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Naruto 317

Naruto Ch 317

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 27, 2006 12:48 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 317

I forgot to shave this morning :P

NOTE! From here on out, I'm going to translate Jinchuuriki as "Sacrifice", with a capital S. I don't like leaving Japanese in translations (except for suffixes), and it's an appripriate word in both literal and figurative meaning.

Page 1:
Side: Deidra & Tobi - the new pair?
Tobi: Wow, that's a big turtle.
This is the three-tails? It looks very strong.
Perhaps you should handle him, Deidara-senpai.

Deidra: Tobi...you're a full-fledged member now.
Do it yourself!

Tobi: But-

Page 2:
Text: Akatsuki are the things of nightmares!

Page 3:
Shouldn't Kisame-san be dealing with a water-dweller like this?
They picked the wrong person!
Deidra: You're pathetic.
Tobi: Aaaaah!

Page 4:
Kanji: Punishment
Tobi: Yee!

Page 5:
Kanji: Sit/obey

Page 6:
Kakashi: You have a good handle on the Nine-tails' chakra, Tenzou?
Yamato: Don't worry about that.
And please, call me Yamato for now.

Kakashi: Okay, okay.

Naruto: Got it!
It's sliced pretty good!

Page 7:

Clone A: Damn, I haven't gotten it at all!
Clone B: Haha, I did way better than you, loser!
Clone A: You're ME, stupid!

Clone C: I DID IT!

Naruto: Damn, that me's pretty good...

Book: Come Come Paradise
Naruto: Hey sensei, I was just wondering...

Page 8:
Naruto: Is there anyone else in the Leaf village who's good with Wind Nature Manipulation?
Kakashi: Depends, is it ok if they can only give you tips?
Naruto: Sure!

Kakashi: There is someone, yeah...
but he's probably off playing Shougi.

Shikamaru: Checkmate.
Asuma: Damn! You got me again!

Shikamaru: You know what that means.
The bill's on you after our next job's done.

Page 10:
Asuma: Yeah, yeah...
Naruto: Asuma-senseeeeeei!


Shikamaru: Hey, Naruto.
Asuma: What's up?

Naruto: I kinda need a favor...
Can you help me out with something?

Page 11:
Asuma: Help with Wind Nature Manipulation, eh?
Naruto: Yep!
Shikamaru: You're doing chakra nature manipulation training?
Naruto: Uh huh!

Shikamaru: Haha, you gotta be really sharp for that!
You think you can do it?

Naruto: That's why I'm asking for advice.
Asuma: So you're a wind-type...
I gotta say, I'm surprised.
Naruto: Uh...can we get started?

Page 12:
Asuma: Hmm...
Tell you what, I'll help you if you treat my team to some barbeque after our next mission.
Naruto: Say WHAT?!

I guess I have no choice...
Asuma: Great! It's a deal!

Page 13:
Asuma: These are my chakra blades.
They're made of a unique metal that absorbs its user's chakra and reacts with its nature.

Take this one,
and channel your chakra into it.
Naruto: Here goes!

It's not quite the same as yours, huh...

Page 14:
Asuma: For wind natured manipulation, picture your chakra splitting into two halves
that flow back into each other.
Then you draw the chakra out in thin, sharp pieces.

Naruto: Sharpen them, huh...
Asuma: Yep.
The trick is to make them as thin and sharp as possible.

Naruto: All right, before I do this...
Asuma: Hmm?
Naruto: What's the point of wind natured manipulation
when out weapons already have sharp edges?

Page 15:
Naruto: Wouldn't it be quicker to just attack with the edge you already have?
Why waste time messing with chakra?

Asuma: Fair point...
why don't we both throw our blades at that tree over ther?

Naruto: Why?
Asuma: Just do it, for God's sake.

Page 16:
Naruto: Whoa, dude...

Page 17:
Naruto: He blasted through the tree AND sunk it into that boulder!
Asuma: Since it can get kinda dangerous, I took it easy.
But if I wanted too, it would've gone right through that rock.
Naruto: WHAT?

