Posted on May 29, 2010
Great find! Sometimes I'd spend more time trying to figure out sfx than actually translating text. This is a godsend.
#12. by mayoi ()
Posted on May 29, 2010
It's alive again! woosh!
#13. by soyokaze ()
Posted on May 29, 2010
Same as some other people, I didn't knew they changed the URL of the site. I've been using it for a while too.

@hyperworm: I didn't know about those two sites, thank you!
#14. by matheus22 ()
Posted on May 29, 2010
vai ser bom para traduçao xD
#15. by Kanako-chan ()
Posted on May 31, 2010
Great! Thank you very much!
#16. by kuroba aoko ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2010
great! it help me so much XD
#17. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2010
Nice site, needs a way to contribute though! I already have lots of suggestions for the webmaster XD
#18. by Shizumi ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2010
wow, it's really a nice site! Thanks!
#19. by Dai-chan ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2010

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