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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 352

Naruto Chapter 352

+ posted by aine as translation on Apr 27, 2007 18:26 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 352

[text at the side]: The beast in the cage. What is here is a sigh of relief and and end to the impulse to fight.

(page 2)

Juugo, refusing the offer to travel together!

Juugo: I don't know when I'll start killing people again.
Juugo: Just leave the key and go away!

Suigetsu: As expected, Juugo is difficult, Sasuke..
Suigetsu: Although he's in front of us, he won't take a step out of here

Juugo: Who the hell are you guys anyway? Leave me alone!

(page 3)

Sasuke: Orochimaru is dead. And this hideout has also collapsed. If you stay here it too will be the end of you.
Juugo: That's fine with me..
Sasuke: Be at peace... I will be your keeper. I will stop you.
Juugo: What can you do? The only one who could stop me was...

(page 4)

Juugo: Kimimaro... without him I cannot step outside!
Suigetsu: It's true that Kimimaro was of the Kaguya clan...
Karin: Ahh, it's true that Orochimaru was especially interested in Kimimaro and Juugo. He was always in this hideout doing human experiments with you...
Karin: He was the only one in this group you were allowed to partner with, wasn't he?

(page 5)

Karin: And Kimimaro was strong..
Karin: I heard that he was the only one who could stop you, the important experimental body from going crazy without causing harm.

Suigetsu: But that man is.. truly..

Sasuke: Juugo, that man died for me. He's no longer here.

Juugo: For you.. he died? Then, you are..

(page 6)

Juugo: Uchiha Sasuke?
Sasuke: That's right.
Juugo: Uchiha.. Sasuke...
[flashback] Juugo: Why are you, who are sick, coming out here? Now, as things are...
[flashback] Kimimaro: Uchiha Sasuke. I came out with the purpose of bringing back he who will be Orochimaru's vessel in my stead.
[flashback] Juugo: Is there a person with the capability of doing so?

(page 7)

[flashback] Kimimaro: For I who exist only as a tool, there is no other purpose for me but to chase him. He exists in exchange for the change in my life.
[flashback] Kimimaro: I will gamble my life on bringing him back.

[flashback] Kimimaro: I am grateful to you, Juugo. Your strength made me stronger.
[flashback] Kimimaro: With that, goodbye, Juugo.
[flashback] Kimimaro: I'll come again..

(page 8)

[thinking] Juugo: So it was like that, Kimimaro...

Sasuke: With this all the members of the team I planned have gathered. From here I'll tell you my objectives.

(page 9)

Sasuke: My goal is to kill Uchiha Itachi of the Akatsuki. For that I'm borrowing your strengths.

Suigetsu: As I expected, huh...

Sasuke: However, Karin... I said that I had a use for you... what will you do?

(page 10)

Karin: Oh.. now that I think about it I don't really have any urgent work...
Suigetsu: Karin, how about you be more direct?

Suigetsu: Don't you really want to always be with Sasuke?

Karin: How can something like that be!! Who said anything like that... err!!

Suigetsu: See, I guessed right. That's why you can't speak properly again.
Suigetsu: It's so plain..

Suigetsu: I know the truth, you know.. since long ago, you, for Sasuke...
Karin: !!

(page 11)

Karin: Chi!

Sasuke: Suigetsu, stop teasing Karin.
Sasuke: The basis is cooperation, as I've said.

Suigetsu: ...
Suigetsu: I got it... My bad, Karin.
Suigetsu: Though.. I'm sorry but I'm a better companion for Sasuke, you know?

(page 12)

Suigetsu: As a swordsman of Kirigakure (unsure of the translation, again)
Suigetsu: I can match Hoshigaki Kisame's sword, Samehada, of Uchiha Itachi's group

Karin: Just a match of swords? How meaningless...

Suigetsu: ...

Sasuke: Suigetsu...
Suigetsu: I know..

Suigetsu: Juugo, you're out in the open now, but what will you do?

(page 13)

Juugo: Kimimaro said that Sasuke was the exchange for his life... whom he protected with his life...

Juugo: I want to see what level of Shinobi you are.

Sasuke: So it's decided.

(page 14)

Naruto: What do you mean?

Naruto: Why?
Naruto: Even though Orochimaru's gone, he's not coming back?

Jiraiya: Sasuke is looking for revenge.
Jiraiya: He intends to get closer to the Akatsuki in order to kill his brother.

Naruto: That bastard! He's still..
Naruto: Damn!

Sasuke: From now on we will move together as four people..

(page 15)

Sasuke: And from now on, our team will be called "Snake (hebi)".

Naruto: Let's move out our team as well!
Naruto: We're still in the middle of hunting the Akatsuki, aren't we?
Tsunade: Ahh.
Sasuke: So to raise our chances of meeting Sasuke, let's search for more Akatsuki!

Sasuke: Of course, "Snake's" objective is only one-
Naruto: Which is to say our target it-

(page 16)

Sasuke: Uchiha

Kisame: It's stopped raining a little for now, at least.. (I think he's talking about rain).

(page 17)

Naruto: Itachi

Itachi: Ah, it looks like it.

[teaser] to meet Itachi, their two paths entwine!!

Notes: I'm really not too sure about parts in this translation, but I'm doing it for fun and stress relief anyway. If you have pointers or parts you want to point out, I'd be grateful!

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
Thanx a lot :kkthumbs
#2. by Saifi ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2007
thx 4 the translation :)
#3. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Apr 28, 2007
Arigatou gozaimasu.
#4. by uraniuM ()
Posted on Apr 28, 2007
well appreciated :)
#5. by Aquaria ()
Posted on Apr 28, 2007
#6. by Az3r ()
Posted on Apr 29, 2007
Nice job. Thank you...
#7. by  ()
Posted on May 19, 2008

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