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Video Game News Monthly Digest #6

+ posted by riki in Game News on Feb 5, 2012 19:52

New games are announced, more next-gen consoles rumors, and more are detailed in this month's article.

Higurashi's Creator Has New Project

Ryukishi07 has a new project

Ryukishi07, creator of Higurashi and Umineko no Naku Koro ni , has posted in his blog that he is currently working on a new project, which will be revealed some time this year. The project's logo is being developed at the moment.

He also added that new project will be set in a completely different world from his previous works, which will make the writing process much enjoyable to him.

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Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas PC Game Being Developed

Nitroplus is producing an adventure game for the anime, Guilty Crown, which will be prequel. Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas is set ten years before the anime (Dec. 25, 2029). Tthe "Apocalypse Virus" first appeared on that day and it spread through the land; this event was known as "Lost Christmas". During this time, the game will reveal the events that lead up to the anime.

Jin Haganeya, a writer for the show, is in charge of the story while Chuuouhigashiguchi, who drew the end card illustration for the first episode, will illustrate the game's original artwork. Kanako Itou will sing the game's theme song.

The game will arrive in Japan on May 31st.

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One Piece Musuo Will Have Original Story Lines and Partner Attacks

Besides the main story mode, One Piece Musuo will have another log mode. Each character will get his or her own story lines and some paths may lead to confrontation against a comrade. The game will also have "What if" scenarios that are not in the manga.

Another gameplay feature was also revealed. In the partner attack, you can summon another character to perform a combo attack. Likewise, it can be used as a counterattack. Another game feature is that you can freely explore areas as Luffy. Just like a platform game, there are gimmicks throughout the map (e.g. things to swing on).

The game will be out in Japan on March 1st.

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The Five Hokages Are Playable in Naruto Fighting Game

Minato is one of the new participants

All five Hokages will be participating in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations as playable characters. However, Minato will be available as the fourth Hokage and as a young teacher from the Kakashi Gaiden arc. The Sand siblings, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro, will also be joining the fight. Chiyo is also playable as well.

The game will have over 65 minutes worth of animation, which is produced by Studio Pierrot, for the Story Mode; some of which is made specifically for the game. Besides the Naruto's story arc, the game will focus on Sasuke’s story, Kakashi’s story, and Itachi’s story as well.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations will be available in Japan on February 23rd and in N. America on March 13th.

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Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens Will Be Out in March

Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens will cover three manga arcs (Nirvana arc, Edolas arc, and the Tenrou Island arc) as well as including an original story line, which is written by Konami, for the game. There are 45 playable characters and some will be original characters; one of which appears at the 40 second mark of the above trailer.

The game will be available in Japan on March 22nd. First print copies will include a manga drawn by the manga-ka.

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Steins;Gate Heading to PS3

Heading to the PS3

Nitroplus and Mages (formerly 5pb) announced that they will be porting the game and its spin-off to the PS3. Steins;Gate Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling will be out in Japan on May 24th. If you want to have both games, Mages will offer the Steins;Gate Double Pack as well.

Original Source, 1

Doraemon Movie Converted to 3DS Game

Now Heading to the 3DS

Furyu is making a Doraemon 3DS game based on the movie. Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles -- Animal Adventure will follow the movie's story line and will offer seven challenging mini games. Once you finish a mini game, you can access it for free pay in a challenge mode. Another gameplay feature is taking pictures of animals, which are added to a guidebook that provides information, using the gyro controls.

Original Source

Sony and Microsoft's Next Gen Consoles Rumored to Be Revealed at E3 2012

According to the website, MCV, Sony and Microsoft will be showing off their next-gen consoles in this year's E3. Sources told the site that the latter has informed their partners about the reveal while the former promised not to leave third parties behind. However, Sony has denied this rumor and stated that they still believe that the PS3 will last for ten years. Likewise Microsoft claimed that its console will not be out this year.

