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A Quick Post to Clear up Some Misunderstandings

+ posted by njt in Site News on Jun 13, 2010 15:05

Hey folks! There seems to be a few misunderstandings going around that we'd like to clear up. Sorry, the previous post was a bit long. We got a bit carried away ;)

1) MangaHelpers is not shutting down. We will, however, be deleting all files. Publicly that's already visible. Scanlators have just been given until July 1st to back up their files. Once that passes, all files will be purged. (No reason to pay for useless servers anymore ;) ). MH will carry on as a translator support site.

2) OpenManga is a completely new entity, and is operated by myself, Nimloth and Osso. Thus any official comments about the site will come from one of us. (Don't bug MH staff come to #openmanga on irc.irchighway.net to get answers to your questions)

3) Us deleting the files has nothing to do with why some of you are having trouble connecting to the site. We're looking into the issue. Just bad timing, I guess. ^^;;

4) More details to come about OpenManga later. We'll keep you informed.

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#1. by II Xion II ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
Can't say I see much of a future for the site sadly.

While OpenManga seems interesting, I can't help but see it as a pipe dream especially compared to what this site was already.
#2. by Feanor ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
I agree. Not after the publishers said no. And if they say no, the mangakas working for them are all out. What's left? Mangakas and series that nobody is interested in?

Plus. I'm not interested in helping openmanga and the people running it, earn money.
#3. by hyderide ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
no need to backup. just delet them ASAP.
#4. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
"MangaHelpers is not shutting down. We will, however, be deleting all files."
Ok, as long as MH operates as forum - cool.

OM doesn't interest me until its "open" to see it and rant xd
#5. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
Quote by hyderide:
no need to backup. just delet them ASAP.
What would you think if you were a scanlator that only uploaded to Mangahelpers (as many do, or did until now) and you see that all your releases got removed without even getting a chance to download them and upload them somewhere else?
#6. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
it's easy for a leecher to say delete ASAP

anyway, if people need RAWs there are tons of places to get them. even though it won't be exactly mangahelpers(the one we got used to) the translations and the forums will remain..

as i said...avoid jail ftw :D
#7. by Cooper ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
Why do all good things come to an end?

Well, now it's official - to me, as a useless leecher, this wonderful site became useless..
#8. by ecks ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
Will you be so quick to delete the translators' texts when some publisher comes calling, and points out that the original Japanese scripts are transcribed in some of them? Wouldn't want to get on their bad side, am I right?

I'm not blind to the legal realities and I know you want to cozy up to the publishers, so I never expected you fight against this... But the suddenness of the shutdown - no advance warning, when you admit you hadn't even received a C&D yet - it makes me question how much you respect and value your members. What message does it send to us, when you bend over backwards for publishers, but shut down members' sites as casually a discarding a game you've grown bored with? Even if you view members as simply a resource, you've mismanaged them here.

I'm still debating whether to stick around as a translator. I like the idea of a community for translators. The actions of the management really make me question whether it would be worthwhile though.
#9. by Zeltrax ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
Oh well, knew that it'll come sooner or later.
#10. by Syphilias ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2010
You guys are silly. OpenManga will be the new MH...

The forums here will remain to assist translators, as well as OpenManga being the NEW MH!

#11. by jHoward ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
So now MH is a translator support site.
Still usefull ^^.
OpenManga is for scanlators?
#12. by HumanoidInterface ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
Still no response about series information or weekly manga shoutouts.
#13. by Piros12 ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
Mangahelpers.com WTF? You just nuked the scanlation community. Every single one of your raws are just gone with no warning. You didn't even receive a legal letter telling you to stop. That sends a very loud message that you don't really have respect for the community.
#14. by ecks ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the shout outs were a distillation of new series created in MH's database. We may still get shout outs on any new series that a translator begins translating, but they in turn will not get any exposure to new manga to work on since MH doesn't deal in raws anymore. And of course, ditto for new scanlations.
#15. by Manga4mn ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
Oh man, If you didn't receive any letters, then you don't have to delete the files.
#16. by anotherone ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
why dont you make a big torrent instead of deleting all files ?
Maybe because torrent wont give you any revenue or you are hell bent on making a vacuum so you can fill that up with open manga and act like a Saviour ?
#17. by Elkin ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
@anotherone: the reason they haven't already deleted the files is to allow SCANLATORS to back up, not to give fans one last once to download a copy of eerything that's been posted on MH. And frankly, them putting up a torrent goes against the very reason why they're not hosting manga anymore.

