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Hell Teacher Nube 247 (0 comments)
#247: A Soul Dutiful to Humans

Minki: Next is gonna be Vol. 29---!
(TN: You know with as many complaints one can make about Minki...proportions isn't one of them. She is hot, as annoying as she can get.)

(Title page...not much to say except we have Nube essentially walking to doom just to save Tamamo!)

Nube: Here is the mansion of the nine-tail fox...
Tamamo: Ah...ah...ah...
Nube: I'll absolutely save you, Tamamo.
SFX: Giiii...

Nube: ---I thought he wasn't going to meet us easily, but he seems to be readily meetable.
Tsuwabukimaru: don't understand. The terror of Kyuubi-sama.
SFX: Gata gata gata
Tsuwabukimaru: The nine-tail fox is a youkai who is smart and has power. ... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 246 (0 comments)
#246: Heavenly Fox: Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi

Tamamo: Farewell, my rival.

Tsuwabukimaru: Ku...Ta...Tamamo-sama!! What were you thinking! That human-transformation jutsu has already reached it's expiration date and as is will become an invalid and yet...
Nube: Is that for certain?
Tsuwabukimaru: I've inquired about it with Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi-sama, the youko god who is the eldest of the youko valley.
(TN: "Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi" literally translates into "The Golden-Fur Jewel-Faced Nine-Tails"; in particular note is the factor that a "kyuubi" is considered the most powerful of foxes and generally seen in legend of youko such as the original... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 245 (0 comments)
#245: Tamamo's Time-Limit

SFX: Buru buru gata gata
Tamamo: Haa haa haa
Doctor: What's the matter, Tamamo-sensei?
Tamamo: I'll leave you the rest...
SFX: Yoro yoro...
SFX: Batan!
Tamamo: Has the time finally come...

Tamamo: Guaa...

Tamamo: Gu...
SFX: Gasha~~~n
Tamamo: Gahaa
Tamamo: Fufu...I knew that my time remaining was already a mere bit suddenly come to this it time for me to pay the price...
(TN: The term Tamamo uses here is "Nengu no Osamedoki"; literally it stands for "time to pay the land tax". Usually it should stand for "time to get serious", but "time to pay the price" seemed to work here)
"Fox": Forget that... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 244 (0 comments)
#244: Walking Jampyuu

Voice: Dinner--! Please come qui--ckly.
Boy: O--K.
(TN: Of particular note: the mech toy the kid is playing with here is a slight "homage" to the title mech of the Takara-funded anime "The King of Brave GaoGaiGar", which aired between 1997 and 1998; by which the series would have been ended about this time in 1998 with the final episode airing in January)
Boy: I'm tired of this too.
SFX: Gacha!
Boy: Hey, buy me a new toy---...
SFX: Shuuuu

(Title page...and that thing is...)

Voice: Wo--w, Jampyuu is playing it's bugle---!
(TN: First of all, the "Jampyuu" in the title should probably be "Jumpyuu", but since the title is on this... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 243 (0 comments)
#243: Tears Even in an Oni's Eyes!?

Hiroshi: Mi...
Miki: Minki has...
Nube: Got her panties on!!

Minki: Minki--! Full power!!

SFX: Guoooooh
Nube: Ku...what energy! I...I'm at my wits end, what can I do about those panties?
Kyouko: This is terrible: Nube will become panties!
Hiroshi: Nube, will you end up becoming panties?
Miki: Will we change the title to Hell Panties Nube!?
Nube: Uuuh, in spite of the amazing crisis, there isn't a feeling of tension...

Minki: Fufufu: here I go, Nueno Meisuke!
SFX: Kiiii
Nube: Uh...
Minki: Minki Pants...
Nube: Gu...
Katsuya: This is *nkey Punch...
(TN: Sadly the only way to make this joke work in English was to once again try to adjust the whole... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 242 (0 comments)
#242: Are Oni Panties Good Panties!?

Yukime: So felt it too.
Tamamo: Yes...I truly felt a powerful youki appearing at Doumori Elementary. It Oni...
Tamamo: An Oni invasion that once shook Doumori...will that nightmare return again...
SFX: Kiki--
SFX: Batan!
Tamamo: Mu
Tamamo: What is that light!?
SFX: Paaa...

Tamamo: N
Yukime: Eh

Yukime: Kyaaa~~~~what are you doing, you pervert fox~~~!!
SFX: Bakii (Hiit)
Tamamo: Someone like you in that appearance!! You lewd yukionna!!
Kyouko: Kya---
Noriko: Noo~~
Miki: A~~h
Nube: ---How could there be a little sister to Zekki and this disturbance your action...