While there is not much details about Sony's PS4, there are a lot of rumors about Microsoft's. It might have a DVR function based on a patent that the company filed on Dec. 27th though this is uncertain. Other rumors are that it will now used Blu-ray discs instead DVDs, a smaller game controller, an anti-used game system, and an upgrade version of the Kinect, which will have an on-board processor to better track user's actions. The console will have an AMD 6000 series GPU akin to the Radeon HD 6670, with DirectX11, multidisplay output, 3D, and 1080p HD output. It apparently performs 20% better than Nintendo's Wii U and it's eight times more powerful than the current Xbox system. The Xbox 720 will supposedly arrive on Oct. 2013.

In spite of these claims, a developer stated that they are hypothetical since no game developers have received a developmental kit yet.

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Vita's ATT Data Plans Has Two Options + Digital Games' Prices Revealed

AT&T's data plan prices

ATT has revealed the data plans for Sony's upcoming handheld. It would cost $15 for 250 MB or $25 for 2GB; there will be no contract.

Sony also detailed the prices of digital versions of games. It will cost $5 less than the physical copies.

Original Source, 1

Wii U Will Be Out At the End of the Year

It will be here this winter

According to Bloomberg Japan, Nintendo is going to release its next-gen console, Wii U, during the holiday season in Japan, N. America, Europe, and Australia.

Original Source

Nintendo Network Confirmed

Confirming rumors based on Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and Dynasty Warriors VS's box arts, Nintendo revealed its new network platform, which will be available for 3DS and Wii U. The network is an inclusive network platform unlike its current Wi-fi connection, and it will be used for communication among users and download games. One element is already in use - the "Community" feature is in Mario Kart 7 in which players can gather into groups by sharing their community codes.

The network would also offer DLCs, which will be first used by Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, and digital distribution of packaged games, which will be similar to Xbox Live and PSN. The infrastructure for digital games is already in place in the 3DS and will be in the Wii U. However, Nintendo has yet to determine when this service will be activated since the company has to consider the relationships between retailers and wholesales and looks at memory card capacity.

Nintendo also announced that the Wii U will have persona accounts, which will be compatible with the network. It would make things easier for multiple family members to use the system.

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Nintendo Will Have Pink 3DS in N. America

Pink power!

Just in time for Valentine's Day - Nintendo is going to release a pink 3DS on Feb. 10th in N. America. To celebrate the holiday, Nintendo of America has suggested that gamers sent 3D love notes to their significant others using the Swapnotes feature.

Original Source

Club Nintendo Listed New Downloadable Games

The latest round of downloadable games has been announced for Club Nintendo members. Here is the list:

  1. Art Academy: First Semester (150 coins)
  2. Mario Party 2 (N64) (150 coins)

The first game can be downloaded from the 3DS while the latter can be accessed from WiiWare. The games will be available until Feb. 29th.

Original Source

Kid Icarus: Uprising's Single-Player Mode Detailed

Nintendo has provided information about the game's single-player mode. In the beginning of the game, Medusa and her Underworld Army have returned so Palutena sent Pit to stop them. With the goddess of light's help, he will battle them by land and by air.

The newest gameplay feature, the Fiend’s Cauldron, will allow players to adjust the game's intensity level, which ranged from 0.0 – 9.0. The more difficult the game is, the more likely chance for you to gain more Hearts, which can be used to buy new weaponry, and more powerful weapon drops from defeated enemies. The standard intensity is 2.0 and players can adjust it by 0.1. To increase the difficulty, players must bet by placing Heart into the Fiend's Cauldron. If you get defeated in one of the chapters, you will lose some of your Hearts and your intensity level decrease.

Pit can use nine kinds of weaponry to combat Medusa and her minions. Each weapon (e.g. bow, claws, etc.) have unique characteristics so players can decide which fits their fighting styles. Likewise he can access special vehicles such as the Exo Tank, which has a powerful drift ability that allows it to boost over jumps and a ramming horn.

The game will be compatible with the Circle Pad Pro, which will offer an alternate control scheme for left-handed players. When Kid Icarus: Uprising arrives on March 23rd, it will come with a stand, which holds the 3DS at an angle. If you preorder the game at certain stores, you will receive a bonus download code for 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, which is a remastered version of the classic.

Original Source

Kingdom Hearts 3D Introduced New World & Gameplay + LE 3DS

Another world has been announced for the Kingdom Hearts 3DS game. "Symphony of Sorcery" is based on the world of Fantasia.

