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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Ane-Doki 1

The mysterious girl's invasion.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jul 4, 2009 01:24 | Go to Ane-Doki

-> RTS Page for Ane-Doki 1

This is for imangascans only.

page 1

box1) In July of my freshman year of middle school, we have clear weather,
box2) and it's damn hot!
panel) Very HOT!

page 2

panel) That girl is poison!!

page 3

panel) She looked good, and was a little tease.
title) The mysterious girl's invasion.

page 4

box) She's...
b1) She's really hot!!
b2) Perfect shot!

page 5

b1) hiiyh...
b2) I...I was...
b3) Hey,
b4) give me some of your ice cream.

page 6

b1) Huh!?
b2) I'm hungry, and thirsty. // If you don't hurry up, it'll melt!
box) Is...
b3) Ah, hey wait
box2) Doesn't...
box3) this mean that this hot girl,
b4) Mm
box4) and I just shared an indirect,
box5) kiss...?
b5) You just thought that we shared an indirect kiss...

page 7

b1) Perv...
b2) ugh... // ah...
b3) Wahhhh!!
b4) ah!
b5) I still owe you a favor for the ice cream!

page 8

b1) hm?
b2) Come on!
b3) What was up with that girl!?
b4) Where does she get off calling me a perv?
b5,6,8) haa
b7) It's not like I did anything... // although I did see her panties.
b8) BOO!!
b9) Waaahh!!
b10) Kouta, we're going to play some games at Harumi's house, come with us.
b11) Y-you scared the shit out of me!!
b12) hm? -small print- what's wrong?
b13) Okay, lets get going!!

page 9

box1) I think she's in high school.
box2) She was tall.
box3) Her body was also that of an adult's... // Also...
b1) perv...
box4) Her...
box5) underwear was like an adult's too.
b2) Ahh, we messed up the quest again!!

page 10

b1) What the hell were you doing Kouta? // Its because of you we haven't completed a single quest yet!
b2) Well so-oory...
b3) Huuh!? What are you getting mad for?
b4) I didn't get mad at...
b5) Now you're taking it out on us...
b6) Right, right, its because you're still like this, // that everyone treats you like a kid.
b7) I'M NOT A KID!!
b8) But, you're really short you know.
b9) Ah.
b10) Look, // it's // her.

page 11

b1) And then...
b2) Sakurai Kanade!! Damn she's cute!
b3) I didn't know she lived in this area!
b4) Hey, hey, let's follow her!
b5) Okay then Kouta, we'll see you tomorrow!
b6) huh? I'm going...
b7) Yeah right! // You said you live with your father and you have to take care of things like food and such right?
b8) So you'll get in trouble if you're late right?
b9) Dont' worry, you'll get a full report on what we find today.
b10) hmph!

page 12

b1) Little liars! // You guys are the kids, still chasing a girl!
bubble sfx.) click
b2) Dad!?
b3) Kouta!
b4) Can't talk! The Sapporo branch is in trouble, and I'm being transfered there immediately!!
b5) Y-you're being transfered? When are you coming back?
b6) A week... a month... I don't know!
b7) Sorry for leaving you alone, and I'll give you the full details later! See ya.

page 13

b1) Wha... what's going on here...
b2) Why are you being tramsfered so suddenly?
b3) What am I supposed to do by myself?
b4) Could it be...
b5) my chance to retrun the favor has come already?
b6) And down.

page 14

b1 kyah
b2) These lace panties are...
b3) Its
b4) Why are you here!?
-what a nice way to remember a girl, by the panties she's wearing-
b5) This is your student handbook right?
b6) You even courteously wrote your address in here.

page 15

b1) Hey, that's mine!!
b2) I kindly picked it up for you, and you can't even say thanks?
b3) But I digress, I heard something pretty interesting just now, // you're,
b4) going to be living alone from today on right?
b5) Wha?
b6) Yeah, that's right, but...
b7) Good!
b8) In place of your father who wont be here,
b9) I'll take good care of you!!

page 16

b2) What the hell are you saying!?
b3) Now, let's go.
b4) And what's with that big bag you're carrying?
b5) It's a good thing I found a place to spend the night.
b6) A place to spend the night? Did you run away from home!?
b7) Get serious! I'm just returning the favor for the ice cream earlier! -small print- I always repay my debts.
b8) Hey! Don't walk into someone else's house like you own the place!

page 17

b1) Now that that's taken care of, // from today on, I'll be living here while taking care of you!
b2) my name is Hagiwara Natsuki, 17, a high school junior.
b3) My specialty is tying cherries with my tongue.
b4) L-l-l-live here!!?
b5) In other words, I'll be your maid.
b6) Ah, I'll buy a maid uniform tomorrow.
b7) What the hell do you mean maid?
b8) If my father finds out, he'll be really mad!!