Nube: Minki!
Minki: Fufufu: that's right. It's my... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 241 (0 comments)
#241: Oni-Maiden: Minki Appears!
(TN: About this title: the Japanese title was "Oni Musume"; while "musume" generally is the Japanese term for "daughter", it also is commonly used as well as a term for a girl in general, thus the usage here in my title as "maiden"...mostly because the one we're going to meet really never has a father revealed...)

Narrator: "Oni"---Nube has twice ever fought with Oni. The first time was with "Baki", the Oni that was sealed into his left hand at the end of his deadly struggle; the second time was "Zekki", his little brother.
*Consult vol. 23, 24, etc.
Narrator: And...a third terror (?) is... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 240 (0 comments)
#240: Agyousan

Caption: Nube has died.

(Title page...yeah, he's really dead...though I think Shinigami has more to do with it than anything considering she was the one who slashed him at the time of his heart spasm that killed him)

Narrator: And so...a week passed...

Hiroshi: Did the pipe over there pipe out?
(TN: The "earthen pipe pipe out" joke Hiroshi makes here is actually a rather simple pun: he ends up going "soko no dokan dokan kai", which is saying that the "dokan" (an earthen pipe used in plumbing) go "dokan" (as in the noise), leading to...well the obvious Hiroshi scorn)
SFX: Boso
SFX: Baki Doka Gusha
Kyouko: That's cruel, Hiroshi,... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 239 (0 comments)
Volume 28: Shinigami
#239: Shinigami

Nube: Oh, success. Lucky--It's coming to me today...
"Girl": Um...You're Nueno Meisuke-san...are you?
Nube: Oh--oh--oh--it's been a while--! Well, you've become a beauty, huh---!
Nube: ---So, who are you then? (Ha ha ha...)
"Girl": No, this is our first meeting. I am...

Shinigami: A Shinigami.
(TN: Obviously this being is well known through a lot of Japanese-based stories, but for those who don't know: "Shinigami", or "Death God" as it is translated, is a being that is seen in Japanese culture as the personification of death. While some say this could be tied to a Chinese idea tied to "psychopomps", it... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 238 (0 comments)
#238: A Scary Hospital Story

Tamamo: Don't miss volume 28 either!
(TN: While I can't say whether or not Nagumo's "comment" about vol. 28 is right or not (though with personal dreads of that volume...heh, at least I've made it), it is weird that someone who just stuck around for one arc like Tamamo's Youshin form gets a side-cover/final say. I guess it was due to his notability in the Youkai Doctor arc but at the same time it does make one wish some other characters got similar love)

Narrator: It started with a sudden stomachache during class.
Kyouko: Uh.
Kyouko: Owowow...
Nube: N? What's--the matter, Kyouko?
Hiroshi: Haha, that--state is for having poop packing in her for ten... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 237 (0 comments)
#237: Mari-san (end)

Mari: Ouu...
Noriko: Th...this a spiritualist ghost!?
Nube: A psycho-ghost...when a person with strong spiritual power while alive becomes a dead spirit, they possess an earth-staggering power. It rejected even my spiritual power...

Nube: To make a spiritualist ghost rest in peace...the ghost itself must cooperate 100% with the exorcist and let itself rest in peace...however...
Nube: Well, come...
SFX: Kuwa
SFX: Doga
Nube: Guaa!

Noriko: Teacher...
SFX: Gara gara
Noriko: Hi!
Mari: My! Doll! Search for it's limbs!
SFX: Zui
Mari: Within the remaining 6 days. If you throw it away this time, you won't be forgiven.
SFX: Jori jori
SFX: Suu...

Sign:... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 236 (0 comments)
#236: Mari-san (beginning)

Narrator: July, one year ago, OO Prefecture, XX Elementary School...
Voice: Shifua Kyafuan Issei Jorai Taishou Kenshou Sanmaya Issei Manda Rachi...
Priest: Kinkoushou Satta Yosan Kaichuu Choufuku Buyo...
Boy: Ah...awawawa...
Boy: mee...
Boy: Uwaa~~~Hiii~~
SFX: Bata bata bata
SFX: Zuba

Voice: Here...with this, it is as it was...ufufufufu...
SFX: Bota...bota...
Narrator: That was...known by everyone if you were one who attended school...
"Voice": Ufufu...ahaha...
Narrator: And...the scariest of the great mysteries of campus. It's name is...