Asuma: When two weapons clash,
the one with the sharper edge will always win.
that's why wind-natured chakra is the best type for close to mid-range combat.
There aren't many people of that type around...

Page 18:
Asuma: I'll be happy to lend a hand whenever you need it,
but you'll have to pay for our barbeque.

Naruto: Deal!
Thanks again!

Shikamaru: A Shadow Clone?
Asuma: Poor Naruto...he totally forgot about Chouji.
Shikamaru: Ouch.

Page 19:
SFX: Bing!
Narutos: Ah HA!

Kakashi: He must've gotten some good advice from Asuma...
He's already gotten the hang of using Shadow Clones to speed things up... [pain in the ass line, but this will do]

Tsunade: I see...
So even Chiriku was defeated.

Page 20:
Monk: I was patrolling outside the temple,
by the time I got back, everyone was dead.

Shizune: They must be checking places where the Fire Country's Sacrifice is likely to be...
It's only a matter of time before they come here.
[sacrifice = Jinchuuriki]

Tsunade: Don't let them leave the Fire Country.
Get in touch with the new 20 Squadrons immediately.

Side: Tsunade prepares for a critical situation, as the Akatsuki continue to advance!

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#1. by Vegitto ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Ooh, you go, HisshouBuraiKen![br]Posted on: July 27, 2006, 07:48:57 AM_________________________________________________I don't know if you're reading this, but could you update on every page, please? :)

#2. by TheGreenFlash ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Tobi is funny xD
#3. by Vegitto ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
You rule!
#4. by kyubisharingan ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
YOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U RULE DUDE
#5. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Thanks a lot for the translation :)
#6. by ruby_06 ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
thanks for the translation :smile-big
#7. by PixelGuy ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Very nice! Thanks for the translation :smile-big I wonder who else is the wind type in Konoha?
#8. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
subalashi translation as always. thanks soo much Hisshou :p
#9. by Mizura ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Thanks Hisshou! Great job! :thumbs

Page 2:
Text: Akatsuki are the things of nightmares!

Page 3:

Priceless. XD
#10. by Brede ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
oooh things are really heating up now! Thanks for the translation hisshou ! :smile-big
#11. by Anax (Schrödinger's cat)
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Thank you for another great translation Hisshou, much appreciated :grin
#12. by SamuraSoul ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Good job translating.

Just a small nitpick though. Tsunade's second to last line is

”火の国から逃がすな!” or, "Don't let them escape the Fire Country."
#13. by Syaoran ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
I use to make summaries... sometimes trying to figure it out myselfs, other times using a translation if there's one available.
This one was using both methods ^^

Could this be of any use to someone or something? I started doing so with chapter 296 and added my hand drawn illustrations since 314.

317 - デイダラアンドトビの新コンビ?も。- Deidara and Tobi - A new combination.
[spoiler=Illustration for Naruto 317 text="
Tobi and Deidara are standing in front the huge three-tailed bijuu. Tobi is surprised at the size of the big turtle and thinks it must be really strong and suggest Deidara senpai should handle it.
Deidara tells Tobi to do it himself, since he's a real Akatsuki member now. Sanbi doesn't care who's going to attack, and goes in offensive mode first.

Tobi is running as fast as he can, calling for help, while the sanbi is chasing him. For Tobi, Kisame was more suitable to catch a water bijuu than himself. Deidara answers he's just being pathetic before throwing a little fish statue in the water.

The little fish immediately seeks sanbi and swims next it. After Deidare makes a seal, the little fish explodes, blowing Tobi out of the water.

In the meantime, captain Yamato is meditation at the base of his newly created waterfall scenery while Kakashi is reading his favourite book.

Kakashi calls captain Yamato Tenzou and asks him if he has a good hold on Kyuubi's chakra. Yamato confirms and asks Kakashi to call him Yamato for now.
Naruto is getting better at his training... the leaf he's holding has a good slice in it.

