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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 356

Naruto 356

+ posted by aine as translation on Jun 2, 2007 00:17 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 356

(Page 4)

Sasuke: Come out.. whoever you are.

The person presenting himself before Sasuke is?

(Page 5)

Sakura: How?

Ninken: His scent is just about non-existent...
Ninken: But slowly it is getting closer.

Ninken: It's close.

(Page 6)

Ninken: It's no good..
Ninken: The scent is leaving us.

(Page 7)

Yamato: Naruto.. Hinata...
Yamato: You know, don't you.

Naruto: Aaa.
Hinata: Hai. (yes)

Naruto: !
Naruto: You (omae) are..

(Page 8)

Kabuto: As expected, [it's] revealed, huh..

Yamato: Yakushi Kabuto, huh.. ("dana")
Yamato: In the village you are a wanted criminal with a order out for immediate arrest upon identification.
Yamato: ...to willingly come so near is... very audacious of you.

Kabuto: That's because I have prepared a little something to say to Naruto.

(Page 9)

Naruto: ...

Naruto: Is it true that Sasuke did in Orochimaru?

Kabuto: Fuu (sort of sound of derision) The changed Sasuke.. Sasuke, you mean...
Kabuto: Aa. It's true...

Kabuto: But more importantly
Kabuto: Today I came bearing a present for Naruto-kun, you know?

Sasuke: That dress mode.. you are

(Page 10)

Tobi: Are you Sasuke-kun?
Tobi: Nn-.. Indeed you are similar.. to Itachi-san! (said casually, with some of the words shortened)

Sasuke sfx: Giroo! (It's a sound of anger but I mention this because I find it funny.. to me it sounds like the

frog sound)
Sasuke: Scary!!

(Page 11)

Sasuke: !

Sasuke: !

Deidara: Katsu

(Page 13)

Deidara: Heh!

Ninken: What is that?
Kabuto: Information our organization formerly collected, that is related to Akatsuki.

Naruto: Why [do] such a thing?

Kabuto: I'm giving it... to you guys..

(Page 14)

Yamato: Are you saying you're trading with Konoha with this?
Kabuto: No.. I'm not naive enough to think that I can trade with something of this level.
Kabuto: Especially with Konoha.

Yamato: Then why?
Yamato: Unlike Orochimaru, you weren't chasing after Akatsuki, were you?

Kabuto: It includes my gratitude to Naruto.. just a present. (-sa)
Kabuto: Naruto-kun has been targetted by the Akatsuki.

Naruto: Gratitude..?

Kabuto: For me...
Kabuto: Since Orochimaru-sama died..
Kabuto: I became unable to understand who I am...

Kabuto: ....

(Page 15)

Kabuto: Ignorant of parents, ignorant of country, having picked up enemies
Kabuto: Since young I've moved around from place to place as a spy to country and village.. to me..

Kabuto: What you call country and village could not but be vague and ambiguous things.

Kabuto: That was before I became a subordinate of Orochimaru-sama..
Kabuto: But again, I have lost him (lit: [he is] not living any more - I feel this is closer to the inflection)

Kabuto: What kind of person I am...
Kabuto: The pain of having no identity... if it's you, you'd understand, right.. Naruto-kun.

Kabuto: Whether you are Uzumaki Naruto or whether you are the Kyuubi...
Kabuto: Once, under the cold glares of others, you were at a point of not knowing who you were.

Naruto: ...

(Page 16)

Tobi: A little accomplishment, huh? (Lit: You did a little, didn't you? "sukoshi wa yaru you'su ne?")
Deidara: Keh... Even now I can't believe such a kid did in Orochimaru... unn.

Deidara: Such impressive eyes he stares at us with, Tobi! Un!
Tobi: We must apologise to Itachi-san later...

(Page 17)

Naruto: But you are...

Kabuto: Believe in your own strength.
Kabuto: That you are Uzumaki Naruto...
Kabuto: The glares that were meant for Kyuubi have made you strong enough to surpass them.

Kabuto: That's why you know your own "identity" (literal, using katakana) well..
Kabuto: You have also achieved companions who recognised you..

Kabuto: I merely.. without thinking of surpassing Orochimaru
Kabuto: Only followed that power..

Kabuto: Now I truly know how you feel.
Kabuto: I am able to empathize with you..

Kabuto: I too think that I want to be like you.
Kabuto: Therefore this time around...

(Page 18)

Kabuto: This body will surpass the Orochimaru it has taken in
Kabuto: I will find a new, strong "me".

(Page 19)

Kabuto: To find a new "me".
Kabuto: I took your hint. (literally a "hint")
Kabuto: That's why I'm grateful... Naruto-kun.

Kabuto: The symbol of Orochimaru's reincarnation
Kabuto: As an existence that surpassed my power, he will continue to live within me.

Text: Orochimaru.. destroyed.. now he continues to live!!

Next: Deidara vs Sasuke!!

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#1. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Thanks aine for doing this Naruto too!
Great one there! :tem
#2. by bax ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2007
Thanx a lot aine!! :amuse
#3. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2007
thx aine :D

btw. I wonder, You always omit cover pages? thx in advance for any reply.
#4. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jun 4, 2007
*gives love*

otsukaresan~~ :ossu
#5. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2007
Thank you!

Quote by aine:
Sasuke: Scary!!
I think you meant Tobi here?
#6. by  ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2007
Special thanks to aine:)

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