Narrator: Mari-san

Caption: Date: ? Daily Duty: ()
Nube: What is th---is?
Makoto: Gross!
Kyouko:... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 235 (0 comments)
#235: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 12th: The Final Word

Announcer: This is a state of emergency!! A giant monster has appeared around the mountains on the outskirts of the town of Doumori! The city is under attack!
Police: Don't panic! Please calm and find shelter!
Child: Mama---
Voice: Save us---

SFX: Zzu...n... | Gogo...
Sign: Doumori Hospital
Voice 1: Is no one...there?
Voice 2: Yes...everyone is taking shelter.
SFX: Zatsu
Nube: We can return to our bodies at last.
Tamamo: Let's hurry, Nueno-sensei.

SFX: Katsu
Nube: The problem is from here on.
SFX: Shuuu
Tamamo: What do we do about that...

(Title page...yeah, giant 8-headed monster attacking the... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 234 (0 comments)
#234: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 11th: The Reviving Orochi!?

Narrator: The Cursed Mansion: Hyakkokukan! Eight hours have already passed since Hiroshi, Kyouko and the others entered this mansion!
Narrator: And now...within the dome of the Orochi Origin Device made tens of meters underground...their final battle with the Youkai Doctor is unfolding out...
Kyuusaku: Ha~~~

Kyuusaku: Uwaaaa, s...s**t---
Kyouko: Hinokami-kun! Quickly deliver the finisher! He's returning to life again!
SFX: Cha

Hiroshi: It's none of your business, Hinokami----what power can we borrow from you!
Kyouko: What are you saying, stupid Hiroshi, if we don't defeat him, Orochi will be... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 233 (0 comments)
#233: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 10th: Strong Hearts

Computer: 20 minutes remain until the birth of Orochi. 20 minutes remain until the birth of Orochi.
SFX: Guon...guon...guon...
Nube: Hi...Hiroshi...everyone...
Tamamo: What are those weapons...?

SFX: Katsu
Kyuusaku: Those are...
SFX: Shuuuu.
Caption: Released his Berserker Mode
Kyuusaku: Those are ancient weapons that I've excavated...The super-ancient warriors had fought by wearing this armor and possessing these weapons. Where exactly did those brats get those...?
Makoto: Who is that? That mystery person...perhaps it's...
Nube: It's the Youkai Doctor. He's armed in super-ancient... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 232 (0 comments)
Though appearing they were near in finally taking him down, Nube and Tamamo have instead pushed Kyuusaku into the limits of awakening the maximum power of the Youkai Soldier...while within the heart of the device to create Orochi!

#232: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 9th: Start Up!! Orochi Origin Device!!

Hiroshi: What exactly is happening here!!
SFX: Byun byun byun
Makoto: The youkai are getting drawn in.
Kyouko: It can't be: is that the Orochi Origin Device!?
Hiroshi: At any rate, let's follow behind them!
Students: Right!!

SFX: Gogogogogo
Keiko: Dear...enough already...your's barren...
SFX: Oooooh | Zubo zubo
Nube: The youkai are being... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 231 (0 comments)
Having survived many difficulties, Hiroshi and the others are finally closing in on their goals to stop the Youkai Doctor. However, can Nube and Tamamo hold him off long enough to allow for this power to be found and used!?

#231: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 8th: Fever Attack!!

Hiroshi: You've returned well, Katsuya.
SFX: Hyuu
Katsuya: eventually all of you were no good if I hadn't returned.

Katsuya: Is this the Youkai Doctor's study...
Kyouko: She said that the spell was hidden within the safe.
Miki: Where is the safe?
Hiroshi: Ah!
Kyouko: You have it!?
Hiroshi: Look, these books were in the Youkai Doctor's bookshelves.
Magazine: Sukebe... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 230 (0 comments)
In order to save the town, Nube's students are headed to find out the true identity of the youkai that could save everyone. But with troubles along the way, they may finally have gained the means to fight back against the Youkai Doctor!

Volume 27: Mari-san
#230: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 7th: Stone, Shine!!

Captions: (top to bottom; right to left)
-North Building Top Floor: the spell for the creation of the ultimate youkai of righteousness is hidden here!
-North Building
-Hiroshi's Group is wandering around this area...
-Hyakkokukan (Main Building)
-Hidden Room of the Mansion Floor: Wife of the Youkai Doctor...
(TN: There is an expression used here for... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 229 (0 comments)
With a new mission given by the tragic wife of the Youkai Doctor, the 5-3 students head forth within the mansion to get the key to stopping him. But how will they make it there...the answer may lie in their strange new charms...

