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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 437


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 27, 2009 12:04 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 437

#437: Confession
[Side text: I don't want to lose that person. Because I feel him, right there. Because I'm always thinking of him.]

[Insert text: Nagato's twisted conviction of peace...]
Deva!Pain: You may consider my idea of peace to be a "downright lie"... // ...but there is nothing quite so absurd as the idea of a peace where men can understand one another in this accursed world.
Flashback!Jiraiya: I believe that one day, an age will come when people will truly be able to understand one another!
Naruto: The Ero-sennin believed that an age would come when people will truly be able to understand one another! // What you're doing is wrong!!

Deva!Pain: All bark and no bite... / What can you do... you, who cannot even provide an answer? // All that there is for you to do is surrender the power of the Kyuubi to me. // As I have said: your death will bring about peace.
Hinata: (Naruto-kun...!)
[TN: Please don't get yourself killed, Hinata... >_<]
Hinata: .........

Shikaku: We should at least move in two-man cells. / Even if you do find the enemy's real body, don't make any rash moves.
Shikamaru: We should have as many perception-type shinobi in the search party as possible. / It'll be quicker that way.
Shikaku: All right... // Shikamaru... you wait here with Shiho for word from us.
Shikamaru: Pisses me off, but I guess so... I can't be moving about...
Shikaku: Right... Katsuyu... / Send word of this to all the survivors who are able to move. // We'll be wanting help from the villagers.
Katsuyu: Very well. // Understood.

Neji: Ah!
Guy: What is it, Neji?
Neji: That's Jiraiya-sama's summon toad...
Guy: What?!

Naruto: Ngh... // (I can feel Pain's chakra... flowing into me...)
Deva!Pain: The penetration is light, away from any vital points. // But this should prevent you from moving on your own.
Shima: Get a hold of yourself, kid!!
Naruto: ?!

Shima: It doesn't matter what that guy says... you can't listen to him!! // You're the destined child!! The one who's going to save the world!! // You can't just go and lose like this!! // Old Jiraiya... Tou-chan... they pur their lives on the line because they believed in you! // If you let yourself just get done in like this, I'll never forgive you!! // ?!!
Deva!Pain: Irritating toad.
Naruto: Why, you......!!
Deva!Pain: It is time that we took our leave of this place...

Naruto: ?!
RandomHyuuga: Hinata-sama!! // (Ugh... With my legs like this...!!)

Deva!Pain: Reinforcements...
Hinata: I won't allow you to hurt Naruto-kun any longer!
Naruto: What are you doing here?!! // Run away! You can't possibly -
Hinata: I know...
Naruto: ?!

Hinata: This is... my own selfish act...
Naruto: What are you talking about?! / That's no reason for you to show yourself in a dangerous place like this!
Hinata: ...... // I am standing here of my own will.
Naruto: ?
Hinata: ......I was always crying, giving up before I had even begun... // ...always trying to do the wrong things...

Hinata: But then, Naruto-kun... / You were the one who showed me the right way to live...
Naruto: ......
Hinata: I was always chasing after you... / ...always trying to catch up... // ...wanting so much to be able to walk beside you... // Always... towards you... // You were the one who changed me! / It was your smile that saved me! // That's why if it's to protect you, I'm not afraid to die!!

Hinata: Because, Naruto-kun... // I love you... // Hahh!!

Hinata: Juuho Soushiken!!!
Deva!Pain: Shinra Tensei.
Hinata: Aahh!!
Naruto: !! // STOP!!!

Deva!Pain: Yes, this is just how it was... // My parents, too, were killed before my very eyes by you shinobi of Konoha... // It is because of love that sacrifices are made... that hatred is born...
Naruto: Nnghhh............

Deva!Pain: ...and that we may know pain. // The power of the Kyuubi... / It would appear that it is resonating with your anger... // Do you hate me?