page 18

b1) Ahh, this feels really good.
b2) Listen when someone's talking to you!!
b3) hm?
b4) If you're in high school, don't do something so childish!!
b5) Oh sorry, I was hogging the fan.
bubble sfx.) vvvhhm
panel) I didn't think you'd get hot so quickly.
b6) What the hell is with you!? Why don't you just go home!!
b7) You DO have a home of your own don't you!?
b8) Isn't it better for a girl to be a little mysterious? // By the way, what's your name?

page 19

b1) It's,
b2) Ochiai Kouta, I'm 13.
b3) Koutak-kun...
b4) Then I'll call you Kou-chan!!
b5) Ko...Kou-chan!!?
b6) huh? You don't like it?
b7) Then, although you're younger than me, you can call me Natsuki-chan!
b8) WHA...!?
-The word what, and her name start the same way: Na(ni/tsuki), so she mistakes him trying to say her name and getting embarassed.-
b9) Go ahead and say it, I wont mind.
b10) Like hell I will!!
b11) Then you can call me Na-chan if you want.
b12) That's even worse!!
b13) What the hell is with this girl!!?

page 20

b1) Well then, now that we've become good friends...
b2) We have NOT become good friends!!
b3) I have to make dinner, so wait a little bit,
bubble sfx.) jiggle
b4) Kou-chan.
b5) Ah, you're nose is bleeding.
panel) Are you alright?
b6) Kids your age get nose bleeds really easily, right.
b7) Now listen here!!

page 21

b1) I want you to leave now!!
b2) If my father finds out, I'll be knee deep in shit!!
bubbel sfx.) ring
b3) H-hello?
b4) Ah, Kouta!
b5) Dad! Where are you!? And what's going on? // Why'd you have to leave like that...
b6) Hello, is this Kouta-kun's father? // I heard that Kouta-kun was going to be living alone for a while, so I came to help out.
b7) What the hell do you thi...
bubble sfx.) schiing
b8) Ah, I'm the sister of Kouta-kun's friend, my name is Natsuki.

page 22

b1) What do you think you're doing!?
b2) Hello, Kouta?
b3) I feel so relieved knowing that someone is going to be looking over you.
b4) Wait..
b5) I don't know who she is, but do listen to everything she tells you, bye.
panel sfx.) click, beep(x4)
b6) What?
b7) pfft
b8) Hello? Dad? Daaad!!?
b9) Just give it up.
b10) She's better skilled than I am... // She even put snow pea's in the beef stew!!
b11) There's enough for if you want seconds!
b12) I hate to admit it, but it even tastes better than mine...
b13) hm?

page 23

b1) Is it good?
b2) I put all my skills and emotion into making that. // Also, I'm pretty confident in the taste of my omelletes.
b3) Not
b4) Do you also think that since I'm a maid that I should wear the maid uniform?
b5) good.
b6) I need to finish my food and get out of here quick!
b7) I-if you want to wear it, wear it...
b8) I guess you were really hungry!!

page 24

b1) If you don't eat a lot,
b2) you wont get any bigger.
b3) I know, I know! I'm only the 3rd tallest in my entire class!!
b4) Shut up!!
b5) Can't you keep quiet while someone is trying to eat?
b6) Oh, you have some rice on your face.
b7) Thanks for the food!
b8) hm? Do you have to pee?
b9) I'm going to take a bath, then go to sleep!

page 25

b2) She keeps treating me like a little kid!
b3) And why did I just leave when I was there first?
box) Earlier, in the batheroom.
b4) Kou-chan, let me give you a scrub down.
b5) I'm fine thanks!!
b6) Why was she acting like an adult just then? -small print- And I can wash myself just fine dammit!
b7) You're still in school right? You're also a child aren't you!?
b8) Wait, aren't you going to use that shampoo hat?
b9) Like hell I will.
b10) Doing whatever the hell you feel like... // you're more a kid than I am!!

page 26

b1) Oh shit. // Did I say that too loudly?
b2) But she's in the bath right now, so she shouldn't have heard...
b3) WHOAAAA!!! -small print- my imagination is on the ceiling!
b4) Give me a break! I've only been drooling since she walked in on me... // Thinking about these things gets you no where.
b5) What am I going to do from here on out!?

page 27

bubble sfx.) click // ki-clack
b1) What is this sensation?
b2) Something on my back feels really warm.
b3) It's probably because I have my ac on too high.
panel) It feels really good.
b4) Ahn.

page 28

b1) Kou-chan,
b2) can you move over a little?
b3) Gyahhh!!!
b4) What the hell are you thinking? // I put a futon out for you in the guest room!
b5) Because I can't fall asleep unless I'm on a bed. // So scooch over a little.
b6) Dowah!!