#229: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 6th: The Great Counteroffensive!!

Kyuusaku: You~~~in spite of being kids, you've pushed a good thing too far~~~
Nube: We're not kids. In truth we're
Tamamo: I'm 400 years old.
Caption: Unpleasant Brat

Nube: Ge...He's absorbing youki again. He'll regenerate...this will get endless...
SFX: Goki goki
Nube: Huh?
Tamamo: What?
SFX: Shuuu
Kyuusaku: It should be...this stone... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 228 (0 comments)
Hopeless, powerless, and trapped within the mad mansion of the Youkai Doctor, the 5-3 quintet have been lead into a hidden room by a mysterious voice. Who is behind this sudden lead...and what do they want with the students!?

#228: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 5th: The Youkai Doctor's Wife

Kyouko: Those terrible she dead?
Katsuya: Is her bust an 85?
Hiroshi: What is this ball!?
SFX: Tsun tsun
Makoto: It looks like it's covering.
"Ball": Don't touch me!

Keiko: I am...Nakiri Keiko. The Youkai Doctor's...Nakiri Kyuusaku's wife.
SFX: Shi~~~~~!?
Kyouko: If the husband is the husband, then the wife is the wife, huh. (Whisper whisper... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 227 (0 comments)
With Hiroshi and the others running for their lives from an army of artificial youkai, Hinokami (Nube) and Nagumo (Tamamo) are alone to take on the Youkai Doctor...who possesses a mighty power to challenge the spirit warriors!

#227: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 4th: Menace of the Youkai Soldier!!

SFX: Go go go go go go
Kyuusaku: This is the Youkai Soldier---...the form of the super-ancient warrior!
Nube: A human clad in youryoku armor?
Tamamo: We can't seem to overlook this on a moment's notice.

Kyuusaku: Kukuku, are you prepared...? Let's go!
SFX: Gotsu
Kyuusaku: This armor takes in a large amount of the youryoku in the atmosphere and makes it energy. If... Read More " "
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My Current Status (10 comments)
Hey there everyone. I know I haven't said much as of late but I've been going through things, both personally and just trying to figure out things in my life as it stands. Personally there have been some hard times I'm trying to get through with new things in my life, which I think I am trying to handle but it just keeps getting harder with everything going on seeming to mess up all the time.

How does this affect my position in the community? Well as it stands I've really pulled back for a while now, at least since I ended up just stopping all translations other than Hell Teacher Nube as it currently stands. (and yes, I apologize to a lot of people on this project, mostly because I just... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 226 (0 comments)
At the top of a hill near the Doumori Ruins sits Hyakkokukan, a cursed mansion owned by a mad Youkai Doctor who has issued cursed games for a strange purpose. But who is this man...and what does "big hat" know of him!?

#226: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 3rd: The Secret of the Youkai Doctor!!

"Huge Hat": Here is the mansion of the Youkai Doctor. You should escape quickly.
Hiroshi: Huh!? The Youkai Doctor!?
Kyouko: Wh...what are you?
"Huge Hat": I am...Nagumo Keita, Hinokami-kun's, well, friend.
(TN: Considering it was spoiled with the last coloring section, I kept the "quoted" version of the name since the real... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 225 (0 comments)
With their friend falling under a bizarre curse and their two greatest allies sealed in stone, Hiroshi and the others must take on the strange maker of the cursed games on their own...well not quite on their own...

#225: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 2nd: Infiltration! The Cursed Hyakkokukan

Nube: The resolution of this case by all of you is impossible!
Hiroshi: What's that!?

Kyouko: Hinokami-kun...he always comes whenever we're in a crisis...that mysterious man...
SFX: Doki doki doki
Hiroshi: Chi...that Kyouko, she's becoming spacy again...
Miki: He's appeared again. Hinokami Akira, you're truly an elusive one. Are you really human? What is your true... Read More " "
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Hell Teacher Nube 224 (0 comments)
What if there was a day where everyone had to be saved...and yet your greatest ally and hero can't handle them? For several 5-3 students, the greatest threat they've ever faced is about to emerge...and yet they may not have their greatest ally to help them out!

#224: Formation! The Doumori Youth Spiritual-Assault Association
The 1st: The Day Nube Dissapeared

SFX: Ji--...
Narrator: Right now, there surely is the hand of a dreadful demon extending out to we, the children of Doumori town.
SFX: Nyari
Sign: New Software
Narrator: However...with our greatest crisis this could it be Nube would come to not be there...
SFX: Kotsu kotsu
Narrator: And it would come to must be fought by merely... Read More " "
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