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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 467

One Piece Chapter 467

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Aug 27, 2007 02:55 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 467

First week of college plus a WRONG work schedule = skywalker didn't do a whole lot of manga reading this past two weeks. Credit to wikipedia and moreso to Iwanin for his insight on the fencing moves.

Page 01:
Title: The Pirate Zoro vs The Samurai Ryuuma
Subtitle: Enel's Great Space Plan - Volume 32: An attack on the town, for now.

Page 02:
Brook: He opened a vortex.
BGText: A Clash between Swordsmen!!
Brook: For a thrust to fly
Brook: how much physical strength does he have......!!
Ryuuma: ...Yohohoho, so we both missed.
Franky: eeeh!?

Page 03:
Ryuuma: ...Yohohoho That nearly got me...
Franky: What?! When did that Haramaki counterattack?! *Trans note: A haramaki is a waistband worn by older men typically. It is a defining piece of Zoro's costume to the Japanese*
Brook: At about...the same moment.........!!!
Brook: And his attack flew as well...!!
Brook: The Samurai zombie...... it may be moving now due to my shadow but...!!
Brook: In life he was likely a formidable Samurai...!!
Brook: ...if you think of both of them... as swordsmen
Brook: it may be that they share the same type of physical attack.
Brook: If their methods are the same then what might happen
Brook: If they truely share the same destructive force
Brook: This fight
Brook: will not be drawn out.

Page 04:
Ryuuma: Prelude Au fer *Trans note: A fencing attack that is begun by deflecting an opponent's blade*
Zoro: A weapon breaking technique?!
Zoro: Nigiri (Double Slash)
Zoro: Hirameki!! (Flash)
Zoro: Maguma!!! (Demon Bear)

Page 05:
Franky/Brook: Uoh!!!
Ryuuma: Gavotte Bond Avant!!! *Trans note: Gavotte Bond Avant is a forward leap in fencing. The name comes from a french folk dance*

Page 06:
Zoro: Nitouryuu (Two Sword Style)
Zoro: Iai (From Sheath) *Trans note: Iai is a sword style where the attack from from a sheathed position*
Zoro: Rashoumon (Gate of Life) *This move is likely a reference to the famous movie Rashoumon, or the actual gate in Japan.
Zoro(t): He took it!!!

Page 07:
Franky: Uwoh!! The supports are broken.
Franky: Oi, wait a sec...!! This floor will be crushed!!
Franky: Look out!!
Franky: Hey!! We're getting out of here!! The roof is coming down.
Zoro: 72 Pound Cannon!!
Ryuuma: Polka Remise!!! *Trans Note: Ryuuma's moves have a dance/fencing theme. Polka is a dance, and Remise is continuation of an attack without withdrawing one's arm*
Franky: Weapons Left!!!
SFX: crunch
SFX: snap
SFX: thump
SFX: rumble

Page 08:
Zoro: hah
Zoro: hah
Brook: Ack ack
Franky: Ah... man that was close!!
Brook: hm?
Zoro: Nuaaaah!!!

Page 09:
Brook: Uwoh!!
Franky: Aah!! Look out!! You're gonna fall!!
Zoro: Kuh!!
Zoro: He's right on the other side!!
Zoro: hah
Ryuuma: hah
Zoro: Uwah!!

Page 10:
Zoro: Uwoh!!
Zoro: I'm slipping!!
Zoro: hah

Page 11:
Brook: ...how can they fight on this footing...
Zoro: hah...
Zoro: hah...
Zoro: If this this continues much longer my swords won't hold out... the strength of this spirit and this body is really that of the legendary swordsman...!!
Ryuuma: hah...
Ryuuma: hah...
Zoro: hah
Ryuuma: hah
Ryuuma: hah

Page 12:
Franky: Uwoah!!
Franky: Oi!!! Are you alright?!!

Page 13:
Zoro: Ittoryuu... (Single Sword Style)
Zoro: Hiryuu (Fire Dragon)
Ryuuma: ......Hanauta (Humming)
Ryuuma: Sanchou (Three Tool)

Page 14-15:
Ryuuma: Yahazu Giri... (Notched Arrow Strike)
Zoro: Kaen!!!! (Blaze)

Page 16:
Ryuuma: Uwoh!!!
Ryuuma: The cut is on fire?!!

Page 17:
Zoro: hah
Zoro: hah
Ryuuma: .........I've lost.
Ryuuma: hah...
Ryuuma: This meitou, which once served under a legendary samurai...
Zoro: hah
Ryuuma: hah
Ryuuma: Shuusui!! If you are it's master then this sword
Ryuuma: will surely be satisfied.
Ryuuma: hah...

Page 18:
Franky: Just now... what did that samurai say...?
Franky: I mean... what just happened?
Brook: ...In short.........!! this seems to be the finish.........!!!
Brook: This is the first time... I've witnessed a fight like this.
Brook: That samurai... he wasn't
Brook: being serious with me at all............!!!
Brook: That was an amazing battle...
Ryuuma: It pains me...
Ryuuma: to have tarnished this Samurai's body......... with defeat.........!!

Page 19:
Zoro: ...If you simply feel the shame it's enough...
Zoro: You have both the body and mind of a true swordsman...
Zoro: I wish I could have met you in life.
Ryuuma: Uwoooh......!!
Brook: Wah
Brook: Oh!!
Brook: Ba...
Brook: Ba!!
Brook: My shadow has... returned to me!!!
Zoro: I'll accept the katana......!!
Zoro: but let's forget this battle
Zoro: Samurai of the Country of Wa......!! *Trans note: Wa was an ancient name for Japan*
BGText: The Finish!!

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