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Needless Special : Goldilocks (0 comments)


Top: A fully original special 32 page story.
Title: Goldilocks
Credit: Imai Kami

Upper Box: Protagonist: Setsuna, Mio, Kuchinashi Enemy: Goldilocks System

Lower left box: First Published: Special Insert with Ultra Jump June 2007 Issue (This page is a reproduction of the insert's cover)

Lower right box: Chapter 17 - Goldilocks - Chapter 16


White box on the right: Author Comment - This is the mysterious Chapter 16.5. It tells the story of the three members of the girl's squad heading back to the Simeon Building after taking Eve hostage in the Iron Mountain battle. I actually designed their clothes just for this story!!

[The rest of this page is needless for anyone who has read... Read More " "
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Needless 114 (0 comments)
Chapter 114


Right text: What is Blade, Eve, and Cruz's fate!?
Left text: Ultra Jump's leading long-running series comes to its emotional final chapter!!
Title: #114 City Arc (25)


Top: Thanks for the 10 years!


SFX: Rooooar
Saten: You will spend hundreds of millions of years in your own brain.
Saten: Before you can complete these last two steps, your nerves will be torn to shreds and your brain's lifespan will run out!!
Saten: You can never reach me!!

Blade: You're so pathetic it's almost refreshing!!
Blade: Is this the only way you could attack me!?

Saten: Didn't I tell you? My power is Dark Matter. It is foreign to this earth.
Saten: If I use this power to twist time and space, neither me nor... Read More " "
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Needless 113 (0 comments)
Chapter 113


Box: Many superhuman legends have been left in the world.

Box: "Those that bathe in the blood of a dragon become invincible."
Box: "Those that eat the flesh of a mermaid become immortal."

Box: It now become clear...
Box: that the dragons, mermaids, and other monsters in those legends...

Box: were the angels who had appeared through the gate of hell!!

Text: The deadly battle is over!? Almighty Blade is born!!
SFX: Crash


Saten: He...

Saten: He is almighty!?

SFX: Steam...
Saten: Ah!

SFX: Sparkle sparkle
SFX: Steam steam
Title: #113 City Arc (24)
Credit: Imai Kami

Cruz: Creation!
Teruyama: I can't be...
Teruyama: He's creating a human!!


Disk: Blade can carry out any thought of... Read More " "
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Needless 112 (0 comments)


Text: An "angel" has descended from another world!!
SFX: Whoosh
Credit: Imai Kami
Title: #112 City Arc (23)

SFX: Shine

Disk: That's...

Cruz: the angel!!!

Eve: An ultra vibration...
Blade: is coming!!


SFX: Burst

SFX: Crash
Gido: Gheh!
Saten: Gfh!

SFX: Spark

SFX: Burst
Disk: Kyaahhh!

SFX: Crash
Cruz: D-Disk-san!!
Cruz: What's wrong!!

Disk: My brain is being hacked!!
Disk: What is this!?


SFX: Crack

SFX: Open

Cruz: It's gathering information using Disk-san!!
Eve: What!?

Angel: War. War.
Angel: Ning. Ning.
Angel: Warning.

Angel: If...attack...
Angel: destroy...
Angel: future!!

Gido: It can't be!!
Gido: It is interfering on its own?

Saten: But we had to remove this seal eventually!
Saten: If we devour it, we... Read More " "
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Needless 111 (0 comments)
Chapter 111


SFX: Wind
Text: For the clones scattered around the world, the moment of fate has come!

Woman: Sam! There you are.

Woman: You aren't wearing a coat.
Woman: Hurry on inside.

Woman: Eh?


SFX: Bulge

Woman: N-
Woman: Noooooooo!


SFX: Burst
Title: #111 City Arc (22)
Woman: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Credit: Imai Kami


SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Saten: This is the true form of god!!

Disk: Saten is...
Cruz: carrying the Stigmata!!


Upper middle article: <Breaking News> Mysterious Explosions Around the World
Lower middle article: Consecutive Terrorist Attacks in America, England, and France
Possibly Hundreds Dead

Disk: The clones around th world are exploding one after... Read More " "
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Needless 110 (0 comments)
Chapter 110


Riru: Why can you...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Text: Saten rebels!! What is his true identity!?
Riru: use Black Attraction!!?

