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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 354

Naruto Ch. 354

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on May 19, 2007 00:11 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 354

First translation in quite a while... Tell me if you notice anything... "weird"...

Number 354: Targets Set, Head Out

Page 1

"Hebi", a group formed for but one purpose... yet a swell of action flows through not just them, but begins to sweep the world as a whole

Page 2

The shortest path to Sasuke is the pursuit of Itachi! However...

Frame 1, Tsunade:
So you'll go after Itachi to find Sasuke... Still... Assuming you do locate Itachi, what do you plan on doing?

Frame 3, Kakashi:
Granted... One squad wouldn't be able to do much of anything

Frame 4, Naruto:
Just what do you mean by that?

Frame 5, Sakura:
If we kill Itachi Sasuke won't have any objective to pursue, so capturing Itachi is the only option... In other words, we need to form an even larger group before taking action

Page 3

Frame 1, Kakashi:
Exactly... Still, while a large group is needed, just 2 squads will fit our needs best

Frame 2, Kakashi:
After all, when the number of targets to be captured is small... 1 or 2 targets for instance... You stand a greater risk of being detected with 3 or more squads, not to mention issuing commands becomes difficult thus limiting our overall mobility

Frame 3, Jiraiya:
On top of all that, capture requires a significantly greater amount of technique than just killing someone... Putting a focus on over all teamwork makes it more prudent to choose members that have done a fair number of missions together...

Frame 4, Kakashi:
And with just that in mind I've called on some shinobi just perfect for this mission

Frame 5, Kakashi:
We're ready now... Come one in

Page 4

Frame 4, Suigetsu:
To think there's a hideout here in these ruins... First I've heard of it

Page 5

Frame 1, Sasuke:
Orochimaru doesn't have anything to do with it... It's a weapons dealer that my clan once used... Here we'll make preparations for battle

Frame 2, Suigetsu:
Same type of passageway, one after another... It'd sure be easy to get lost

Frame 3, Karin:
But jeez, this place is a complete drag... I almost feel like choking

Frame 3, ????:
So sorry our home doesn't meet your standards

Frame 5, Karin:

Frame 6, Sasuke:
It been a while... Denka and Hina

Page 6

Frame 1, Denka (guess):
I was wondering if it wasn't little Sasuke...

Frame 1, Hina (guess):
What are you for?

Frame 2, Sasuke:
Weapons, medicine... and whatever else we need... We're here to prepare for coming battles

Frame 3, Karin:
These are...

Frame 4, Suigetsu:
Heh... A talking fox I take it... Come here boy

Frame 5, Denka:

Page 7

Frame 1, Denka:

Frame 1, Suigetsu:

Frame 1, Sasuke:
These are ninja cats... Don't do anything careless... You'll be ripped to shreds

Frame 2, Hina:
Did you bring us a gift?

Frame 3, Sasuke:
Here.... A bottle of catnip

Frame 4, Denka:
Follow me... I'll lead you to Cat Granny

Page 8

Frame 2, Sasuke:
I'm indebted, Cat Granny

Frame 4, Cat Granny:
I take it you'll be heading towards Itachi?

Page 9

Frame 2, Cat Granny:
I've known you two since you were kids, but to think things would come to this... The two of you are all that's left of the Uchihas... A shame you now have to fight to the death...

Frame 3, Sasuke:
We're leaving now... Thank you for everything, now and before as well

Frame 4, Girl:
Grandma, do we have anything larger that will fit this guy?

Frame 5, Cat Granny:
If you need something large, wrap that curtain around yourself... We're not a clothing store here

Frame 5, Girl:
Grandma, don't you think that's a bit rude, considering we've already accepted payment!?

Page 10

Frame 2, Juugo:

Page 11

Frame 4, Deidara:
Well then... Which do we go for... h'm?

Frame 4, Tobi:
Which what? What and what are you talking about?

Frame 5, Deidara:
The nine-tails jinchuuriki being lead by Kakashi.... or Uchiha Sasuke

Page 12

Frame 1, Tobi:
Let's not go for either! We've already met our quotas anyway!