Naruto: GGGHHHH...
Deva!Pain: Do you still mean to tell me that people can truly understand one another?
Deva!Pain: Good... // However... my pain surpasses your own.
[Insert text: Six tails have formed...!! The most terrible feelings Naruto has ever known seethe through him!!!

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#1. by Trent ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
AHAHAHA thanks as always...
i like more your notes... than the manga itself...XD
#2. by rose ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
In page 1 you forgot to attribute Naruto's lines to him.
Thanks for the translation!
#3. by ryzvonusef ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
Dear CNet:
That isn't a random Hyuuga, his name Is "Koh"
Other then that, Thanks!
#4. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Thank you as always; your translations always pay the best attention to detail. ^_^

I hate to ask, and I probably don't want to know the answer... but what is the SFX on the top of page 14? Is that a crushing sound, a stabbing sound, or something else?
(Please let it be something more ambiguous than a crushing sound)
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Ehmm... the SFX is "gusa", which isn't a really a sound I'm particularly familiar with, but it, uh, doesn't sound particularly pleasant... >_<

(For the record, if Hinata is actually dead, someone needs to assassinate Kishimoto.)
#6. by Trent ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Kishi is already dead... if Hinata died!!
#7. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Aye, I'm mainly worried because http://www.oop-ack.com/manga/soundfx.html has "gusha" as a crushing sound. And it appeared that Hinata might have been under rocks after he ST'd her. :,(

But on the other hand, http://www.everything2.net/e2node/Japanese%2520onomatopoeia says it could be a stab...

But on the other other hand, there's absolutely no reason for Pain to spare her. He's much too psychopathic for that.

I hate to join in the melodrama of "ZOMG THEY KILLED HINATA! THE BASTARDS!" But if Kishimoto really did kill her as opposed to a "death" a la the Kidnap Sasuke Back mission, I've lost over half of my reasons for following Naruto. I read/watch enough depressing endings as it is, and if Hinata's dead then we're in for a doozy of one soon. It already seems like Kishimoto is rushing way too fast toward some sort of conclusion.

(ps, re: Trent - The more I think about it, the more sense your idea makes. It's possible that Kishimoto had a tragic accident and they got Anno to fill in for him.)
#8. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2009
Please correct me if my transliteration's off:
Watashi wa Naruto-kun ga - daisuki dakara...

How could anyone with a heart kill her right after that?

(thank you for the correction)
#9. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Feb 28, 2009

...yeah, I think you want "daisuki" there, not "dai tsuki". =p

(Question is, does Kishi have a heart?)
#10. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
I saw two possible explanations on another board which I choose to take hope from; I thought it might be good to pass them on in case others could also.

Story-side: Of course Pain is a sadistic bastard, that's why he stabbed her with a spike so he could use her to fsck with Naruto's head after knocking him out of six-tail mode.

Reality-side: Kishimoto wanted a clear answer to "Do the fans want Hinata or Sakura to be the main love interest?" and used this to find out.
#11. by Trent ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
I though that sound was a sfx for stab...
He stabed her...
And Kishi used that mound to confuse us !!
#12. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 1, 2009
On the "Kishimoto wanted a clear answer" side of things... well, if Hinata is actually dead, I'm not forgiving Kishi until he makes Sakura use Chiyo-baa's resurrection jutsu to DeathSwap(TM) with her =p

Is that clear enough? ^^
#13. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2009

Thank you, I needed that laugh. ^_^

I'll echo that, and add a Cartman response (South Park movie)

C: "Why don't you suck my b@lls, Mr. Garrison?"
G: (enraged) "What did you say?!?!?"
C: "Oh, excuse me. What I meant to say was..." (pulls out megaphone) "WHY DON'T YOU SUCK MY B@LLS, MR. GARRISON?"

Perhaps a little too crude, but hopefully also clear enough for Kishimoto-sensei.
#14. by Trent ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2009
Kishi is killing the characters we like more...
First Kakashi... Now Hinata...
In the end just Ten Ten and Sakura ill remain in Konoha...
Damn u Kishi!!!
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