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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 572

The Times They Are A-Changin'

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 28, 2010 01:20 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

1: "Fire Fist Ace!!"
White text: The blaze of a counterattack!!
2: has been freeeeeeeeeed!!!
3: You did it, Straw Haaaaaat!!!
4: He stole back Aaaaaace!!!
5: Since back in Impel Down, it's been nothing but a series of absurd stunts...!!! That guy
really is!!!
6: a man who knows how to get things done-chable!!!
7: Don't get careless, Luffy!!
8: Gotcha!!!
9: "Hibashira" (*Fire Pillar)
10: Uwaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
11(2b): Ace-san!! Luffy-kun!!!
12: They're strong, be careful!!!

1: Can you fight, Luffy?!?!
2: Of course!!! Haa...!! Haa...!!!
3: Fire Fist Ace is a "Fire" [Logia]!
4: Don't let him get away, no matter what!!!
5(2b): I never thought in even my wildest dreams...that the day would come when I'd be
rescued by you.
6: Thanks, Luffy.
7(2b): Shishishishih!! It's just 'cuz Uncle Whitebeard and his guys helped me out!!

1: Don't think you're saved just yet!!!
2: bo bo boh!!
3: This'll be the execution site for the both of you!!!
4: byoyooon!
5: Hnnnnn!!
6: Oaahhhh!!!
7: hyuu!!!
8: That's my little brother. There's no need to lay a finger on him, alright?!

1: "Fire Fist!!!"
2: Uoooooooohhhhhhh!!!

1: Fufu!! How truly well-coordinated they look!!
2: Create a path for them to escaaaaaape!!!
3: Give "Fire Fist" and "Straw Hat"
4: the death penaltyyyyyyyyy!!!

1: You've really gotten strong, Luffy!
2: Just wait, someday I'll get even stronger than you, Ace!!
3: "Ice Block"
4: "Admiral Aokiji"
5: Wah!! That guy!
6: Well then, let me keep protecting you for now.
7: Get back, Luffy.
8: "Pheasant Peck!!!"
9: "Kyoukaen!!!" (*Mirror Blaze)
10: juwahh!!

1: Squardo!!!
2: It's the Maelstrom Spider Pirates!!!
3: Those bastards...
4: Don't be a fool, Squardo!!!
5: Do you have a death wish?!?!
6: ......!! Hell yeah I do, after what I did to the old man!
7: Even if it doesn't atone for my sins...!!
8: This is the only thing that will satisfy me!!!
9: Grab Ace and get outta here, everyone!!!
10: Squardo, that idiot...!! He picked a really stupid way to do this!!
11: Zeh
12: Hey, hurry up and get this cuff off!!

1: Uoooohhhhhhh!!! What?! The ship stopped!!
2: Haa...haa...

1: .......!! What a disgrace! How did I allow this to happen?!
2: Fleet Admiral!!
3(2b): Fu fu fu fu!! Let 'em get away! That'll make the aftermath more interesting!
4: Don't be ridiculous!!!
5: There's no need to panic. I won't let the lot of them leave this place.
6: Admiral Sakazuki!!
7: What post does this traitor belong to!!?
8: None! He's just a prisoner in disguise!!
9: Uwaaaaahhh!! Everyone get out of the way, the enemy's ship has started moving!!!
10: Don't get near it!!! It's running on the ground using its paddle!!!
11: Hey, someone's riding it!!!
12(2b): Old man!!! Please let everyone get away!!! We'll undertake this battlefield!!!

1: Old maaaaaaan!!
2(3b): Do you know how disobedient it is for a child to die before his father...?
Haa...don't you get it, Squardo?!
3(3b): Don't be so full of yourself! That little stab of yours didn't shake my life one
bit...!! Haa...everyone has their own life span...
4: We've done what we came for...now,
5: Pops...
6: Old man...!!
7(2b): there's no more reason for us to be here!! ......!! cough
8(2b): What I'm about to tell you now...!! Is my final "Captain's Order"...!!!
9: Listen carefully...Whitebeard Pirates!!!

1: Final...wait a minute, old man!! Don't say such a thing!!!
2: We don't wanna hear stuff like that!!!
3: We're all going to return to the "New World" together, right!!?
4: Old man...!!!
5: This is where you and I split up!!!!
6: Every single one of you!! Stay alive at all costs!!! Return to the New World in one
7: O...old man!!?
8: You're planning on dying here!!?
9(2b): I'm a remnant of my era...!!! There ain't no ship that's going to carry me out to
the new one...!!!

1: Go oooon!!!! All you bastaaaaaaards!!!
2: Noooo, old maaaaaaan!!!
3: That's a Captain's Order!! ....!! Get outta here!!!
4: Uncle!!
5: Old man...!!

1: Don't look back. The times are going to change!!!
2: grin!!
3: Uwaaaaaaaahhh!!!
4: Whitebeard!
5(2b): There's no such thing as a pirate who's got no interest in booty. Just what is it
you want?
6: Hey, Newgaaaaate!!
7: This ended up being one hell of a long journey...
8: What do you say we settle things once and for all...Marines!!!
White: The final battle!!

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