Saten: You never noticed?
Saten: Riru.
Saten: Noticed that you were attracted to me?
SFX: Rumble rumble

Riru: What the hell...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Riru: have you done!?

Saten: You still don't understand?
SFX: Rumble rumble
SFX: Unravel...

Cruz: Ahh!


Saten: I am...
SFX: Unravel...

Title: #110 City Arc (21)
Credit: Imai Kami
Saten: Adam Arclight.


Cruz: Ehhhhhh!!?
Teruyama: Whaaat!!?

Blade: Saten is...Arclight!?
Eve: What does that mean!?

Saten: Riru, I have taken your Girls Squad.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Saten: I planted the ESP virus in them one at a time.

Saten: Now, girls.
Saten: Eat... Read More " "
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Needless 109 (0 comments)
Chapter 109


Text: A forbidden secret revealed!!!
SFX: Roar

Blade: You were...
Blade: behind all this!?

Disk: Gido!! You helped bring all this about!?
Disk: You're the great scientist that created Blade and Arclight! Are you really okay with the earth being destroyed!?

Gido: To me, Eve represents the memories of the woman I loved.
SFX: Beep
Gido: You could say she is like my daughter!!


SFX: Open

SFX: Squeak squeak

Gido: That is because...
SFX: Dramatic
Gido: Eve's brain is Kasumi-kun's.
Title: #109 City Arc (20)
Credit: Imai Kami

Disk: No way!!


Cruz: She's the one that worked with him in the Adam Project lab!!

Gido: Kasumi was...
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble
Gido: the only woman I ever loved.

Cruz: Come to... Read More " "
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Needless 108 (0 comments)
Chapter 108


Blade: He...
Blade: ate the angel!!!
SFX: Rumble rumble
Text: Charging into the climax! Volume 15 is on sale now!!
Title: #108 City Arc (19)
Credit: Imai Kami

Cruz: That's...
Cruz: Arclight!!?


SFX: Boom
Blade: Kwah!

SFX: Block

Blade: Hey, god!!
Blade: Why do you want to hog it all to yourself!? Huh!?

Arclight: I will literally...
Arclight: become a god and remake the world!!


SFX: Wham

Blade: Hah!!
Blade: Now that's a line for a final boss!!

SFX: Sparkle sparkle

Disk: The 666-Member Committee was meant to select the 666 people who would survive after the world ended!!
Disk: So are they trying to end the world!?

Teruyama: But how!!?


Blade: What? Are you going to fire some huge missile!?
Blade: Or... Read More " "
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Needless 107 (0 comments)
Chapter 107


Arclight: This is the power of a god!!!
Text: Arclight vs. Blade! Who will win!?
Title: #107 City Arc (18)
Credit: Imai Kami

Eve: Ohhh!
SFX: Boom

Teruyama: So...
SFX: Flame
Teruyama: what!?


Mio: Mio-chan Kiiick!
SFX: Boom
Teruyama: Little Boooyyy!!!

SFX: Slide slide

Blade: Mio-tan!!

Cruz: Teruyama-san!!


SFX: Crash crash crash

Arclight: Damn you...

Mio: Sorry!
Mio: Papa! Mama!

SFX: Lined up
Teruyama: Sorry about the wait, Blade!!!

Blade: I thought you were fighting the Girl's Squad!

Teruyama: They started coughing up blood and disappeared.
Teruyama: I guess they were too scared of my strength.


SFX: Slam
Teruyama: Bh!

Teruyama: Owwww!!! The hell are you doing!!?

SFX: Appear
Blade: Nice.
Teruyama:... Read More " "
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Needless 106 (0 comments)
Red Hawk has dropped Needless, so I am posting my translations here again and they are free for anyone who wants to use them.

Chapter 106


SFX: Rain
Man: H-hey!
Box: 16 years ago.
Man: I found a survivor!

Man: Bring a stretcher over here!
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Box: Adam Project Ruins
Text: What happened to her on that ruinous day 16 years ago!?