page 29

box1) So,
box2) this is how things turned out.
b1) Ah, the feel of springs!
b2) Now I can finally get some sleep.
b3) Thank you.
b4) You're quite the gentleman Kou-chan.
b5) Don't give me that shit!
b6) You think I'm just a naive kid!!
-damn right u are! A man would be in bed with her!-
b7) I've been meaning to ask,

page 30

b1) Why did you come to my house ni the first place?
b2) huh?
b3) I-isn't it a little dangerous for a single girl to be alone with a boy...
b4) What? Is your mind in the gutter again?
b5) "Again"? What do you mean again!?
b6) Anyway, // you should go home tomorrow.
b7) NO! // It's fun being here.
b8) That's not the problem here!
b9) It's pretty fun to live in a place that you're unfamiliar with.
b10) I've wanted to try this for a while now.

pge 31

b1) I'm really glad you're the person that I met though.
b2) I'm sure everyday will be fun now.
b3) How self centered.
b4) Just like a kid, doing whatever you want thinking the world revolves around you.
b5) You want to be an adult huh?
b6) Something wrong with that?
b7) But, // doing what you want is actually quite difficult.

page 32

b1) When you become an adult, // make sure you're the type that doesn't run away from what you want to do.
b2) Hmmm...
b3) That's all I get?
b4) G-good night!
b5) I think my nose is going to bleed again...
b6) huh? After I said something so cool...?

page 33

b1) I barely got any sleep.
b2) But her chest felt incredibly good. // Whoa, I shouldn't be thinkg of that in school...

page 34

b1) Kouta-kun!
b2) Sakurai-san...
b3) Hey, what happened?
b4) I smell the same shampoo scent from you that I always use.
b5) huh?
panel1) S-s-sakurai-san is t-t-talking to me!!
b6) Th-this is the shampoo that she brou... I mean...
b7) HUH!? You smell just like Sakurai-san?
b8) Let me smell you, let me smell you!!
b9) Stop you fools!
b10) Ah, she's right, you do smell like a girl!
b11) Hmm, so this is what Sakurai-san smells like?
panel2) Its smells sweet.
b12) fufufu...

page 35

b1) Swarm to my scent like little worker bees!
b2) Being this cute is a sin.
b3) Bow down before me!! Give all your praises to me!! -small print- just kidding.
b4) Can you please stop reading my thoughts!?
b5) But you're so easy to read.
b6) Kanade-chan, you're our idol.
b7) Are you alright Kouta-kun?
b8) She looks like an angel when she smiles...
b9) I'm sorry I'm so popular...
b10) Kouta! Sakurai-san is worried about you, and you're asleep!?
b11) Nnn-ha
b12) K-k-k-kouta-kun...

page 36

b1) Oh no,
b2) Kanade-chan's imperial wrath!
b3) Whatever, forget him!
b4) K-kouta-kun...
b5) Wake up Kouta! You're being rude to Sakurai-san!!
b6) I'm sure Sakurai-san hates you now!!
b7) Her personality can use some fixing, // but that's what makes her cute.
b8) Why'd I have to fall asleep there!?
b9) What's going on in the hallways?
b10) Dunno, lets go see. // Kouta, you too!!
b11) huh?

page 37

b1) This is all that girl's fault...
b2) Who is that?
b3) She looks like a high school chick.
b4) You really don't know where Kou-chan is? // And isn't having 8 classes for 1 year too much?
b5,7,8) Wha...
b6) This can't be happening...
b9) Heey!!

page 38

b1) Why is she here!?
b2) I finally found you!
b3) Wait... // why are you here?
b4) Here, your lunch! // I was surprised when I heard from a friend that there's no cafeteria in this school.
b5) I always get from the convinience store.
b6) You get more nutrition from home made ones. // I had to cut class to make this, so make sure you eat it!!

page 39

b1) I'll also have dinner prepared for you. // Good luck on your studies.
b2) Who...
b3) Who's that gorgeous babe!!?
b4) I want to know about that chest!
b5) No, her legs!
b6) Did he have such a good looking sister?
b7) Not fair, you got to bury your face in her breasts...
b8) Why the hell are you getting all the girls!!?
b9) She looked like a graviure idol.
panel) White flag
b10) I want to be like that when I get into high school.
b11) Th-that stupid girl...
b12) She came here to purposely make some trouble for me.
b13) I did something good.
b14) She even went as far as h-h-hugging me...

page 40

b1) ...She actually went to her own school.
b2) This is good.
b3) This omellete is really good.
b4) tsk
b5) There isn't enough room for 2 idol's in this town!
b6) Having big breasts isn't the be all end all!!
b7) hmph!
b8) High schoolers are all old ladies right!?