Besides this announcement, another gameplay feature has been revealed. In Reality Shift, players will press the X and A buttons simultaneously to switch the combat to the touch screen. Each Reality Shift depends on the world you're currently in. For example, in the world of the Three Musketeers, the world will change into a comic book.

Kingdom Hearts LE 3DS

When the game comes out on March 29th in Japan, Square Enix will also offer a limited edition bundle. This bundle will include the game and a special 3DS.

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Kingdom Hearts Celebrate 10th Anniversay with Box Set

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the series, Square Enix has relaunched the Kingdom Hearts portal website and announced that they will be releasing a box set. The "Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box" will include the following games: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. It will also have a protective cover and a set of 12 cards, which feature covers from the previous games.

The box set, which cost ¥15,000 ($193), will be available in Japan on March 29th.

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Persona 4: The Golden Add More Gameplay Opportunities

Drive your moped in the TV world

In the Persona 4 remake, you can travel to a neighboring town and the beach after obtaining a moped license. That is not the only thing you can do with your moped; you can also use it for a special attack called "Bike Pursuit" when you enter the TV world. In last month's video game news digest, it was revealed that Yosuke and Chie will have new ultimate personas. Now Yukiko has one as well. Her new ultimate persona is Sumeoomikami.

Yukiko's new ultimate persona, Sumeoomikami

Persona 4: The Golden will also have a new OP, which will be animated by Madhouse.

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NA and Europe Have Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend LE

N. American LE bundle

Aksys has announced that both N. America and Europe will have Blazblue: Continuum Shift Exend Limited Editions, but they will be different. For the N. America version, it will have the game, a 40-pg art book, a OST, and a 2012 calendar. On the other hand, the European LE will contain the game, twelve prints with unreleased concept art and sketches printed on Hahnemuehle Torchon art card, and a "Song Interlude" OST, which has new music from the game.

The game will include the original story from the first game, Calamity Trigger, with new and remastered cut scenes. To get the True Ending, you must complete the Continuum Shift arcs for all 24 characters. New scenarios have been added for Relius Clover and other DLC characters. Sector Seven, Academy, and the two comedy skits (Teach Me, Ms. Litchi! and Help Me, Prof. Kokone!) will be in the game as well.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Exend will be available in N. America on Feb. 14th but a released date has not been announced in Europe.

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A New .hack Game Announced

He's coming for you

CyberConnect2 has revealed a new .hack game. This untitled game will be sequel to the movie, .hack//Sekai no Mukou Ni, and takes place in 2025. The game will have a slightly photo-realistic feel. In order to understand what is going on in the game, it is recommended that you should watch the movie first.

Original Source, 1

Capcom Announced Residence Evil 6

It looks like the rumor is true - Resident Evil 6, which takes place ten years after the incident in Raccoon City, is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360. You will play as both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, who will have separate stories since they will be in different cities. The former is meeting with the President of the United States, who plans to reveal the Raccoon City incident to the public when he suddenly transforms. While this is happening, Chris is in China, which is threatened by a bio-terrorist attack. These characters will have their own partners though they will team up together.

The game will be out on Nov. 20th in N. America and Europe.

Original Source, 1

Imageepoch and Namco Bandai Are Creating "World's First HD Animation RPG"

Namco is publishing Imageepoch's newest action RPG game, Tokitowa (translated to Time and Eternity), for the PS3. VOFAN (Bakemonogatari) is the game's character designer and Satelight is in charge of animation. The game will use hand-drawn 2D animation during the battle scenes and during exploration. Background and other areas will be in 3D. It will have a mix of fixed and moving cameras as well. The game's battle system will have an element of "time" but it will be used in an unexpected way.

The game is set in the newly developed Kamuza Kingdom, which is formed when the blue-haired prince called Knight King (your character), who has never been kissed, married a magic-wielding princess named Toki, who has a major secret. However, there is trouble brewing. The story will be a mixture of serious, sexy and comical according to the game developers.

Tokitowa will be out in Japan this winter.

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Really looking forward to rose guns days or guns rose days, r07 newest visual novel.
I'm not sure about the new consoles tho. I was actually planning to get a ps3 at the end of this year.
Now, I dk.

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