Title: #106 City Arc (17)
Bottom: Volume 15 will be released on November 19th!!
Text: The Blade vs. Arclight rematch begins! Who will be the victor of this battle of destiny!?


SFX: Bshh

Riru: Uuh...
Riru: Uuuh...

Man: Are you okay!?
Man: Can you tell me your name!?

SFX: Whisper...

Man: What!?
Man: Say it again!!

Riru: E...
Riru: ve...

Man:... Read More " "
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Kurenai 49 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 49


Zena: Hey, what's wrong?
Zena: Come and get me,
Zena: Kurenai-kun.

SFX: Pant pant

Shinkurou: She's the one...
Shinkurou: This is the power...
Shinkurou: that killed Benika-san...

SFX: Clench

Shinkurou: I have to do this.
Shinkurou: I can't hold back anything!!
Title: Chapter 49 An Unavoidable Fight


Ginko: That's why you're such an idiot.

Shinkurou: What would...
Shinkurou: she think about a situation like this?

Ginko: What's important is being able to adapt to the situation.
Ginko: If you are in danger, immediately draw back.
Ginko: If things get bad, immediately run away.

Ginko: Who are you up against?
Shinkurou: A powerful enemy.
Ginko: What are your odds of success?
Shinkurou:... Read More " "
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Kurenai 48 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 48
[Note: I translated from the volume and the chapter numbers in the volumes are one behind the ones in the magazine, so this is Chapter 48 even though the last one was too.]


Title: Chapter 48 Solitary Fortress

Shinkurou: B-
Shinkurou: Benika-san...

SFX: Rinnnng

Phone: Caller - Murakami Ginko
SFX: Rinnnng

SFX: Beep
Shinkurou: ...Hello?

Ginko: Shinkurou? It's me.
Ginko: I wanted to tell you before, but I lost my chance in the confusion.
Ginko: I'll tell you now.


Ginko: Juuzawa Benika...
Ginko: is being targeted.

Ginko: She will likely enter into a battle...
Ginko: in the very near future.

Shinkurou: Wh-
Shinkurou: Who would do that?

Ginko: The top adviser of the Akuu Company...
Ginko:... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 25 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 25


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 25 Farewell, Old Friend
Right text: Volume 2 is on sale now!
Left text: The scene fills everyone's eyes...
SFX: Bang
Man: Gyah...

Terrorist: We pray that you...
Terrorist: come to a quick decision.

News: The confinement of 12 heads of state and their families in Tokyo Neo Tower by terrorists naming themselves Bloody Monday...
News: has reached the worst possible conclusion.
Text: Live - Tokyo Neo Tower
News: Shocking footage of 12 innocent hostages being murdered has been sent out!


News: The terrorists demand that the governments of the 12 nations sell all of their US dollars!
News: The world exchange system is currently down,... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 24 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 24


Kujou: Bring out one hostage from each of the G12 nations including Japan...
Kujou: and execute them.
Woman: Honey!

Man: E-
Man: Ee!
Man: Wh-what!?
Man: What are you doing?

Woman: Stop!
Woman: Don't take her away!

Kujou: Film the execution and send it out to the whole world.
Boy: Papa!

Kujou: After that, have all the world's governments sell their American dollars in addition to Japan.
Kujou: The instant the world's exchange system goes back up, it will be over!!
Text: Volume 2 goes on sale Friday December 16th!


Kujou: What is wrong, Condor?
Kujou: Are you having doubts?
Condor: ...No.

Condor: It's just...the JSDF is supposed to protect.
Condor: If I said the thought of using our... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 23 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 23


J: I had two terrorists in the control room eliminated to restore the system.
J: The enemy is headed for the control room too.
J: First, you need to slip past the battlefield...
J: and get to the control room...
J: before they do.

Fujimaru: The control room is on the west end of the Gate Floor!
Fujimaru: I need to hurry!

Fujimaru: I've secured a route!

Fujimaru: I don't see any terrorists on the surveillance cameras.
Fujimaru: Okay, just a bit further...


Fujimaru: Oh, no!!

Terrorist: I've spotted someone! Hurry!!

SFX: Chk
Terrorist: Take him out!!