page 41

panel sfx.) bang
b1) ow
b2) What the fuck was that for!?
b3,4) haa
b5) Wait up Kouta!!
b6) Introduce me to that girl that came by today!!
b7) I'll be fine with just seeing her again! // Huh? Where did he go!?
b8) haa
b9) haa // haa

page 42

b1) Give me a break!
b2) This is really getting on my nerves!
b3) And its all because she decided to come to my school!
box1) Besides, what's with the lunch?
box2) I've done everything on my own up until now!
b4) That's right... // I'm more of an adult that she...
b5) Like I said, // I don't have any money on me!
b6) But you're going to have to me some consolation money.
b7) You mean doctor's bills right?
b8) Its consolation money right?
-joke totally lost in translation.-

page 43

b1) In this case, doctor's bill is what's correct.
b2) See, I was right.
b3) Sakurai-san!?
b4) Why is she surrounded by all those bad looking guys?
b5) Th-then...
b6) How about you go on a date with me?
b7) HUUUH!?
b8) WHAAAT!?
b9) Man you're seriously a pedo, you know that.
b10) S-sorry, but you're not my type... // -bubble letters- Gyaaah!! // I-I'm sorry, please forgive me!!
b11) This isn't good...
b12) I need to help her!
b13) If I don't do it quick, she'll get taken away.
b14) Calling someone will take to long, but...

page 44

b1) Impossible.
b2) There's no way I could do something against those guys!
b3) I'm sorry Sakurai-san.
panel1) Are you going to run?
panel2) When// you become an adult,
panel3) make sure you're the type that doesn't run away...

page 45

b1) DAMMIT!!!!

page 46

b1) What?
b2) gyaahhh!!
b3) Sakurai-san, run!!
b4) Even if I can't beat them,
b5) I can at least give Sakurai-san enough time to run.
b6) ugh..
b7) Did you really think you could do something? Fool.
b8) gaha

page 47

b1) Now to continue our little date...
b2) ah..
b3) haha...
b4) Are you trying to prove your a man to that girl?
box1) I really suck at fighting.
box2) But,
box3) I get the feeling she would compliment my effort...

page 48

box) I'm sure she would.
b1) OW!
b2) A broom stick!?
b3) You did well out ther Kou-chan.
b4) Who the hell
b5) are you!?

page 49

b1) I'm a maid
b2) that's on her way home.
b3) Are
b4) you out of your mind? Why are you here!?
b5) hmm
b6) What you said makes no sense, but...

page 50

b1) You're more my type!!
b2) No, I wont make it!
b3) Nats...

page 51

b1) What the...
b2) Who is this chick?
b3) Gahhg!
b4) Hey wai..
b5) gyaah
b6) eek

page 52

b1) Kou-chan, he's all yours.
b2) Huh? // Huh!?

page 53

b1) Good.
bubble sfx.) sting(x2)
panel) Oh yeah.
b2) Sorry, I had to get serious on you guys.

page 54

b1) Thanks for helping me out back there.
b2) Huh? Well... // its not like I did anything.
b3) That's not true.
b4) Besides, whether you're a good fighter or not isn't the point!
b5) The way
b6) you stood up to those punks really moved me...
b7) Then, lets you and me go out!
b8) After saying that, you need to hold her hand.
b9) What is this girl to you? -small print- That out fit is really loud
b10) Ignore her, ignore her.

page 55

b1) Stop being so mean.
b2) ugh.
b3) Didn't we sleep together last night?
b4) Y-y-y-you slept together!?
b5) NO!!
b6) She's not wrong, you even planted your face in my breasts!!
b8) What the hell do you think you're saying!!?
b9) I only said the truth!
b10) What was all that?
box) The mysterious girl that came out of the blue,

page 56

box1) Is self centered and a cock tease,
box2) but she wasn't a bad person or anything.
b1) I got you!
b2) You got me!
box3) That's why for now,
b3) As a reward, I'll finally get to scrub you down.
b4) Not a chance in hell!!
box4) I've decided to lend her my bed.

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#1. by puremadniss ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
holy crap that was quick haha,awsome
ill get it done as soon as im done with medaka box >_< thx alot
#2. by Gomenasai ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
Damn, and I thought I was fast...
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Posted on Jul 4, 2009
lol... I'm only 2/3 done with the Chinese translation for this before I have to start working on the TLR translations ;)

I noticed you didn't translate a lot of the small text though...
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Posted on Jul 4, 2009
Wooot! thanks!
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Thankyou !!
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Finestela, if u mean the sfx, then no I didn't. I generally don't, unless its necessary
#7. by Expel ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2009
whoa 57 pages super fast translation
#8. by Gomenasai ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2009
Someone else has picked up this series, are you going to continue it? I know you'd rather do a series that is either unknown, or un loved. So what's it gonna be?
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