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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Naruto 474

Resolve as the Hokage

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 6, 2009 22:52 | Go to Naruto

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#474: Resolve as the Hokage
[Insert text: Sai reveals Sakura's true intentions...!!]
Kakashi: Yes, I thought there must be more to this...
Yamato: What exactly is going on here, Sai?
Naruto: .........
Sai: Sakura did not come here to confess her feelings to Naruto... // She came to tell you exactly what we had decided as a group she ought to tell you...
Naruto: ......I thought she was acting pretty strange... // So she really was hiding something.
Sai: I am in a position right now to tell you... / ...Sakura's true feelings that she was unable to tell you herself.
Naruto: Sai... tell me, please.

Sai: To ensure that Sasuke is eliminated by Konoha. // That is the current intention of all of your young peers in Konoha.

Naruto: ...And Sakura-chan... / ...she actually agreed to a thing like that?! // Sakura-chan loves Sasuke, I know she does!! / Why would she -
Sai: Sasuke is helping to drag this world down into darkness. // If he is allowed to live any longer, he will only provoke conflict between nations. // He has become a criminal. // After the recent attack on Konoha by Akatsuki... / ...it has become impossible for the shinobi of Konoha to ignore Sasuke, who is cooperating with Akatsuki. // Sakura is no fool. // And she is not so immature that she cannot understand the situation in which we all stand right now.

Sai: That is why she came here to find you; in an attempt to help you... / ...to understand that.
Kakashi: .........
Naruto: ......Ngh... // Then why didn't she... / ...tell me the truth in the first place?!
Kakashi: ......I doubt it would have been easy for her to do that. / She understands how much it would hurt you.
Naruto: But still...
Sai: By "confessing" that she had given up on Sasuke and liked you instead... / ...she removed the weight of your promise to her. // But even then, you stated that you wished to save Sasuke. // I believe that is why she was unable to tell you the truth.

Sai: Because she was considering your feelings. // And also... I believe she already knew exactly what you would say.
Naruto: .........
Sai: As a matter of fact, Sakura forbade us all from telling you the truth. // She said that she would find a way to tell you herself... / She believes that this is her task, and no-one else's.
Yamato: But if she knew in advance what Naruto would say... / ...then surely that means she had no intention of telling him the truth in the first place? // What is she planning to do now?
Sai: This is purely speculation on my part... // ...but I believe...
Naruto: ?

Kakashi: She means to kill Sasuke herself.
Naruto: ?!!
Yamato: Is that true, Sai?!
Sai: ...I believe so.

Flashback!Sai: Please don't try to bear all of this yourself. / I am a member of Team 7 as well, you know. And the others, too...
Sakura: Ah... / Yes... // Thank you, Sai. // ......I feel the same way...
Sai: Sakura smiled and told me that she would cooperate with the others, // but I could tell this time that her smile was not genuine...
Naruto: No way... // How could Sakura-chan possibly... // Even though she cared so much about...
Sai: I believe it is precisely because she cares for him...

Sai: ...that she is unable to simply ignore his continuing descent down the path of evil. // Because she cares for him, she wishes to save him from that evil path... // ...and even if the only way of doing so is to kill the one she loves with her own hands... // ...I believe that this is her way of being true to those feelings... // That this is her resolve.

Sai: And Naruto... I believe... / ...that her resolve includes being fully prepared to earn your hatred.
Naruto: ?!
Sai: She believes that this is also an important way of atoning for the weighty responsibility she has forced upon you in the past. // She has always been too dependent upon you. / ...That is why this time, she means to handle everything herself.
Naruto: Sai... // Why... are you telling me all of this?

Sai: .........
Flashback!Sai: It may be Sasuke who is ultimately hurting Naruto, but... // Could the responsibility not lie with you as well?
Sai: Although it was not my intention, I may have been partially responsible for guiding Sakura to this decision. // That is why I am telling you this... // I find it difficult to simply allow Sakura to continue like this... / I am, after all, a fellow member of Team 7.
Naruto: I see...
Kakashi: (This must be driving Naruto's feelings into real confusion... // Now... how will he handle it...?)

Naruto: Unghh...
Kakashi: !
Naruto: ......!

Temari: There is something very important that we must tell all of you at once. / We will now inform you of everything that happened at the Kage Summit.
Tobi: It has been quite some time, Danzou... // Why, we have not see one another since the Uchiha incident.

Yamato: I see... An eventful summit, to say the least... // ...And Danzou... he truly is...
Kakashi: ......I've never been exactly keen on the idea of becoming Hokage myself... / ...but considering the situation, there may be no other option... // Still, nothing can be accomplished until we first return to Konoha and hear the opinions of the rest of the village.
Temari: Madara has outright declared that he means to wage war against us all. / I don't think we have time to take things slowly.
Yamato: I daresay we will have little difficulty obtaining the agreement of the rest of the village... / Shall we just proceed with discussions under the assumption that Kakashi will be made the new Hokage? // The last thing we want... / ...is to waste too much time and allow Akatsuki and Madara to get ahead of us, leaving us in the difficult situation of catching up.

Kakashi: ......... // ......Well, I suppose...
Yamato: ...And as for the subject of Sasuke... // *sigh*......... / To think that he would go so far as to attack the conference itself...
Gaara: Naruto... I would like to emphasise that a major objective of this war... / ...is the protection of the Hachibi and Kyuubi. In other words, of you. // For the sake of the entire shinobi world... / ...as the Kazekage, it is my duty to protect you, even at the cost of my own life.

Gaara: Should Uchiha Sasuke... / ...ultimately come to stand against the Shinobi Alliance as an ally of Akatsuki... // I will show no mercy.
Flashback!Gaara: Sasuke. You and I are similar... // We have both experienced the darkness of this world... // As such, even the tiniest of hopes can reach our eyes like a beacon. / In the past... and even now...
Flashback! Sasuke: I closed my eyes long ago... // My objective lies only in the darkness.

Gaara: Sasuke has no intention of taking any notice of you. // He is actively seeking the darkness.
Naruto: ......!
Gaara: Naruto... you once told me that you are a man who will become Hokage. // ......I have become the Kazekage.
Naruto: .........
Gaara: If you have the resolve necessary to bear the name of Kage... // ...then do that which you truly ought to do, as Sasuke's friend.
Naruto: ............

Tobi: !
Danzou: Fuu, Torune, back me up. // I am going to release the seal on my right arm.
[Insert text: Madara VS Danzou?!]

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