SFX: Bang

Fujimaru: Ohh!
Fujimaru: Damn you!!
SFX: Shatter

SFX: Rumble


SFX: Crash
Terrorist: Gyaahh!!
SFX: Thud

Fujimaru: Damn!
Fujimaru:... Read More " "
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Needless 101 (0 comments)
For Red Hawk NEO only

With Pew Pew no longer doing Needless, I will be releasing the scripts here for anyone to use.
EDIT: Red Hawk NEO has agreed to take on the project, so the scripts will no longer be public.

Chapter 101


Cruz: My...
Text: Cruz awakens! What is his power!?
Cruz: power!?
Text: Volume 14 is on sale now!!
Title: #101 City Arc (12)
Credit: Imai Kami

Cruz: I-impossible!!

Disk: Your perception is always amazing...
Disk: but you never see anything when it comes to yourself.


Disk: You didn't notice?
Disk: There were plenty of signs.
Cruz: Eh!?

Blade: Think back to the fight with Arclight...
Blade: or the fights with Kafka and Uten.

Blade: You remained relatively unscathed even in those... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 22 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 22


Crowd: Kyahhh!!
Crowd: They're burning! They're burning!
Crowd: Wahh!
Crowd: It's really a terrorist attack!!
SFX: Shouts

Fujimaru: The diversion was a success!
Fujimaru: I'll be at the tower soon!!

Text: Volume 1 is on sale now!

SFX: Pant pant pant


SFX: Click

SFX: Whirrrrr

SFX: Clatter

Fujimaru: This just might...
Fujimaru: work.
Text: He knows the danger! He is prepared for the worst!!
SFX: Clank
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 22 The True Nature of the Enemy

Fujimaru: If I remove the safety device for the weight limit...
Fujimaru: it should manage up to 70 kg!

Fujimaru: Here goes.
Fujimaru: Begin the ascent!!
SFX: Flash

SFX: Whirrrrr
SFX: Thunk


SFX: Roar
Fujimaru:... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 21 (0 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 21


J: Ahh...
J: Now you've done it.
J: Now the mission's in trouble.

J: This is a problem to the mission as a whole...
J: but they'll also realize something is wrong when the dead terrorist, Jacob, and Takagi Haruka do not return.

J: We've given them a hint that the "uncertain factor" is you, Falcon.
J: If Kujou realizes it's you, he'll cut off internet access to the tower even if he has to cut off all power, including the backup power.
J: If that happens...
J: it's all over.


J: Even...
J: your determination to rescue all 200 hostages and prevent the Storyteller's terrorism...
SFX: Crinkle

J: will be over.

Fujimaru: I'll go.
J: Are you serious?

Fujimaru: Give me... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 20 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 20


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Text: Volume 1 is on sale now!
Title: File 20 A Gun Barrel Held Forward

Fujimaru: Damn.
Text: Girl vs. Terrorist!!
Fujimaru: I thought they would at least allow him to go alone when taking a girl to the bathroom...
Fujimaru: but I guess not.
J: Yes, but this is still only one terrorist with them.
J: And no other hostages took this chance to use the bathroom. We were lucky.


J: Given the overall plan, we can't have Jacob use any forceful methods at the moment.
J: As such...
J: she is going to have to help us out some more.

J: If she can...
J: that is.

SFX: Clench

Fujimaru: I know!
Fujimaru: Damn...
Fujimaru: you're annoying.


Fujimaru: Listen,... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 19 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 19


SFX: Bang bang

SFX: Ricochet ricochet

Kanou: Pant pant. Damn, I just can't hit them.
Kanou: And yet you managed to hit them.
Kanou: I'm losing confidence in myself here.
Kurata: I hope Mamiya-san is okay...

Kurata: Maybe my radio is broken.
Kurata: I can't seem to contact him.

SFX: Focus


Kanou: I can't...
Kanou: contact Makimura either.

Kurata: Does that mean...?

Kanou: Don't be silly!
Kanou: They wouldn't get taken out so easily!!
SFX: Slap

SFX: Smile
Kanou: ...Right?

Kurata: ...Right!
Kurata: We just need to believe that they are on the way to secure their route...
Kurata: while we make sure to secure the other route!

