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Naruto 303

ES21 303

+ posted by Sho as translation on Apr 13, 2006 13:42 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 303

Needed the practice since I got a bit rusty, so here's my translation of 303.

Page 1
Cover- The passing of a half century's time---- The inheritor of a hero's genes!!

Page 2
Top text: Sai confesses with indifference--.
Naruto- What you say?
Sai- I came to Orochimaru in order to destroy Konoha.
Sai- The chance to work with Orochimaru is the true mission that was given to me.
Yamato- Keep it up.
Yamato- Everything you've been hiding is out in the open now.
Naruto- You.. do you even know what you're saying!? What kind of..
Sai- That's not all of it...

Page 3
Sai- I'm also on duty to bring Danzou-sama news, secretly, of Orochimaru.
Sai- In other words, I'm also entrusted on this mission as a spy.
Sakura- So, in order to get that info, you're proposing an alliance with Orochimaru...then you'll blindside him?
Sakura- That's a pretty dangerous duty...
Sai-Once Konoha is destroyed, Orochimaru will surely come to betray us, you see.
Sai- We'll be making plans in preparation for instance.
Sakura- Danzou wants to make Konoha his, right?
Sakura- You're the only one used for those plans though...
Sai- I was selected for this mission for my abilities.

Page 4
Sai- The information that I write with my ink changes by itself into small animals. They carry the information outside for me while at the same time keeping everything to themselves.
Sakura- If Konoha were to be attacked, many more people would die again!
Sakura- Do you even know what that bastard of yours is planning on doing!?
Sai- ...Can't say I do. They're just my orders.
Sakura: Sai....you...
Sai: One more thing...The name Sai was given to me just for this mission. I'm no one at all.

Page 5

Sai- All I am is the extension of Danzou-sama.
Sai- I have no existance. That's why whatever you say is meaningless.
Sakura- If that's the case,
Sakura-then why is it that you take such important care of this picture book!?

Page 6
Sakura-...Those two unnamed children..
Sakura- It's you and your brother right?
Sai- ...
Sakura- ...That's because he was the only proof of your existance, wasn't he?
Sai- ?
Sakura- You haven't gotten rid of your emotions like you said...
Sakura- Even shinobi aren't capable of getting rid of their emotion.

Page 7
Sai- Why I carry this picture book.. is to give proof of my own existence?
Sakura- The reason you don't want to let go of this book...
Sakura- is because you're unable to let go of the brother side of yourself...
Sakura- You understand why...?
Sakura- It's because to you, that's the only important bond that you had with your brother.

Page 8
Sakura- You don't want to cut your bond with your brother...
Sai- ....
Sai- ....bond..?
Yamato- Sorry, but we had a peak inside your picture book.
Yamato- Only the picture where the two pages met in the middle was left incomplete.
Sai- ...!

Page 9
Yamato- If you go from the flow of the picture book
Yamato- at the middle where the two opposite pages meet, you and your brother were going to fight...
Yamato- Sai..
Yamato- I know that you're one of the "Ne" Anbu..
Yamato- I know also that coming from Danzou, you underwent special training in order to kill your emotions.
Yamato- For the sake of depriving your emotions
Yamato- The same practice was held at the blood mist village, Kirigakure. It's just as bad.
Yamato- Your brother, you ki--

Page 10
Sai- No!
Sai- This was a present I planned to give my brother.
Sai- I was close to finishing up on it, but then my brother
Sai- ...He got sick and died.
Sakura- ....
Sai-We weren't related by blood, but, even so..
Sai- He really admired my pictures.

Page 11

Sai- In "Ne", life is about fighting. There are many children separated from families.
Sai- One of them was someone who I became close to like a brother.
Sai-This picture book... the one thing I wanted to show my brother the most were the pictures on the last two pages.
Sai- But since he's dead...
Sai I can't recall what I was going to draw there.

Page 12

Page 13
Yamato- Too bad Sai..
Yamato- My bunshin will be keeping an eye out for you here.
Naruto-It's time to get ready...
Naruto- Go save Sasuke!
Sai- ....
Sai-...You should just stop here.

Page 14
Sai- I met with Sasuke-kun.
Sai-Orochimaru is constantly around him. If you go after him, you'll be torn apart. Then you'll be one of his experiments and that will be the end.
Sai- That and..

Page 15
Sai- Sasuke-kun didn't say anything of you..
Sai-Even though Sakura-san said that you thought of him as a brother...
Sai- With a guy like him
Sai- Are you really going to go against someone like Orochimaru and go all the way to risking your life in order to bring him back?
Sai- ...Why is that...?
Sai- Even though no one gave you the orders to do so...

Page 16
Naruto- I hated Sasuke.
Naruto...but, after being with him, I had a really fun time. He...
Naruto- More than anyone else, he was the one who acknowledged me.
Naruto- Because he's my friend..
Naruto- Because he finally let me experience a true bond.
Sai- ...

Page 17
Sai- So, facing Orochimaru..
Naruto- Even if my arms were ripped off, I'd kill him by kicking him. If my feet were ripped off, I'd kill him by biting him.
Naruto- If my neck were ripped out, I'd kill him by staring at him.
Naruto- If my eyes were ripped out, I'd kill him by cursing him.
Naruto- Even if I were ripped apart,
Naruto- I'll bring Sasuke back from Orochimaru!

Side text: This "bond" is my proof of existence. From his will comes an unshaking resolve. Now, to Sasuke's recovery!!

Bottom preview: Naruto moves! And Sai!? Next week in color cover: The other side of betrayal!!

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#1. by Sai_1 ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2006
Thanks Sho!
#2. by Predator (Scientist of Anthropology)
Posted on Apr 13, 2006
Changed the title a bit, for easier understanding.

Thanks for your work, Sho. I'll add this to the list right away. :ossu
#3. by seadolpdhinblue14 ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2006
thank u
#4. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2006
Nice to have you in here- the translators section- hope you keep it up. Thanks to SHO!! YAY!!!
#5. by Miso ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2006
Thank you very much, Sho!

Your translation is much appreciated! OSSU!
#6. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Apr 14, 2006
Glad you dropped by again :). we're always glad to have you here :D
#7. by Lynxie ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2006
Thank you for the translation :)

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