Frame 2, Deidara:
Give me a break... I still have to pay the nine-tails jinchuuriki back for beating on me... Not to mention Kakashi for what he did to my right arm... h'm

Frame 3, Deidara:
And I'm not about to forget how Uchiha Sasuke killed Orochimaru before I had a chance at him...

Frame 4, Deidara:
We're leaving, Tobi!

Frame 5, Tobi:
Awwww, jeeeezz...!!

Page 13

Frame 1, Kisame:
Are you fine with all that? Itachi-san

Page 14/15

Frame 1, Sasuke:
Let's go

Frame 3, Kakashi:
Well isn't this just horrible whether for our departure...

Page 16/17

Akatsuki and Hebi are on the move... As two familar squads from Konoha also head out!!

Frame 1, Naruto:
Alright!! Here we go!!

Frame 1, Kiba:
It's perfect whether when you have someone who's obviously in need of a cold-shower

Bottom-Left Text:
An Elite Team of Eight!!

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Wahhhh :amuse

Thanx a lot :kkthumbs
#2. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on May 19, 2007
DUDE!!! Long time no see :ossu

Thanks for the trans, how ya been btw? School almost out for break? (or is it already?)
#3. by Argandir ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Great translation as always...Thanx
#4. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
whoah, whatta surprise.... Great trans as always... it's been ages.
thanks a lot
#5. by fireboy ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
#6. by 4ghost ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Although it's been a long time it was an excellent translation as usual. Your work is always appreciated here.
#7. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Quote by njt;396713:
DUDE!!! Long time no see :ossu

Thanks for the trans, how ya been btw? School almost out for break? (or is it already?)
School? What's that? >_>



Glad to see there's still a few people who remember me around here though...
#8. by juUnior ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
thx for translation Nihongaeri :D
#9. by ibra87 ()
Posted on May 19, 2007
Whoa, it's Nihon! Welcome back and thanks for your awesome translations :D

Miss your avatar of that pie-like food :o
#10. by Ryoma_Echizen ()
Posted on May 20, 2007
Quote by Nihongaeri;396532:


Lawl, poor NG having to translate kitty language. Welcome back dude.

-Ryoma Echizen
#11. by spy_smasher ()
Posted on May 21, 2007
Whoa! Nohongaeri's back! All respect to the great Naruto translators out there but I always liked yours the best. Welcome back and hope you stay ...
#12. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on May 23, 2007
Where ya been dude? Just dropping in to grace us with a random trans or are you gonna get back into the scene a bit?
#13. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on May 24, 2007
Quote by HisshouBuraiKen;402111:
Where ya been dude? Just dropping in to grace us with a random trans or are you gonna get back into the scene a bit?School among other things... We'll see if I can muster to get back in the game again. Maybe I'll start translation another series also, though...
#14. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on May 25, 2007
Quote by Nihongaeri;403095:
School among other things... We'll see if I can muster to get back in the game again. Maybe I'll start translation another series also, though...

There are plenty of 'em out there in dire need of translators :: points to request section:: :P
#15. by GGpX ()
Posted on May 27, 2007
Welcome back Nihon3 ~

Yeah, a bunch of people need TLers for their series. (Me being one of them for a lot of my series... sigh)
#16. by Gacchan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2007
Nihooooooon~~~~~~~~~~ missed uuuu~~~~ and ur translations of course~~~~~~~~~~~ T_____T

Guess what, I took over after u left shannaro as head of translation dep o_o;;;; I mean, me of all ppl o_O. I never dreamt and wasn't even aiming for that when I applied for proofreading XDD I'm not even fit for the spot, I can still barely read kana >_>;;; and don't even mention kanji xD but I'm trying to work on it~ (but real lessons would be a great help... learning by myself is taking a while :sweatdrop. I'll try and get more seriously down to it this summer) aaah~ I wonder if I'll ever get anywhere as good as senpai~ xD

welcome back, even if it's only for a few chapters~ :cry Brings back memories of what it was like back then.... *nostalgic*

anyway hope all is going well for u though~ ^^ and I really hope u'll be able to translate more often :tem
good luck~! :tem

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