And besides, MH not hosting stuff DOESN'T mean creating a vacuum. Maybe try visiting the groups' websites some time.
#18. by etekno ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
RIP MH...that's bullshit...you can simply delete the content directly from the site but still let other uses other UP sites like rapidshare and just write the link here. That's not illegal and still can bring the material to the users.
#19. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
As a long-time member I'm disappointed in regards to the current developments, yet I can only voice my support for the countless small scanlation groups and translators who have to find a new platform to communicate with each other.
As for the future of mangahelpers, I only see a pitch-black abyss unable to ever attain the prominence and influence it had in better times.
Farewell Mangahelpers; you will eventually been missed, but people will find a way without you.
This will most likely be my final post on this site, goodbye to everyone and take care.

#20. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
almost all scan groups have a website and provide downloads. how about checking those from time to time?
#21. by Feanor ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
It's funny how things developed. In the leaked business plan and afterwards, it was said that publishers, mangakas and scanlators/translators would hopefully earn money from this.
Now only the artists and publishers are mentioned when it comes to money. No mention of the scanlation community that got the boot here.

The future of scanlating? We have a good way if you ask me. A group website doesn't cost anything these days. You can upload your stuff on filehosters, which is free as well. And baka points the readers the right way.
Let the publishers waste money, shutting groups down one at a time.

Openmanga will never take off. They can't upload the major series, because they are licensed. Without those the site will never grow to a size where they'll get in the position to get them. Not without all the readers and scanlators they snubbed by not offering the projects they want to work on or read, deleting this site without being forced to and practically saying "You're not wanted in out legal business attempt".
#22. by benelori (The Hero MH Deserves)
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
Disrespect to the community? That's hilarious...How about showing some of that respect to people who have no obligation of delivering free manga, and they even help U translate it?

Whatever their reason the database isn't available, but their still offering support, so whiners should go to a dark corner and disappear for a while
#23. by ecks ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
@Elkin, zetsubou.shin:
For some smaller scanlators, the MH page WAS their homepage. Now they have to scramble to create a blog or something, divert their fans, etc.

Again, I'm not saying they should have resisted, but they could have put more effort into a smoother shutdown. MH's scanlation hosting wasn't like onemanga or mangafox that JUST serve files.
#24. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
i am a small scan group -_-
anyone can make a blog, and it's easier than making a group here.

the upload is actually easier if you do it to, let's say, mediafire.

the only real bad thing for scanlators is that you don't get the scarce statistics mh had. the main issue is for leechers that can't be bothered to even hit that large, green thanks button and think going to the group's site is too much for them.

i do not doubt that the most popular readers will go down if the publishers chose to follow up on their statements.
Oh, a lot of people don't remember the times before onemanga when you had to lurk IRC to get manga and actually be an active part of a forum to get releases..i don't mind getting back to the beginning.
#25. by Ex-Shadow ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2010
Accesing this site is almost cost nothing big and we get so many in return. Yet, why many people whine when this site is doing something to protect themselves while the only real let-down to us is that we have to check on scanlator's site and not MH for new scans frequently now?

P.S I'll really miss the 'thx' button for new scans
#26. by kyonichi ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
The biggest issue with Mangahelpers going this route isn't that it'll be hard for leechers to find scanlations, since anyone translating something is going to make sure it's out there and available. The issue is going to be raw hunting for smaller/newer scanlation groups. First rawparadise and now mangahelpers are shutting their doors. I can't help but wonder how many people this is going to discourage from starting on scanlation projects.
#27. by Oxwivi ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Man, I wish there was a raw scan provider as good as MH...
#28. by Feanor ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Don't forget all the international scanlators. We with our english releases can count on baka to get people to notice our work. But what about all the others.

Mangahelpers gave all of them a place to post their work (I seriously don't know how they managed to reach people before), and now they just take it away again. That's just f_cked up.
#29. by segarraramon ()
Posted on Jun 17, 2010
i read the anouncement and by the defenition they dont intend to shut down scanlators but sites that offer the mangas and have adds. mangahelpers does not look for the profit but rather the service to the comunity. as a gatherer of scans MH is only half way to the definition provided. some of the ideas around sound interesting. i buy the books when they get out but love to read my mangas when i am out to lunch. i guess a hub for scanlations with copyriht support can come to be. here a shout out to the industry, have a site where all scalators can up load there work, the translations that the industry aproves gets stars or a special code and the profits from the advertising is all yours. plus you get the product translated for free in many language. and you keep us all peeked with the parafernalia and the mangas themselves. Anyway thx MH
#30. by ayumu ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2010
oh my god!!!!!!!!!
please tell me what is gonna happen with all the manga after you delete it!!???????
is not gonna be there a site like mangahelpers???

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