Kanou: Right.
Kanou: Don't lose your focus, Kurata!
Kurata:... Read More " "
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Bloody Monday Last Season 18 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 18


Makimura: Mamiya-san?

Title: File 18 Third-i's Wings
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Text: The truth appears on his face!
Makimura: What is that...
Makimura: on your face?

Text: Last Season Volume 1 is on sale now!

Mamiya: Makimura.


Mamiya: You have...
Mamiya: something on your face, too.

Makimura: Eh?
SFX: Reach

SFX: Grab

Makimura: Mamiya-san!?
Makimura: What are you-!?
SFX: Turn


Mamiya: You idiot.
SFX: Push

Mamiya: I was hoping to keep you alive for a bit longer.

Makimura: Eh?


SFX: Bang bang

SFX: Hit

SFX: Bang abng

SFX: Collapse collapse


SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Makimura: Why is Mamiya-san doing this!!?
Makimura: What is going on!?

Makimura: And why are the shot terrorists... Read More " "
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Kurenai 48 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 48


Box: Seiryou Academy

Text: Volume 8 is on sale now!!

Text: With the chaos in Kyoto resolved, Shinkurou's peaceful days return...

Announcement: Sorry for the interruption...
Announcement: but we have an announcement.

Announcement: Kurenai Shinkurou-kun of Year 1 Class 1...
Announcement: is to immediately report to the headmaster's office.

Sign: Headmaster's Office


Murasaki: Uuh!
Murasaki: Hinkuwou!!

Shinkurou: You...?
Murasaki: Mh?

Murasaki: You should be glad!
Murasaki: Today I came to see you!


Text: A flower of evil blooming in the ugly darkness!!!
Title: Chapter 48 Downfall of the Strongest
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto... Read More " "
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Kurenai 47 (0 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 47


Text: Volume 8 is on sale now!!

SFX: Rustle

Text: A mysterious group appears, watching over the chaos in Kyoto!!


Ginko: Stop!!

Ginko: How could you raise your hand against a child!?
SFX: Approach

Koto: Don't think that you can escape.

Koto: Just...
Koto: wait there.


Text: The same form, different hearts...and the same earnestness.
Title: Chapter 47 True Feelings
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke

SFX: Run run


SFX: Pant pant

Shinkurou: It's no good.
Shinkurou: The grounds are just too large. I can't figure out which way to go.

Murasaki: How about you put me... Read More " "
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Kurenai 46 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 46


Text: The two finally meet...

Murasaki: By the way, Kirihiko.
Kirihiko: Yes?


Murasaki: Why are you here in Kyoto?

Kirihiko: I just wanted...
Kirihiko: to get far away!

Kirihiko: I have no right...
Kirihiko: to be with you two anymore...

Shinkurou: Th-
Shinkurou: That's not true, Kirihiko-chan.


Murasaki: You fool!!
Murasaki: What are you talking about!?

Murasaki: We are friends!!
Murasaki: It's okay for us to be together!!

Kirihiko: Eh?
Kirihiko: B-but...
Kirihiko: I tried to kill all of you...

Murasaki: Such trivial things do not matter!
Kirihiko: Trivial!?

Murasaki: Anyway...
Murasaki: you didn't do anything wrong, right?
SFX: Nod nod


Murasaki: Okay!
SFX: Smile

Murasaki: I believe... Read More " "
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Kurenai 45 (1 comments)
For JAC only

Chapter 45


Text: A mysterious masked figure targets Murasaki!!

SFX: Jump back
Text: The long-awaited Volume 8 will be released on Friday November 4th!!

Murasaki: What...!?

Murasaki: Who are you!!?


SFX: Grab


Kirihiko: Uuh...

Murasaki: K-

Murasaki: Kirihiko!!?

Masked figure: Tch!!


SFX: Tug

SFX: Wham

SFX: Slump
Murasaki: Kirihiko!!


Text: The Japanese heart of this Yamato Nadeshiko conceals a deadly blade...
Bottom: Volumes 1-7 are on sale now!! Volume 8 will be released on Friday November 4th!!
Title: Chapter 45 Lies and Hugs
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke


Shinkurou:... Read More " "
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