Some of Naruto's bunshin's are pretty good at the technique, while other don't have a clue and start arguing together about who's better. One even managed to almost completely slice the leaf, making the other Naruto's a little jealous and glaring at him. Naruto himself, goes to Kakashi to ask him something...

Naruto asks Kakashi if there's someone else in the village good at wind nature manipulation... if Naruto is happy with a few tips only, he tells he's playing shougi.
Shikamaru and Asuma sensei are still playing their shougi game, but it's checkmate... Shikamaru won. The next bill will be for Asuma sensei after their next mission.

Naruto arrives calling for Asuma sensei. They both look up at Naruto, say hello and then Asuma asks him what's going on. Naruto ask Asume if he can do him a favour. If he wants to help him with something.

Asuma already guessed Naruto came for advice on Wind nature manipulation. Shikamaru asks if Naruto is doing the manipulation training. Looks like Shikamaru is teasing Naruto a little saying he has to be really smart to do that training and asking him if he thinks he's able to do that. Asuma is surprised to hear Naruto is a windtype. Naruto is in a hurry to get started.

Asuma sensei thinks for a while, and then propose to give him advice if he'll treat his team to a barbecue next time. Naruto is pouting a little as he doens't really have a choice, but accepts the deal. Asuma gets 2 blades out of his bag.

Asuma sensei explains his blades are made of a special metal that absorbs the user's chakra and reacts to it's nature. Asuma hands over one to Naruto and tells him to channel his chakra into it...

Asuma sensei tells Naruto to picture his chakra flow being split in 2 pieces, joining together and then split in sharp pieces. The trick is to make the chakra as sharp as possible. Before Naruto starts doing so, he wants to know why, since the blades are already very sharp... it sounds like a waste of chakra.

For Asuma it's a fair point, but he tells Naruto to just throw the knife at a tree a little further away.

Naruto is surprised at what Asuma sensei managed to do with his blade. While Naruto's just hit the tree, Asuma's blade went through it and is planted inside a rock and he took it easy.
In battle, the blade with the sharpest edge wins... that's where wind nature charka becomes interesting.

Naruto agrees with Asuma to get more help in exchange for barbecues.
Shikamaru noticed it was one of Naruto's Kage Bunshins... but it looks like he forgot about Chouji...

Back at the training grounds, all of Naruto's kage bunshins learned about Asuma's tip on chakra manipulation after it was called back. His bunshins are discussing it together now. Kakashi looks over his beloved Icha Icha Paradaisu guessing Naruto got what he wanted and that he's using his bunshins to their full potential. In the meantime, at the Hokage office, Tsunade and Shizune listened to one of the monks' story.

Tsunade learned that Chiruku was killed by Hidan and Kakuzu. They finally know Akatsuki is turning the Fire Country upside down looking for a Jinchuuriku. The tells Shizune to call their newly formed Nijuu Shoutai and sed them out to make sure Akatsuki will never leave the Fire Country.
#14. by angry ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Quote by Syaoran :
Could this be of any use to someone or something? I started doing so with chapter 296 and added my hand drawn illustrations since 314.

Hmm i could use it for my site if u don't mind ^^

Its still under development ofcourse, but i'm pretty impressed by your summary and extensiveness of it.

It would look like this: http://www.komikku.net/manga/Naruto/chapters/317/
#15. by Syaoran ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Sure... they can be found on http://forums.animesuki.com in the Naruto forum.
#16. by angry ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
tnx... i'll keep that in mind!
#17. by ZsychPrime ()
Posted on Jul 29, 2006
Nice nice.

Thanks HisshouBuraiKen.

Naruto finally seems to be taking a turn for the better after all this time. It's becoming fun again.

Wonder what the 20 squadrons are, and whether they are actually better than the poor monks, or those Sacrifices.

btw, HisshouBuraiKen, i think that new things deserve to have their own names. Sacrifice is too general, jinchuuriki could simply be considered a word added to english that we all understand as having a specific meaning.
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