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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

One Piece 566


+ posted by fishbot as translation on Dec 2, 2009 19:21 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 566

Big thanks go to Njt for pointing some things out~! o/

This translation may be used after MangaStream's release has been up for 24 hours. International scanlators and/or translators are free to use it as long as my name is credited in the final release.

Drinking cola as they ease their way out of another adventure – Cheers!
Chapter 566: Assault
Oda Eiichiro

Insert text: Luffy vs. 3 admirals!
Insert bubble: !!?
Luffy: Gear / Second!!!

Insert bubble: !!!
Kizaru: Ow~~ / You’re too slooow~~~… / PEW!!!

Sengoku: Proceed!
Marine: Yessir!
Luffy: Ace~~~!!!
Insert bubble: !!?

Sengoku: Who did that!! / Sengoku: You…!! / Because of the grudge you hold against him, you are the last person we expected to assist Whitebeard!! / CROCODILE!!!
Marco: Eh… Why it's not my turn yet...
Luffy: Eh!!? It’s him!!!
Crocodile: I can finish the old geezer off later… / …But seeing you scum so cheerful makes me sick!

Marines: Eh!!?
Doflamingo: Oi, oi, Croc bastard…!!
Marines: DOFLAMINGO!!!
Doflamingo: You’re going to reject my proposal and team up with Whitebeard instead!? / You’re going to make me jealous… Fufufu!!!!
Crocodile: ......... // Who said I was teaming up with anyone…
Marines: Uwaah!!!

Insert bubble: *drip* *drip*
Aokiji: Your grandfather is a man to whom I owe a great debt… / But the path you’ve chosen leads only to your death.
Luffy: Ouch!!! Dammit!!
Hancock: You bastard!!! / How dare you do that to Luffy…!!!
Insert bubble: !!!
Marines: Ah…!!! Admiral!!! / That’s…!! // First Division Commander / Marco!!!

Marines: We’ve let three people penetrate our defense line / They possess the fruit power that let them climb the wall!!! / Fleet Admiral, Sir!!! The pirates in the bay have started moving erratically!!!
Insert bubble: !?
Pirates: Everyone, swim towards Oars~~~!!! / Our goal is the plaza, no matter the consequences!!!
Insert bubble: The pirates have gotten desperate!!! Defend the hole in the wall with your lives!!
Vice-admiral: Foolish pirates, they’ve lost their cool after losing their ship and their footing. / They’ll be easy pickings from now on. FIRE!!
Marine: Hm?

Insert bubble: !!?
Insert bubble: Eh!!!?
Pirates: Gather up everyone! / We’re ready to embark!
Marines: No way! / That ship!! / Another coated ship has appeared!
Vice-admirals: Damn it!!! / It was hidden at the bottom of the sea this entire time!
Sengoku: What…!!
Whitebeard: I never said all my ships had surfaced…!!
Marines: That’s a paddle ship!!! They’re coming!!!

Marines: Aim for the Moby Dick and sink her into the depths of the sea!
Marines: No!!! Not the ship!!! / Shoot Oars instead!!! / Eh!?
Whitebeard: It’s too late!!!
Oars: Ear ee gow, erfreewan! // Uraaaah~~~!!!
Insert bubble: !!? / ………!!!
Marines: Uwaaaaah~~~!!! / He’s back on his feet and grabbed the ship!

Marines: They’ve gotten through our defensive line!!!
Garp: They sure have exploited that tiny hole in the wall!! / Hell, that hole may as well be their ally!!
Pirates: Everybody onward to the plaza~!!! // Save Aceee~~~!!! / Take the Marine Headquarters by forceee~~~~~!!!
Ace: Old man!!!
Sengoku: Whitebeard…!!!
Whitebeard: Ace! Is your head still where it’s supposed to be!?
Insert bubble: !!?
Pirates: Ace!!!
Oars: Aaah…
Insert bubble: ………!!!

Oars: Eyz-gun… / Wee mazd sayf…
Pirates: Oars…!!!
Ace: Oars…!!! / !
Marines: Whitebeard has made it to the plaza~~~~~!
Whitebeard: Stay away from me, my children…!! // Uuaaaaaa!!

Insert bubble: ………!!
Akainu: ………
Whitebeard: The time has finally come! We’re going to rescue Ace! / And take out the whole naval force!
Sengoku: Garp…
Ace: ………
Garp: Yeah…
Sengoku: Looks like this war… / Insists on the two of us participating…!!
Insert text: Here comes the Fleet Admiral!!!
Chapter 566… / END.

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Approved by njt

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 3, 2009
Marco: What the… Good I didn’t have to step in…
The "yoi" part is just part of his speech, not "yoi" as in good.

They possess the power to climb the wall!!! /

They don't have a power that lets them climb the wall :p they're fruit users and thus were able to get passed it.

It still could sound more natural, but yeah - fix these and the other things i mentioned in my trans (like the oars not speaking to ace, but the pirates) and I'll approve o/
#2. by fishbot (Intl Translator)
Posted on Dec 3, 2009
Thanks Njt~ o/
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