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Naruto 354

Naruto Chapter 354

+ posted by aine as translation on May 19, 2007 00:41 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 354

(Page 1)

Side Text: The "snake" that was born for only one purpose- But the world, the times, have begun to swell with them.

(Page 2)

Text: Chasing Itachi is the closest route to Sasuke! But...

Jiraiya: Chasing Itachi for the purpose of meeting Sasuke?
Jiraiya: Only... what will you do when you have found him?

Naruto and Sakura: ...

Kakashi: Well.. (Literal: Maa..)
Kakashi: Whatever you do you can't accomplish that with just one little team.

Naruto: What do you mean?(-ttebayo)

Sakura: If we defeat Itachi, Sasuke's goal will disappear. This means our only option is to capture him.
Sakura: That's why we'll need many people in teams working together as a group.

(Page 3)

Kakashi: Which means...
Kakashi: Even we have a lot of people they need to be able to work together as a single team.

Kakashi: Our intended targets are few... which is to say, a one~two person situation.
Kakashi: Here, more than three teams will be easily discovered.

Jiraiya: Also capture requires technique more than killing...
Jiraiya: It would be good to choose people in teams considering the number of missions they have done as


Kakashi: With that, I'll call those selected for the current mission here.

Kakashi: It's okay now, please come in.

(Page 4)

Suigetsu: To think that there is a secret base in a place like this... this is the first time I've heard of it.

(Page 5)

Sasuke: It has nothing to do with Orochimaru.
Sasuke: This is an armoury my clan used.
Sasuke: Here we will ready our preparations for battle.

Suigetsu: All these similar twisting tunnels are confusing here

Karin: But this is really annoying place... it blocks off the breath.
Voice: Well our bad that this place is so annoying.

Karin: !?

Karin: eh? (Literal: Nn?)

Sasuke: It's been a long time.
Sasuke: Denka and Hina. (Note: The names of the cats of Takeuchi Junko, Naruto's seiyuu. She

mentioned them in the first few episodes of the radio show and even wrote a song for them.)

(Page 6)

Cat with "Shinobi" on its head: So it is indeed Sasuke-boy huh... (Literal: Sasuke-boya)
Cat with two slashed lines: What business do you have here-funi? (I think this is just a method of speech.

The "fu" is pronounced "fuu" rather than "fun".

Sasuke: Weapons, medicine and various other things.
Sasuke: To prepare for battles from here on.

Karin: These are...

Suigetsu: Heh.. Talking tanuki?
Suigetsu: Hora come here.

Cat with "Shinobi" on its head: Fuuu!

(Page 7)

Sasuke: These two are nin-cats.
Sasuke: Don't touch them stupidly. You'll get your hand torn ragged.

Cat with two slashed lines: Did you come with any gifts-funi?
Sasuke: Here... another travel bottle. (I don't get it, but that's the literal. There are words on the bottle, but

I can't make them out. ...Sugiyama Noriaki, Sasuke's seiyuu, was also said on that radio show to be very

fond of cats..)

Cat with "Shinobi" on its head: Come with me.
Cat with "Shinobi" on its head: Meet the Neko-baa ("obaa-chan" is grandmother, so probably this means

"cat grandmother")

(Page 8)

Sasuke: I'm indebted to you, Neko-baa.

Neko-baa: As expected you are going to where Itachi is?

(Page 9)

Sasuke: ...

Neko-baa: I've known the two of you well since you were small but
Neko-baa: I never expected something like that to happen.

Neko-baa: Now, the Uchiha are only the two of you...
Neko-baa: That it would come to blows..

Sasuke: I'm going.
Sasuke: Thank you for your help.

Girl: Baachan, do we have clothes of a larger size for this person?

Neko-baa: If that's the case, wrap up in that curtain as you go.
Neko-baa: We're not Uchiha Modistes, you know!
Girl: Baachan, that's a rude thing to say when you've taken his money!

(Page 10)

Juugo: Un.

(Page 11)

Deidara: And now.. which to go to... un.
Tobi: Which?
Tobi: Are you going to say which and what is which?

Deidara: The nine-tailed jinchuuriki around Kakashi or
Deidara: Uchiha Sasuke

Itachi: ...

(Page 12)

Tobi: Let's not do whichever!
Tobi: In any case our assignments are over!

Deidara: Don't kid with me.. I still have a debt to settle with the nine-tailed jinchuuriki.
Deidara: And I have to return Kakashi a favour for my right arm...un.

Deidara: The one who killed Orochimaru, whom I was supposed to kill..
Deidara: It's also allowed to kill Uchiha Sasuke...

Deidara: Let's go, Tobi!

Tobi: Ehh~~~!?

(Page 13)

Kisame: Is that good with you? Itachi-san.

(Page 14)

Sasuke: Let's go.

(Page 15)

Kakashi: Though we're setting out now the weather is awful. Thanks.

(Page 16)

Naruto: Yoshaa!! Let's go!

(Page 17)

Kiba: Isn't the rain good for an overly excited (Literal: hot) person?

Text: The moving "Akatsuki" and "Snake"... these two teams from Konoha will also move!!
Side text: This is the elite Team 8!!

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Thanx a lot aine :amuse
#2. by juUnior ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
thx for translation aine :D It's sure superb good to see much more trans on Naruto :wtf

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